[Jay_Novacainchek] I am a tight end, I am
[Jay_Novacainchek] sometimes I kind of miss having a TE in our league, actually
[Jay_Novacainchek] could be strategically interesting to have a pos. like that with serious dropoff after the top guy
[Jay_Novacainchek] going to pee, brb
[Jay_Novacainchek] back
[Jay_Novacainchek] car 54 where are you
[Matt] hello
[Matt] I was writing my response to your email
[Matt] by the way
[Matt] we made a rule last week that you have to sign in under your own name
[Matt] we got confused as to who was who
[Jay_Novacainchek] oh
[Matt] let me finish this email
[Jay_Novacainchek] that's cyber-terrorism
[Matt] back in a sec
[Jay_Novacainchek] ok

... some data lost forever in the Jay to Andy transition ...

[Matt] myself
[Matt] so many issues
[Andy] what was that last line, missed it
[Andy] after "just sent"
[Andy] reading yo email
<-- Jay_Novacainchek (asccomm-pc176.usc.edu) has left #FridayChat
[Matt] last line said that I had to go pee
[Matt] but now I've completed that mission
[Andy] excellent
[Andy] my dentist story isn't all that compelling
[Andy] it was sort of a false teaser
[Matt] I was looking forward to it
[Andy] well, let's start from the beginning
[Andy] In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
[Andy] OK, that's a little too far back.
[Matt] heh
[Andy] We're starting to experiment with memory verses for Molly, and that is this week's, but that's another story
[Andy] KT hates going to the dentist
[Matt] I don't mind
[Andy] hates dentists, doctors, hates being poked and prodded
[Matt] dad on the phone
[Matt] but go ahead
[Andy] can't say i enjoy the dentist, but I trust him, he does this all the time, he knows what he's doing, however uncomfortable anything he does is, I can bear it becuase I assume he has a reason
[Andy] kt can't think that way
[Andy] anyway
[Andy] so she's been dentist-hopping over the last couple years
[Andy] finally found one she likes
[Andy] so, not thrilled with my dentist who tries to sell me all kinds of procedures I don't need, I switch too
[Andy] plus it could be sort of convenient to have the same guy
[Andy] side note: I've never met a female dentist. I'm sure there must be some, but ?
[Andy] just got email from my dad, reminiscing about the assassination of JFK
[Andy] 39 years ago today
[Andy] he was a senior in h.s.
[Andy] i'll forward it to you if you want, it looks kind of interesting
[Andy] anyway
[Andy] so a couple weeks ago I go see the new dentist
[Matt] forward that to me
[Andy] ok i sent it, now that I read more if it, it doesn't have much of a point, but I don't get much stuff like that from my dad's own hand, so it's interesting I guess
[Andy] anyway, the dentist just moved to a better location
[Matt] Burbank?
[Andy] uh, no that's a little far from here
[Andy] so I went to the new building
[Andy] kt's waiting for me now, so i'll make this quick
[Andy] went into his office, and it was a complete shambles
[Andy] still doing a bunch of renovation and stuff
[Andy] exposed wires, air ducts, ceilings without tiles hiding the innards of the building
[Matt] goodness
[Andy] kind of creepy to have your teeth worked on in such an environment
[Andy] like that Tom Cruise movie where he gets eyes swapped out
[Matt] hmmm
[Andy] in some abandoned warehouse or something
[Andy] anyway
[Andy] so he decided i needed a filling
[Andy] so I came back today
[Andy] office was in slightly better shape, but far from done
[Andy] didn't make me that uncomfortable
[Andy] shot me up with novacane and left me to get numb
[Andy] when he came back to get started, he went to use the air thing
[Andy] and it didn't work
[Matt] !
[Andy] click, click click, click
[Andy] "What the? "
[Andy] I'm sitting there wondering if my novacane would be for naught
[Andy] and I feel like I'm choking because part of my throat feels numb too
[Andy] the water doesn't work either
[Matt] oh, you're a little nervous at this point
[Andy] finally he figures out that the hygenist didn't flip some switch on
[Andy] he fires up some compressor or something, and it works
[Andy] it was a 7am appointment, that's pretty early
[Matt] gotta watch those switches
[Andy] i didn't get feeling back until about 11
[Andy] anyway gotta run ... later