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[Matt] Andy?
[willbebacksoon] welcome
[willbebacksoon] yes
[Matt] may just be the two of us, but oh well
[Matt] hopefully, some others will come alongside
[Matt] I'm tired of doing work
[Matt] I've been working hard all week
[willbebacksoon] you have such a good protestant work ethic
[willbebacksoon] i've been working in spurts all week
[willbebacksoon] i'm manic depressive at work sometimes
[willbebacksoon] i'll do absolutely nothing, or at least the bare minimum for hours, then I'll do 8 hours worth of work in 90 minutes
[Matt] I have to work hard...you do not
[Matt] You are a genius and supremely gifted at your occupation
[Matt] I am a slob just trying to make a buck
[willbebacksoon] hmm ... i don't know about that
[willbebacksoon] want to move hear and run against our local Congressional Rep in '04 ?
[willbebacksoon] She must be defeated
[willbebacksoon] She is evil
[Matt] why?
[willbebacksoon] for example
[willbebacksoon] Mr. Speaker, as we consider H.R. 4965, the Late Term Abortion Ban Act, I would like to clarify what this debate is really about. We are not debating so-called ``partial-birth'' abortion. We are not debating late-term abortion. We are debating a broad and unconstitutional attack on a woman's fundamental right to protect her life and health, our right to make our own decisions--our right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.
[Matt] is that a quote?
[willbebacksoon] yep
[Matt] unrelated subject: my nose is bleeding
[Matt] so, do you live in a fairly liberal district?
[willbebacksoon] i suppose any Dem would say that, so I guess it doesn't make her particularly evil
[willbebacksoon] actually she respresents an area that includes a very wealthy area, which I would think has some big Republicans in it
[willbebacksoon] but the last two candidates she has defeated since I've lived here have been morons
[willbebacksoon] that's why you need to move here and hire Justin as your campaign manager
[Matt] get JR to move into your district
[willbebacksoon] he is
[Matt] tell him to run
[willbebacksoon] i did, he said
[willbebacksoon] I would seriously run on an agenda that targeted the postmoderns in the
[willbebacksoon] South Bay, without alienating the 40-60 yo's.
[Matt] ?
[willbebacksoon] not sure what that means exactly
[Matt] oh good
[Matt] I thought I was missing something
[willbebacksoon] maybe if he gets in here, he can explain
[Matt] a SUFFLian who might find his way into elected office one day...
[Matt] Mr. John Vampatella
[Matt] he says he's floated it to Di and she was cool to the idea
[Matt] meaning she was against it
[Matt] but Di seems to be cool to a lot of things
[Matt] so I think he should just turn on the charm and go for it
[willbebacksoon] it would be so hard to run for office
[willbebacksoon] seems like you have to abandon every other responsibility
[Matt] it has to be your all-consuming passion
[Matt] you've got to make lots of friends and raise lots of money
[willbebacksoon] i guess if it was a local thing, it wouldn't be as bad as running for Gov or Prez
[Matt] being in Congress is hard work
[Matt] you have to maintain two homes
[Matt] and relatively speaking, they don't make a ton of $$$
[Matt] I think salary for a Rep. is $150,000
[Matt] sounds like a lot to you and me
[Matt] but they burn through it pretty fast
[Matt] I need to write my State Senator
[Matt] hang on...phone
[willbebacksoon] sent email to JR, Matt and I want to discuss your campaign strategy for defeating Jane Harman.
[willbebacksoon] JR says, gimme 10 minutes
[Matt] ok, I'm back
[Matt] where are our brethren?
[Matt] where's Gar? where's Raj? where's Goodwin?
[willbebacksoon] i don't know
[Matt] Goodwin probably still hates me
[Matt] alas
[willbebacksoon] isn't Gar home by now?
[Matt] should be
[Matt] where's Ric?
[Matt] where's Darryl
[Matt] where's Dan?
[Matt] guess I should be patient
[willbebacksoon] Ric should have Allegra stop by the chat
[willbebacksoon] we need to check her out for him
[willbebacksoon] heh
[Matt] "Way to go Ric"
[Matt] "That's a good looking woman"
[Matt] thank you Tucker Sit
[willbebacksoon] funny feedback
[Matt] Official Dirty Old Men of the SUFFL
[willbebacksoon] heh
[willbebacksoon] lol
[willbebacksoon] was thinking the other day, i wonder if when Sammy gets married, will I think, "Man, that chick is HOT!" ?
[Matt] lol
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[Matt] oh my goodness
[vamp] hey hey hey
[willbebacksoon] hey there!
[vamp] who is that?
[willbebacksoon] oh sorry
[willbebacksoon] it's andy
[Matt] Ladies and Gentlemen, your candidate for Senator in Connecticut
[vamp] Nice name
[Matt] John Vampatella
[vamp] What's the age to run for the Senate? 30?
[Matt] think so
[vamp] Watch out, Mr. Lieberman.
[Matt] it's 25 for House
[Matt] and 35 for President
[willbebacksoon] what the youngest ever to be elected to the House?
[vamp] I knew 25 and 35
[Matt] hmmm
[vamp] Tom Fraizer, 1920, Oklahoma. 25 years and six weeks.
[Matt] How did you know that?
[willbebacksoon] wow howd you know that
[vamp] Are you guys serious?
[Matt] that's impressive
[vamp] How in the world would I know the answer to that question?
[willbebacksoon] how bout since WW2 or so
[vamp] I just made it up.
[willbebacksoon] oh
[Matt] oh
[vamp] haha
[Matt] I guess we're gullible
[willbebacksoon] Tommy Frazier, is that kinda like JC Watts?
[vamp] I actually wrote originally Tom Frazier from Nebraska.
[vamp] But I thought you guys would obviously get that.
[vamp] Has the fire Coach P club started yet?
[Matt] there's a website up and running
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[Matt] lot of banner
[Matt] ads
[Matt] now we're talking
[willbebacksoon] there we go
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] in the hizzous
[Matt] the two future SUFFL candidates for office
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Here we be
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Let's start with platform
[willbebacksoon] we were just discussing the youngest person ever to be elected to the House of Reps -- any ideas?
[vamp] Vampatella-Robinson in 2020
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I believe youngest Rep was Dan Quayle
[vamp] You got the left coast, I've got the right coast. And in-between, it's all conservative.
[Matt] phone call
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I like that ticket, John
[vamp] Tell that person I said hi, Matt.
[vamp] Could you imagine us on the campaign trail?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] so good to have you on chat today
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Th etrail would be so much fun
[vamp] "Uh, Mr. Robinson, how do you feel about welfare reform?"
[vamp] "Well, after emailing with Rob Neyer for a while, I think..."
[willbebacksoon] In November 1994, he defeated Republican Kevin Vigilante to win an open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. At the age of 27, he was the youngest member elected to Congress that year.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I believe it is a states rights issue and the Federal govt needs to get out of teh welfare business
[willbebacksoon] that was Patrick Kennedy
[vamp] We'd be the only ticket to stop campaigning so we could watch the World Series.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] And publicizing our fantasy football efforts
[vamp] Right!
[Matt] I want to say the youngest rep was someone back in James Madison days
[Matt] but I can't find verification
[Matt] anyway
[vamp] So, Colin Powell, after we talk about Iraq, I need help with a potential trade with Archbold Gym Rats.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] LOL
[Matt] Wash Post had an article on Fantasy Football
[Matt] shockingly, SUFFL was not mentioned
[vamp] Maybe all the world leaders could join a fantasy football league. Winner rules the UN that year.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] A side note from my trip to AZ last week
[Matt] guess our publicity isn't as ramped up as we need it to be
[vamp] Matt...it's the Post. What do you expect?
[Matt] I like the Post
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I tried to up the value of wining the Haupt Trophy
[vamp] Slightly left of center, though.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] but the cast on his hand, prevented Kurt Warner from signing teh back
[vamp] Did you seriously see him?
[vamp] (or am I gullible too?)
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] 40 yd-line, 9th row behind Rams bench
[Matt] you were going to have Warner sign the plaque?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Yes
[vamp] Geez, Justin. Watch the world series...hang with Kurt Warner.
[Matt] on the front or the back?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] The back
[vamp] What's next?
[Matt] wow...
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Rose Bowl
[vamp] Ohio State vs. who?
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[Matt] What if we put the plaque on ebay after that?
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[willbebacksoon] oh yea
[Matt] full house today
[vamp] Wow. The gang's all here
[shaunfavre] yoyoyo
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] No way - Kurt would not like that
[KK] hey
[vamp] Jim, Jim, Jim
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] My brotha!!!!
[Matt] record for chat
[willbebacksoon] yes i believe so
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] This is great
[shaunfavre] jr thanks for the call
[vamp] Is that Kriesel?
[shaunfavre] been doing support stuff
[willbebacksoon] willbebacksoon looks like Willie Jackson if you just sort of glance at it, eh?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] You got it, G. Call me after SUFFL chat
[KK] yeeeeep
[shaunfavre] cool
[vamp] Who is shaunfavre? Oh, that's Gar, right?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Should we tell the guys about the near miss with the plaque? Before today, only Raj knew
[Matt] Ok, I told Andy this earlier...
[vamp] By the way, can you believe we got SUFFL points taken *away* a week after the game????
[shaunfavre] it sounded better than Cincinnati Shaw
[vamp] What is that all about, anyway?
[Matt] How funny is it that Shane and Dave's only suffl repsonse in weeks is to a picture of Ric's girlfriend?
[vamp] I was just at UMass last night...gave a one-hour lecture on evolution.
[shaunfavre] dude- evolution is rad
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] By the way, I eat my words on predicting that by week 8 they would be non-particpatory and failing to submit lineups. I stand corrected
[vamp] I thought Ric had left, and I asked a student about it. She said, "Oh, his girlfriend is still here, so he hasn't gone anywhere."
[shaunfavre] funny
[shaunfavre] funny
[vamp] evolution is rad?? G - I'm from the east coast. Speak english.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Vamp - that's funny!
[Matt] moving up in the standings even
[Matt] anyway...
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] BACK TO my run for the House in 2004
[shaunfavre] nonsensical jargon vamp
[vamp] We have a great new couple from San Diego State that just transferred here. My favorite thing he says is, "Wow, I'm pretty amped." Awesome.
* Matt picturing this sort of vibe face to face all in one room
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] *chuckle*
[vamp] Is "amped" a common california term now?
[shaunfavre] on staff?
[shaunfavre] vamp
[vamp] No. Student.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Don't look to far ahead to SUFFL Draft Extravanganza 2003
[vamp] Yes, Gar. I'm on staff.
[shaunfavre] raddd
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Amped is sorta an old phrase in CA
[shaunfavre] it was big right around the time "epic" came on the seen
[vamp] It's *way* better than, "That's the bomb". That's the stupidest phrase I've ever heard.
[Matt] agree
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] BUt anyone from Cali who goes back east can introduce "new" phrases that are old here
[Matt] I heard a 40 year old woman use that once
[Matt] it was weird
[vamp] Right. We're getting all your old, retread words.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] afraid so.
[shaunfavre] That's BOSS!
[vamp] I like, "Man, that's wack!"
[vamp] Or something like that. Whatever it means.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Wack is nice
[vamp] I prefer words like "groovy" and "hip"
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] KK - wassup
[shaunfavre] wack- is all-time
[Matt] "That's bad...I mean, good bad, like the kids say. Capice?"
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] oh no - a little Frank Sinatra Group
[vamp] Hey, Matt. Capice is an old Italian word, not a new Californian word.
[Matt] I know...Robert Goulet reference
[vamp] ROBERT GOULET reference????????
[vamp] Now I've seen everything.
[shaunfavre] In 4th grade did the word "rasby" come through your school?
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[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Phil Hartman said that as Sinatra on SNL
[willbebacksoon] Meg in the House
[vamp] Rasby?
[vamp] What is that?
[Matt] remember those old Espn comericals
[Matt] ?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Meg and Rainey
[MamaMeg] What are we talking about?
[willbebacksoon] Meg responded to my invite, WELCOME!
[shaunfavre] it was a form of "cool"
[Matt] second straight week a SUFFL wife has joine dus
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Robert Goulet using ghetto slang
[vamp] That's amazing. Don't think you'll find Diane here, though. haha
[willbebacksoon] far too many things
[vamp] But not a single thing of import.
[KK] yeah rasby ,but not until like 8th grade in vermont
[MamaMeg] Well then, hello!
[vamp] Other than Justin's pending run for the U.S. House of Representatives.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] where are Tri-Bec and Maria???
[shaunfavre] wow
[shaunfavre] Cool KK
[willbebacksoon] I think the diversity is Satan trying to distract us from getting JR to unseat Jane Harman in the 2004 elections
[Matt] yes, let's settle on JR's congressional run
[KK] maria is nursing the baby...no comment :)
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Yes - we start the campaign now
[vamp] OK.
[Matt] so, what's your platform?
[vamp] I vote for Justin.
[vamp] Next subject?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I need committed workers. Matt, can you take a nine-month sabbatical?
[Matt] gotta sell me on it first
[shaunfavre] rebecca would find fellas talking about Marvin Harrison as nursing boredom
[Matt] what am I supporting?
[vamp] JR, I'd only work for you if you actually stood for something smart, like privatizing social security.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] You are supporting smaller fed govt, social secuirty reform
[Matt] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[Matt] what else you got?
[vamp] What do you want? A platform that actually eliminates the Democratic Party from existence?
[vamp] (hey, not a bad idea)
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Getting the feds out of education
[Matt] ok, we're getting somewhere now...hit me
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I would actually phase out all federal tax monies for public education, except at the Univ level
[Matt] hmmm
[willbebacksoon] i want you to elaborate on the statement you made in an earlier email, I would seriously run on an agenda that targeted the postmoderns in the South Bay, without alienating the 40-60 yo's.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] use locality taxes to redirect that money directly to local school districts
[Matt] KK just left?
[vamp] What about locales that cannot produce enough tax revenue to support a school?
[shaunfavre] Brody Madeira turns 4 today. I was impressed how well-behaved he was in my two dinners over there last week
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Here's the deal, Pomos are generally not interested in government because the officials don't care about their issues
[Matt] KK come back
[vamp] What is a Pomo?
<-- KK (dsc01-nyi-ny-5-157.rasserver.net) has left #FridayChat
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] A good candidate would actually spend 6-9 months prior to campaign, developing open communities for hosting forums with Pomo's
[willbebacksoon] postmodern
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Pomo= Postmodernist
[vamp] KK is not supporting the Robinson candidacy, obviously. Dissention on the STLJ team?
[Matt] some friends visited this weekend who know Brian and Becky
[Matt] says Brian actually asks them to pray for his SUFFL habit
[Matt] that cracked me up
[vamp] Did you guys hear that Tamara Thomas got married?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Tamara's not available anymore? :(
[Matt] didn't hear that...mazel tov to her and her new husband
[vamp] Bout time some dude got his head out of his kiester.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] She was my last hope
[vamp] She's an A #1 class woman.
[MamaMeg] I'd like to know something: who's this Allegra lady friend of Ric's?
[willbebacksoon] come on, Ric's 34 and it's happening for him
[willbebacksoon] you still have at least 5 years
[willbebacksoon] Meg have you seen the picture?
[Matt] yes, John and Gar have met Allegra in person
[vamp] Raul Allegre was a kicker in the NFL for many years. But what's that got to do with Ric?
[MamaMeg] Yes.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I'll be real Pomo here: that fine for Ric, but not me.
[vamp] Oh.....Allegra?!?!?
[willbebacksoon] lol @ Rep Robinson
[vamp] She seems pretty nice. Doggie's comment about Ric raiding Ganssle's wardrobe was classic, though.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Kernie hit it square
[willbebacksoon] heh
[MamaMeg] Who is she? What does she do? And most importantly, how old is she?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Vamp, back to local funding inequities
[vamp] Anyway, Ric is absolutely smitten.
[willbebacksoon] She's 28
[vamp] I don't know what she does. She's volunteering with the UMass ministry.
[Matt] where's she from?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] That is where the state must assert it's fiscal responsibilities and level the financial playing field for local schools
[Matt] he says she just moved there?
[vamp] JR - What do you mean by that?
[vamp] Matt - Yep.
[MamaMeg] Looks that way from the picture, smitten that is.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I mean, two sources of tax funding:
[Matt] ?
[vamp] MM - yes.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Oh, better wait while our trade gets announced
[vamp] Let's see how badly you rip Kern off this time.
[willbebacksoon] LT, Brees, Bruce for Garcia, Garner, Muhammad, Week12, Week16
[vamp] Kern could have done a lot worse.
[Matt] what?
[Matt] hmmm
[vamp] You're hoping for a big run by the Rams. You've got to pray that San Diego doesn't produce its annual fade.
[willbebacksoon] Meg, here is Ric's introduction of the Lady to the SUFFL community.
[willbebacksoon] uh oh that might mess up your chat
[willbebacksoon] right click and open in new window, if you can
[vamp] Right click and open it in a new window
[willbebacksoon] great minds (or at least people who spend too much time using a browser) think alike
[vamp] I wonder why Dog never answered *one* email by Raj in two weeks of trade overtures. Not even an answer.
[vamp] Oh, I guess he answered one. Sorry. But that's it.
[vamp] Hmmmmmm...
[MamaMeg] Thanks for the details. Good for Ric.
[shaunfavre] ok- you fellas want a serious SUFFL stroy
[vamp] Amazing. Raj hates our team, but we're in first place. Strange.
[shaunfavre] story
[vamp] yes
[willbebacksoon] Story please we like stories
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I don't think there's any ripping off in this trade, by the way. We're taking risk with SD and Bruce
[MamaMeg] www.raineydays.org for some good stories
[shaunfavre] last week in Charlotte I experienced a SUFFL first....
[shaunfavre] For the first time in SUFFL history a SUFFL owner bowled 3 games with a peron that has scored a TD for the owner
[willbebacksoon] Matt, just read that Steve Francis quote - funny
[Matt] Wesley Walls?
[shaunfavre] Several years ago after the yearly Biakabatuka injury...
[willbebacksoon] Fred Lane?
[shaunfavre] I drafted Anthony Johnson
[shaunfavre] who has a great second half
[shaunfavre] couple 100 yd games and a td
[Matt] JR...
[willbebacksoon] yes, but what kind of a bowler is he?
[Matt] does Kern know that Garner is hurt?
[shaunfavre] He is the all-time leading rusher for the Carolina Panthers
[shaunfavre] in the first game he beat me by 103
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I DIDN"T know that Garner is hurt. What happened?
[shaunfavre] me him and our mutual friend Dustin bowled one morning
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] KK has been working on this trade with Shane for about 2-3 weeks
[MamaMeg] Gotta go have a QT while Rainey "naps." Thanks for the invite. May be back lata.
[shaunfavre] when i told him that he scored a couple of td's for me in fantasy football, he said, "FerREAL??!!"
[Matt] it's on Sportsline...foot is hurt and he's questionable for this week
[willbebacksoon] Summer of '93 I bowled in the morning quite a bit
[shaunfavre] solid guy
[willbebacksoon] wow, SUFFL women leading the way, setting an example for the fellas
[shaunfavre] was the rb in one of those famous catholics vs. convicts games
[willbebacksoon] never heard of it
[shaunfavre] Notre Dame
[Matt] that's a great story...I don't remember any other stories about suffl'ers meeting actual guys they'd had
[willbebacksoon] hmm
[willbebacksoon] ND Miami
[willbebacksoon] speaking of which SU plays Miami the same day USC plays ND
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[shaunfavre] ready for Charlotte story #2
[vamp] Prediction: SU will lose by 50 to Miami
[willbebacksoon] Revenge for McNabb's last game against them -- no wait they've already avenged that over and over
[willbebacksoon] Fire when ready Charlotte2
[shaunfavre] This friend Dustin has some freinds over and he asked me to do some batting stances, so i did, and this one girl Jamie
[willbebacksoon] i sound like I'm coordinating an attack on the death star
[shaunfavre] said- can you do a Robin Yount and Paul Molitor?
[shaunfavre] did those
[willbebacksoon] not Jamie DaMico ??!!
[shaunfavre] then she said Cecil Cooper?
[vamp] Roger, Gold Leader.
[shaunfavre] no
[Matt] wow
[shaunfavre] Charlie Moore!!?
[shaunfavre] Gorman thomas?
[Matt] Ted Simmons?
[willbebacksoon] Ben Oglive?
[shaunfavre] I was like man, talk about yer midwest seson ticket holder
[vamp] Jim Gantner?
[shaunfavre] Jim Gantner
[shaunfavre] yes
[shaunfavre] then she says, "No Way!" and starts hilariously laughing
[shaunfavre] and says, that's my DAD
[vamp] If you can imitate Jim Gantner's batting stance, I will hold you in even higher regard than I do now.
[willbebacksoon] did it make you think maybe you went wrong when you married Rebecca?
[shaunfavre] he did bat like that
[shaunfavre] yup
[willbebacksoon] heh
[vamp] That's amazing. Only you, Gar.
[shaunfavre] vamp- i'll show you CO
[vamp] OK.
[vamp] Deal.
[shaunfavre] i watched the 82 seventh game
[shaunfavre] brews'cards
[Matt] Jim Gantner is her dad?
[willbebacksoon] go Cards
[shaunfavre] yes
[Matt] why do these things always happen to you?
[shaunfavre] she couldn't believe i did the little shoulder turn last second
[willbebacksoon] that is remarkable
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] sorry guys, gotta go. Just found out I have to fly to NorCal for a presentation on Monday
[willbebacksoon] you're leaving the greatest SUFFL chat ever
[willbebacksoon] ?
[shaunfavre] no one ever asks for ben oglivie
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Gotta book my flight and get up to spped
[vamp] See you, JR.
[shaunfavre] it is pound for pound one of the greatest stances in MLB history
[shaunfavre] peace JR
[vamp] I gotta run as well, guys. It has been a joy.
[shaunfavre] peace vamp
[Matt] see ya Vamp
[vamp] No offense to JR, but here's hoping that San Diego loses 8 in a row.
[Matt] say hi to the family
[vamp] will do
[Matt] Amen to that
[willbebacksoon] dwj
[Matt] might veto that deal, by the way
[shaunfavre] dwj
[vamp] dwj? Another california thing?
[Matt] gotta run the numbers and see
[Matt] Down with Johnnies
[vamp] haha
[vamp] I love it!!!!!
[shaunfavre] matt- you can't veto that
[Matt] gotta look at it
[vamp] I agree with Gar. Legit trade.
[willbebacksoon] sent that out last year sometime i think, found it yesterday
[vamp] A little uneven, perhaps. But if SD goes into the tank, then STLJ takes one on the chin.
[willbebacksoon] ya legit trade
[Matt] but the history of one of the parties, it bears looking into
[shaunfavre] crap take a look at my history
[shaunfavre] stink the last 4 years
[vamp] Anyway. Adios. Later, brothers.
[shaunfavre] I s-t-i-n-k
[shaunfavre] veto me outta the league
[shaunfavre] AC and me go together like Ric and laziness
[shaunfavre] peace vamp
[shaunfavre] if kerny finds out that garner is injured and wants to renegotiate then they should
[Matt] I just said I was going to look into it
[shaunfavre] but landing Garcia is huge
[Matt] everybody calm down
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[willbebacksoon] how injured is he?
[Matt] numbers-wise, it's fairly even
[Matt] and they are giving up two waivers
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Matt - you have no justification for even looking at it for possible veto. Especially since Shane initiated and offere dteh deal, and we gave up tons.
[shaunfavre] i was interested in garcia
[Matt] Like I said, everybody calm down
[Matt] I just want to take a look at it
[shaunfavre] garcia for LT is the trade
[shaunfavre] that is fair
[shaunfavre] Brees for Garner
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] The Rams and Chargers scheds down the stretch are brutal. Exactly. It leaves us with Johnson and Bree as our QB's
[Matt] I am the commissioner and it my responsibility to ensure fair competition...which is all that I'm trying to do
[shaunfavre] Bruce for a bag of potaoes.
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Bruce is a bag of potatoes this year
[willbebacksoon] exactly
[shaunfavre] Garcia is a nice pickup
[shaunfavre] as owner of SD D, I don't count SD as a lock anymore
[shaunfavre] tough division'
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Garcia is ready to explode, but we're rolling the dice on a ride
[shaunfavre] Johnnie's are down but not out
[shaunfavre] every player of there's of consequence just lost an important game
[shaunfavre] but they have some horses
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] and we just lost Boston for the season
[willbebacksoon] Matt that snowblower picture (or whatever that is) is pretty random
[willbebacksoon] on the com.com site
[shaunfavre] jr- keyshawn for henry
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Gar - talk to KK about trades first. That is his role on our team.
[shaunfavre] cool
[willbebacksoon] such well defined boundaries, that's what a congressional candidate needs
[willbebacksoon] Robby '04
[shaunfavre] excellent smithers
[willbebacksoon] Rob BEE, Rob BEE, Rob BEE
[willbebacksoon] you have the Japanese vote in the bag
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] In truth, I'm flying to San Jose Monday to lay a groundwork in NorCal for the 04 Ca,paign
[willbebacksoon] Robby - son
[shaunfavre] Corralling the new west.......
[shaunfavre] Justin Wayne
[shaunfavre] JW Rob BEE
[willbebacksoon] Vote J. Wayne
[willbebacksoon] you'd have the NRA's support
[shaunfavre] Sc Alumni too
[willbebacksoon] John Wayne, Charlton Heston, seems like there's some connection there, maybe not
[Matt] one's dead...one will be soon?
[willbebacksoon] Trojan Family, yes
[shaunfavre] Marion Morrison
[shaunfavre] SC Bookstore should that jersey
[shaunfavre] sell
[shaunfavre] hey guys advice time for suffl
[shaunfavre] i'm deciding whether to play tim brown or shannon sharpe
[shaunfavre] they play each other
[Matt] Andy, did you put the trade in aleady?
[willbebacksoon] chat has been rolling for over an hour now, this is classic
[shaunfavre] nday in denver
[willbebacksoon] no, i was just going to though - i'll do it
[Matt] ok
[shaunfavre] brown went for 144 2 weeks ago
[shaunfavre] shape has score the last 2 weeks
[shaunfavre] como?
[shaunfavre] amigos?
[Matt] I'm impressed that Shane initiated a trade offer
[willbebacksoon] that's good news
[shaunfavre] problem being shane didn't back down from the time the raiders were 4-1 to 4-4
[willbebacksoon] bodes well for the future of the franchise
[Matt] yes
[shaunfavre] who will win suffl this year?
[shaunfavre] andy- give the odds
[shaunfavre] ric 300-1
[shaunfavre] 200-1
--> MamaMeg (ppp098.mcsi.net) has joined #FridayChat
[Matt] Ric's pretty bad off
[Matt] doesn't even much to trade with
[shaunfavre] he's lucky he's even that good
[willbebacksoon] Mama is back?
[MamaMeg] Andy, how do I post a photo on this here chat thingamagig?
[shaunfavre] he gambled on jimmy smith and tony gonzo and it worked
[willbebacksoon] has to be on the web somewhere, then you can use HTML in here, like
[MamaMeg] 'kay...one minute
[Matt] Yeah, the Jimmy Smith pick is saving him
[Matt] his RB's are in tough shape though
[willbebacksoon] love how Jimmy S is a "gamble" every year
[Matt] and Daunte's just not Daunte anymore
[willbebacksoon] but has 1000 and 10 tds or whatever year in, year out
[shaunfavre] he wasn't signed though
[shaunfavre] that is a gamble
[Matt] yeah, that wa the gamble
[willbebacksoon] ya
[shaunfavre] barry sanders was a gamble
[willbebacksoon] heh
[shaunfavre] ......ah, he didn't sign for me
[Matt] Jim Harbaugh?
[shaunfavre] gamble
[shaunfavre] galloway
[shaunfavre] that worked
[Matt] once upon a time, a rookie starter named Culpepper was a gamble
[shaunfavre] traded him to andy after he came back
* willbebacksoon annoyed that he has to step away to do some work
[Matt] just found out that my deadline for a project has been extended
[Matt] Praise God
[Matt] wow...look at that
[willbebacksoon] looks a lot like a Brewster 109 picture we took once, but that's our living room
[MamaMeg] :)
[shaunfavre] we don't look that much older than we did in college
[Matt] too bad I'm blocking Scott
[Matt] someone should have told me to move my big hair
[willbebacksoon] kinda looks like Siamese twins
[MamaMeg] I don't think he minds.
[Matt] that could be Brewster
[Matt] Raj is showing up a little dark
[Matt] so is Gar, for that matter
[shaunfavre] dang- with my calves, how don't i way 225?
[Matt] at least I got the SU out in front
[MamaMeg] I've got more...just need to scan them quick.
[shaunfavre] how do you scan i have one
[Matt] Meg, thanks...this is now going to be my desktop wallpaper
[Matt] Gar's head is now blocked by my Adobe Acrobat shortcut
[Matt] sorry G
[MamaMeg] No problem, if you want I can scan it at a higher resolution.
[shaunfavre] DWAA
[Matt] hang on...I'll try to rearrange
[willbebacksoon] Down with Alcoholics Anonymous?
[Matt] ok...you're back in action
[shaunfavre] DWAA!!
[Matt] [down with adobe acrobat]
[shaunfavre] don't worry about it meg this is good
[Matt] I got it
[shaunfavre] Nice AA
[willbebacksoon] Adobe Acrobat? Antonio Anderson? Arthur Ashe?
[shaunfavre] Antonio Alfanseca
[Matt] the Anthony Johnson story is too much
[shaunfavre] Alan Ashby
[shaunfavre] cool
[willbebacksoon] Andy Ashby -- ok that was a cheap one
[Matt] "Hey, didn't you used to be on Lisa Holbrook?"
[Matt] hmm
[Matt] maybe that wouldn't be a good thing to say
[willbebacksoon] hahahahah
[Matt] heh
[willbebacksoon] Lisa herself, right here in SUFFL chat
[shaunfavre] I said to him, that one year I picked up him and ANtonio Freeman in the supplemental draft
[shaunfavre] HILARIOUS
[shaunfavre] LISA
[willbebacksoon] She's now in KC
[Matt] "thank you , Anthony"
[willbebacksoon] Google = your key to omniscience
[shaunfavre] he said- man you must have been good that year
[willbebacksoon] heh
[shaunfavre] said- well the reason i got to take both of you was because i stunk
[willbebacksoon] that's funny
[Matt] that's awesome
[Matt] Andy, we should publish the chat transcript on suffl.com
[Matt] can we do that?
[willbebacksoon] yes
[shaunfavre] we are GEEEEKS
[Matt] this one's a keeper
[willbebacksoon] i can select all on this and copy it somewhere
[willbebacksoon] anyone said anything they regret? I could edit it out
[Matt] I cracked up at the thought of Maderia asking prayer for spending too much time on suffl
[willbebacksoon] like Gar admitting Gantner's daughter had him thinking
[MamaMeg] the goofier version (at least for andy and gar):
[shaunfavre] uh, andy....that was you admitting FOR me
[willbebacksoon] nice pic -- right while I was letting out some gas
[shaunfavre] sharpe or brown?
[Matt] I'm not sure I want to weigh in on that...you're getting too close to me in the standings
[willbebacksoon] i have a "yup" right after I threw out the comment about Bec -- not clear what the "yup" is referring to
[willbebacksoon] I can't comment on Sharpe, I feel too Raiders-biased
[shaunfavre] yeah matt i really appreciate the don't play keyshawn comment last week
[willbebacksoon] heh
[shaunfavre] andy- give me an offer for brown
[Matt] was that last week or two weeks ago?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] Did our trade get approved yet?
[Matt] I look like a genius if it was two weeks ago
[shaunfavre] you said don't play him he'll "break your heart"
[Matt] Assume trades are approved unless the commissioner's office indicates a veto
[Matt] he will break your heart
[Matt] he just didn't this past week
[MamaMeg] Okay, last one. I think this was when we started singing, "It's Gettin' Hot In Here" by Nelly.
[Matt] hey man, I had the Pat's 17 points on my bench, so I'm not crying for you
[shaunfavre] andy-tim brown
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] I had Johnson's 67 point son my bench
[Matt] see, there you go
[shaunfavre] now you get to start brad johnson every week
[Matt] whoo boy!!
[shaunfavre] i have a supporter named bard johnston
[shaunfavre] confusable
[shaunfavre] andy- will the raiders win?
[USRepRobinsonRLomita] we starts brees this week; johnson has a bye. go figure
[willbebacksoon] they can't just keep losing
[willbebacksoon] they have to pull their heads out at some point
[willbebacksoon] why not against a major rival
[Matt] Wish they'd go to the powder blues all the time
[shaunfavre] me too
[Matt] love those and I confess, I love the Skins home uni's this year
[Matt] the spear on the helmet is really cool
[shaunfavre] yeah
[Matt] oh, Meg's gone again
[Matt] bye Meg
[Matt] anyway...
<-- MamaMeg (ppp098.mcsi.net) has left #FridayChat
[willbebacksoon] just sent a link to KT
[willbebacksoon] im'ing with her already
--> SammyMommy (dsl-64-130-230-141.telocity.com) has joined #FridayChat
[shaunfavre] matt you worried about fred T
[SammyMommy] im worried about fred T
[shaunfavre] GIRL powa
[Matt] a little...wondering why he only got 9 yards last week
[Matt] wasn't happy to see that
[Matt] KT in the house
[SammyMommy] matt how is your wife these days?
[Matt] she's great
[willbebacksoon] O beautiful wife, welcome to this house of chat
[SammyMommy] has she told work yet?
[Matt] starting to get a little moody
[SammyMommy] h thanks willbebacksoon
[Matt] just told work last week
[Matt] went well
[Matt] her boss is very cool
[SammyMommy] wait till the 3rd trimester! huh!
[SammyMommy] been praying for that, will they let her work from home or 1/2 time or anything like that?
[shaunfavre] cameron liked sammy and molly's postcard
[Matt] if only Fred would get back to form and cheer her up
[Matt] Looks like they'll be pretty flexible
[willbebacksoon] Coo
[Matt] we'll probably put a couple ideas together in Jan.
[SammyMommy] oh good, for her birthday :)
[Matt] they might have to hire someone to do part of her job
[shaunfavre] yup
[SammyMommy] maybe you could name him (*if its a boy-fred)
[Matt] and then she would work like 3 days a week
[shaunfavre] molly is 2 molly is two
[Matt] something like that
[Matt] Happy Birthday Molly and Cameron
[SammyMommy] matt, thats great, i love being home but i think i could work 2-3 day s a week full time, i said id re-evaluate after christmas, but since andy got that new pro contract im reconsidering!
[Matt] yeah, we'd love her to stay home, but gotta pay the mortgage
[shaunfavre] "Tennu" -Cameron
[Matt] with our mom's nearby, we think we can get away with her working a couple days a week
[Matt] we'll see...we pray about it everyday
[SammyMommy] thats great matt
[shaunfavre] we can't have our wages garnisheed
[shaunfavre] in the car today, Cameron said to rebecca, "I like food."
[SammyMommy] hmm molly said to me today " katie i dont like it refering to her in n out burger
[SammyMommy] was like what you call me? she said KT!
[Matt] what happened to mommy?
[SammyMommy] USRepRobinsonRLomita- u thr?
[shaunfavre] because of the punchuation/lack thereof I was amazed that molly could say the word"referring."
[Matt] lol
<-- USRepRobinsonRLomita (cf1.ext.eastgw.xerox.com) has left #FridayChat
[Matt] guess not
[Matt] and now no KT
[willbebacksoon] KT & punctuation don't mesh
[Matt] just the three
[shaunfavre] you this trade will help the J's
<-- SammyMommy (dsl-64-130-230-141.telocity.com) has left #FridayChat
[shaunfavre] johnnie's
[Matt] mostly, my concern was that Tucker was giving up their best player
[Matt] for not the Johnnies' best player
[Matt] but the numbers square up, so game on
[Matt] but it was fun to tweak JR a bit
[shaunfavre] it is so nice to have a great qb
[shaunfavre] they don't now
[Matt] Yeah, but they might have three of the four best RB's in the league
[Matt] but they still hurt at WR
[shaunfavre] although in a couple of weeks they could shop holmes or lt and get a good one
[shaunfavre] bruce and patten
[Matt] and as you noted, they took a step down at QB
[Matt] so, it's probably a wash
[shaunfavre] plus up til now garner was scoring serious points
[Matt] I thought Tucker liked LT more
[shaunfavre] yeah
[Matt] thought they would have considered him a keeper
[Matt] even if Chargers decline this year, Super Bowl next year?
[Matt] that would be nice to have locked up
[Matt] but maybe they think differently than I do
[shaunfavre] curious move by them
[Matt] but yes, a good QB can keep you in the mix
[shaunfavre] Garcia get a bye
[Matt] when other positions might be behind
[shaunfavre] cnair in the first round?
[shaunfavre] not bad
[Matt] maybe
[Matt] with two Titans, I sort of hope so
[shaunfavre] i wanted to get garcia from the johnnies but didn't like giving them favre
[Matt] I was going to see if Tucker liked some form of Bledsoe for LT
[Matt] and then ride Vick
[shaunfavre] I offered Favre, keyshawn for garcia and henry
[Matt] they liked the Henry part?
[shaunfavre] wanted lt worse
[Matt] don't blame them
[shaunfavre] would you do Favre and SD D for Garcia and PHI D
[Matt] doesn't blow me away
[willbebacksoon] you guys are still here, wow
[Matt] I'd hold onto Favre
[Matt] of course we're still her
[willbebacksoon] chat time is almost to 2 hours
[shaunfavre] i kind of want to root for the niners
[Matt] what's the appeal with Garcia?
[shaunfavre] matt- anything for tim brown?
[shaunfavre] i'm trying to make my decision easier
[Matt] what do you have in mind?
[shaunfavre] Vick for TBrown with others thrown in
[Matt] nah...sorry
[shaunfavre] like Brunell and Tim Brown
[Matt] Vick is starting for me this week
[shaunfavre] cool
[Matt] so Raj doesn't like his team?
[Matt] what's not to like?
[shaunfavre] i think i'm going to the monday night game
[shaunfavre] 1/25
[shaunfavre] 11/25
[shaunfavre] eagles at 49ers
[Matt] should be good
[willbebacksoon] awesome
[shaunfavre] i think jim's team has a shot
[Matt] Tell Donovan that I won't give money to SU until they stop charging alum to use the gym
[shaunfavre] $%^&$
[Matt] If Warner comes back and is Warner again
[Matt] wow
[willbebacksoon] i won't give any money to SU until I have $1 million in the bank with no unsecured debt
[Matt] yeah, his team would be good
[Matt] plus, every game is a playoff game for the RAms at this point
[Matt] so they should light it up every week
[shaunfavre] who is the one nfl player that because of SUFFL you root the hardest against
[willbebacksoon] or their offense will falter trying to light it up every week
[Matt] Priest...easy
[Matt] I love him
[Matt] wish I'd drafted him
[Matt] but I wish him ill this season
[willbebacksoon] Henry, because I could have drafted him and now that I have PPrice ...
[shaunfavre] i think i'm going to start sharpe
[shaunfavre] this week
[shaunfavre] nver is a good D
[willbebacksoon] and they're 3-1 at home
[Matt] Broncos own the Raiders
[Matt] sorry Andy
[shaunfavre] last chance for you both to get tim brown
[shaunfavre] ok- time to get back to the phones
[shaunfavre] an excellent chat
[Matt] have to go as well
[Matt] good time
[shaunfavre] SUFFL CHAT at it's best