[MattinDCtown] these guys toking up has been making me laugh
[MattinDCtown] I still don't get it, but maybe I'm just too inhibited
[johnvoyage] It is amazing to see drug use being justified.
[MattinDCtown] I was going to throw back with the "everything is permissable, but not everything is beneficial" line, but...
[MattinDCtown] I think it's better just to let the matter drop
[johnvoyage] Probably.
[MattinDCtown] Hopefully, none of us will have to get our brothers into rehab
[johnvoyage] Right.
[MattinDCtown] I mean, there are lots of things I could do just cause they're legal, but that don't seem wise
[AndyTheNonToker] boss in the house
[johnvoyage] Who's the boss?
[MattinDCtown] it's perfectly legal to jump out of an airplane with no parachute, but I'm not in a rush to do it
[johnvoyage] I mean besides KT.
[MattinDCtown] Hello boss
[johnvoyage] Matt, you said you had another trade offer on the table. How's that going?
[MattinDCtown] looks like it's not going to happen. Bottom line...unless someone blows me away, I'm keeping Vick
[johnvoyage] Ok.
[johnvoyage] He's pretty good, after all.
[MattinDCtown] If nothing else, he's from my hometown and us Peninsula guys have to stick together
[johnvoyage] Question: Is Warner kaput as a great QB?
[MattinDCtown] don't think so
[johnvoyage] And what about Faulk? His days numbered?
[MattinDCtown] but he might be kaput as a highly paid QB
[MattinDCtown] Faulk will play as long as he's willing to withstand injury
[johnvoyage] Andy, who will you keep?
[MattinDCtown] remember back with the Colts? he was hurt all the time
[MattinDCtown] great, but hurt
[johnvoyage] And he wasn't nearly as productive with the Colts.
[johnvoyage] Solid, but not phenomenal, like he's been with StL
--> Mattagain ( has joined #FridayChat
[Mattagain] sorry...got ejected
[Mattagain] but I'm back
[johnvoyage] Matt, did you get booted?
[johnvoyage] ah
[Mattagain] my own fault
[Mattagain] clicked on a link in an email
[johnvoyage] A self-ejection?
[Mattagain] trying to do work and chat at the same time
<-- MattinDCtown ( has left #FridayChat
[johnvoyage] Me too.
[Mattagain] so, anyway...I think Faulk is still a keeper
[Mattagain] I wouldn't use a keeper on Warner
[Mattagain] but I'd have my eye on him in the second
[johnvoyage] Warner may indeed slip to the 2nd round.
[johnvoyage] At least STLJ can't keep both Tomlinson and Holmes
[johnvoyage] I hope (lovingly) that Holmes gets run over by a truck tomorrow.
[johnvoyage] I want STLJ to go D-O-W-N
[Mattagain] still think the next couple weeks are critical for them
[Mattagain] if they get in the playoffs tied with Jim, I think he'll beat 'em pretty good
[Mattagain] if they're going to win, they need a good cushion going into the playoffs
[johnvoyage] We are *far* from out of this thing. One good week and we're right there. And we've got a lot of quality playoff guys.
[johnvoyage] If the Pats make it, then we've got Brady, Ahman Green, McAllister. Those three alone are serious players.
[johnvoyage] And lots of other guys, too.
[johnvoyage] But we can't keep finishing at the bottom every week. That's becoming a yearly trend. :-(
[AndyTheNonToker] i'm planning to keep Faulk, but talk to me in August
[Mattagain] good plan
[johnvoyage] See how injuries go?
[AndyTheNonToker] ya
[AndyTheNonToker] and just what the buzz is about the Rams etc
[Mattagain] plus, maybe they dump some salary and the team doesn't look as good
[johnvoyage] They don't look so good now.
[AndyTheNonToker] So, the LOTR casting
[AndyTheNonToker] I was thinking JR could be Boromir
[AndyTheNonToker] doesn't seem like a Frodo to me
[Mattagain] who's Frodo then?
[AndyTheNonToker] Vamp = Aragorn
[Mattagain] I had Vamp as Gandalf
[AndyTheNonToker] ahh
[Mattagain] JR as Boromir is better
[AndyTheNonToker] Darryl is definitely Pippin or Merry
[Mattagain] slave to the power of the plaque
[Mattagain] Chris and Darryl can be Merry and Pippin
[Mattagain] Andy, you are Gollum
[johnvoyage] Ganssle is Gandalf. I'll be happy to be Aaragorn.
[Mattagain] Ganssle's not in SUFFL
[johnvoyage] Ryness is Treebeard.
[AndyTheNonToker] heh
[johnvoyage] So?
[johnvoyage] Are we limiting it to SUFFL, or to SU?
[Mattagain] gotta be in SUFFL for this production
[johnvoyage] OK.
--> kk (dsc01-nyi-ny-3-216.rasserver.net) has joined #FridayChat
[johnvoyage] Ric is Elrond.
[Mattagain] that's a good idea
[AndyTheNonToker] good one
[AndyTheNonToker] KK!
[johnvoyage] KK, I'll give you Michael Pittman for Priest Holmes.
[kk] :)
[johnvoyage] Pittman is playoff-bound, baby!
[johnvoyage] ;-)
[AndyTheNonToker] i took a lot of heat for taking Dunn over Pittman
[Mattagain] watch Pittman score 8 td's in the playoffs
[johnvoyage] Everyone should take heat for not taking Holmes earlier.
[Mattagain] that would be sick
[Mattagain] especially me since I had him last year
[Mattagain] but alas...
[kk] trading deadline is this week's games or next?
[Mattagain] this week
[Mattagain] Sunday at 1 eastern
[AndyTheNonToker] gotta head to a holiday party here
[AndyTheNonToker] gotta head to a holiday party here
[AndyTheNonToker] i'll be back
[kk] gar said week 15????? but you're the boss
[Mattagain] no party can compare with suffl chat
[johnvoyage] Ric = Elrond. Vamp = Aaragorn. Matt = Gandalf. JR = Boromir. Gar = Treebeard.
[johnvoyage] KK = Sam.
[Mattagain] oh wait a minute
[Mattagain] it is week 15
[Mattagain] you're right Kevin
[Mattagain] I just doublechecked in the rules on suffl.com
[johnvoyage] So *when* exactly is the trade deadline?
[Mattagain] kickoff of week 15
[johnvoyage] It's kind of important to know, Matt.
[Mattagain] I better send out a quick update
[johnvoyage] So we've got another week to work on trades?
[kk] oooh! my bad
[kk] this is week 14 right? or am i lost?
[Mattagain] this is 14...next week is 15
[Mattagain] clarifying email getting sent momentarily
[johnvoyage] So....we *do* have another week to work on trades.
[Mattagain] Yes, you do
[kk] It's like saying you get to have an extra week for Christmas break...
[Mattagain] back to Lord of the Plaque, I still think Vamp is a better Gandalf...I don't want to be Gandalf
<-- kk (dsc01-nyi-ny-3-216.rasserver.net) has left #FridayChat
[johnvoyage] Why not? Gandalf rules.
[Mattagain] too much responsibility
[Mattagain] also, I feel that there are others available with more wisdom than me
[Mattagain] oh, what am I saying? these people are loony...OK, I'll be Gandalf
[johnvoyage] I think you're pretty wise.
[johnvoyage] heh
[johnvoyage] I like being Aaragorn. Gets the girl in the end. :-)
[Mattagain] does that mean Di is Arwen?
[johnvoyage] Yep.
[Mattagain] maybe Gar can be Frodo
[johnvoyage] Very, very nice.
[Mattagain] and Jim can be Sam
[johnvoyage] No way.
[johnvoyage] Gar is Treebeard. Tall, lanky, kind of surprising.
[Mattagain] oh yeah.
[Mattagain] who's Frodo then?
[johnvoyage] And with virtually no hair...he looks old and wizened.
[johnvoyage] Any trade ideas between you and me (now that it's just us in here)?
[Mattagain] I called Raj with a small one
[Mattagain] Crumpler for Sharpe
[Mattagain] Sharpe's good, but doesn't really help me that much
[johnvoyage] No thanks. I think I gotta keep a Falcon.
[johnvoyage] Just in case.
[Mattagain] since you guys have a stable of Broncos, figured maybe you'd want him
[johnvoyage] Edge for Jamal Lewis. Lewis has been much better during the season, but we get Edge for probably one extra playoff game. (I say only one because the Colts haven't won a playoff game in eons.)
[johnvoyage] But the Ravens may very well make the playoffs anyway.
[Mattagain] I just worked a deal to get Edge from you...why do you think I would turn around and trade him back to you?
[johnvoyage] Because he hasn't produced, and because Lewis' playoff chances have just improved.
[Mattagain] the whole point was that I like the Colts...I have their D
[Mattagain] come on Vamp...you're sharper than that.
[johnvoyage] heh
[johnvoyage] worth a shot. But you can't mess with Gandalf, baby!
[Mattagain] and I would hope you think that I'm sharper than that
[johnvoyage] Might catch you on an off day. All that drug talk and all.
[Mattagain] that's why I don't toke
[johnvoyage] Good thinking.
[Mattagain] I've been floating Bledsoe to some people, but there's no interest
[johnvoyage] Well, we might be able to do a minor deal. We've got Edge's backup, Ricky Williams. If you want him as insurance for Edge's funky hammy, we might be able to deal.
[Mattagain] guess those 50 point weeks can't help anyone
[johnvoyage] I kind of like having a Colt, just in case. If they make the SB, then at least we have a guy on the roster.
[johnvoyage] Well, we've got Brady and Griese...no need for another QB.
[Mattagain] not a bad idea...stinks to get a gooseegg in the Super Bowl
[Mattagain] just having a guy on your roster is an easy 4 points or so
[johnvoyage] But for the right guy, I'm willing to deal.
[johnvoyage] If you want him, that is.
[johnvoyage] Williams and Glenn for Conway....
[Mattagain] who Ricky?
[johnvoyage] That probably won't do it for you.
[Mattagain] hmmm
[Mattagain] yeah, don't think so
[johnvoyage] Yes. The Colts Ricky.
[Mattagain] if you had Mungro, I might do that
[johnvoyage] You can pick up Mungro in the supplemental.
[johnvoyage] That would give you the entire Colts' running game.
[Mattagain] assuming someone else doesn't pick him up
[johnvoyage] True.
[johnvoyage] But Williams is 2 on the depth chart.
[Mattagain] Mungro gets the goal line carries
[johnvoyage] So because I don't have him, you wouldn't want Williams?
[AndyTheNonToker] I got the Fellowship of the Ring DVD set!
[Mattagain] the 4 disc one? or the 2 disc one?
[johnvoyage] Including the extended version?
[johnvoyage] This is at your company party just now?
[AndyTheNonToker] yep
[AndyTheNonToker] 4 disc
[Mattagain] very, very nice
[johnvoyage] wow
[AndyTheNonToker] it was a gift exchange thing where you steal each other's gifts
[johnvoyage] But your disc set is calling out for its true master...ME
[Mattagain] fly out here and we'll watch the whole thing together
[johnvoyage] All my thoughts are bent on it...
[johnvoyage] Geez, at our Crusade Christmas parties, the gifts are things like chia-pet. You get a 40 dollar LOR DVD set. I live in a different world.
[AndyTheNonToker] heh
[AndyTheNonToker] it was supposed to be a $10-12 gift
[johnvoyage] Maybe he stole it then.
[AndyTheNonToker] i don't know if someone got it cheap, or just didn't want it, or what
[Mattagain] or really in the spirit of the season
[AndyTheNonToker] i unwrapped it, then another guy took it from me, then I took it back later
[Mattagain] good for you
[johnvoyage] I'd beat someone up for that gift. I wouldn't care about Christmas spirit.
[johnvoyage] Maybe you could trade him a doobie for it.
[AndyTheNonToker] heh
[Mattagain] only if it was Justin
[AndyTheNonToker] says he wants to legalize the maui-wowie too
--> DownWithFran (1Cust109.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[Mattagain] Goodwin?
[DownWithFran] yep
[Mattagain] Jim, you have to log in with your own name
[Mattagain] go out and come back in
[AndyTheNonToker] dwf?
[DownWithFran] can't type much since i have drew with me...but at least wanted to "listen in" to the final minutes of chat
[DownWithFran] brb
[Mattagain] I agree with you about Fran
--> JimHateFran (1Cust109.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[Mattagain] much better
[JimHateFran] cool
[Mattagain] I'm with you. Down with Fran
[AndyTheNonToker] is that boy running around yet? i mean if he was standing in August, I figured he's progressed some
[Mattagain] that's just uncool what he did
[AndyTheNonToker] ya
[JimHateFran] up with the thought of Mike Stoops though
[Mattagain] he's certainly within his rights, but that's low class
[JimHateFran] that's the problem...hes running around, and i'm taking care of him...loves sitting in my lap when i'm on the pc
[Mattagain] and if he had to do it, he should go look those players in the eye and tell them
[Mattagain] instead of sending minions
<-- DownWithFran (1Cust109.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has left #FridayChat
[Mattagain] boo for Fran
[JimHateFran] from bill simmons this week....
[JimHateFran] http://www.yourethemannowdog.com./
[AndyTheNonToker] KT got on the computer the other day and Molly said, "Mommy, no typing!"
[AndyTheNonToker] wanted her to play or something
[JimHateFran] did KT respond with...SHUT UP KID
[JimHateFran] in her adam sandler voice
[AndyTheNonToker] no, she felt all bad, like she was neglecting her, I said she shouldn't worry about it, just toke up and forget it
[Mattagain] heh
[Mattagain] lol
[Mattagain] can't get on that site
[AndyTheNonToker] me neither, then I thought maybe it was a joke?
[Mattagain] it's the Johnnies' fault
[Mattagain] Down with Johnnies
[JimHateFran] really, no it's an actual site
[JimHateFran] try typing it in
[Mattagain] alright...I'll try this one more time
[Mattagain] but it better be worth it
[Mattagain] by the way
[Mattagain] I'm starting to really, really hate the phrase "think outside the box"
[johnvoyage] I think we should just enlarge the stupid box. Why leave it, though?
[JimHateFran] another bill simmons classic from this week...
[JimHateFran] All right, I'll ask: How does Dusty Baker chew on the toothpick for that long? I can't even get 20 minutes out of a toothpick ... somehow Dusty goes 11 straight innings. Has Bob Ley investigated this yet?
[Mattagain] still no love at that sie
[Mattagain] site
[johnvoyage] It's not a real wooden toothpick. It's plastic, like plastic golf tees.
[AndyTheNonToker] found this with a search: Well, it appears YoureTheManNowDog.com has gone offline. Whether or not this is temporary or permanent is unknown. As a service to the Internet community, an exact copy of the website has been put up at YoureTheManNowDog.V64.net. We'll keep you updated on the status of YoureTheManNowDog.com as news develops.
[JimHateFran] ahhh
[Mattagain] down with YoureTheManNowDog.com
[Mattagain] it can't be as funny as blackpeopleloveus.com
[johnvoyage] By the way, are the Donuts the Chicago Cubs of SUFFL or what? Never finish very high, but very lovable.
[Mattagain] absolutely...I root for them
[JimHateFran] lol
[Mattagain] but it just never happens for them
[AndyTheNonToker] they've had some decent teams too, it seems
[johnvoyage] What baseball franchise would each SUFFL team be?
[Mattagain] I thought they looked good this year...Manning and Moss
[johnvoyage] Donuts = Cubs
[Mattagain] thought that would work
[Mattagain] and then A. Smith a little later...thought he'd be solid
[johnvoyage] STLJ is starting to look like the damn Yankees.
[johnvoyage] Gar = Red Sox. Great success early in the history of the league, but not much since, and he's got lots of talent.
[Mattagain] totally
[Mattagain] was just about to write the same thing
[johnvoyage] About Gar or Sweep?
[Mattagain] Gar
[johnvoyage] Yep.
[JimHateFran] who am i....the Padres...a contender ever 4 years but stink in between
[johnvoyage] Jim is making the move to be the Diamondbacks.
[johnvoyage] Some big offseason moves and he's now looking great this year.
[Mattagain] so how are we going to take out the Johnnies?
[Mattagain] We need to organize prayer against them or something
[johnvoyage] Just veto every good trade for them, Matt.
[johnvoyage] simple
[Mattagain] heh
[Mattagain] they're doing it without making that many trades, though
[AndyTheNonToker] just deleted the fellowship of the ring dvd from my amazon wish list
[AndyTheNonToker] i'm on top of it
[Mattagain] but that's a good idea though
[AndyTheNonToker] i put Joel Rosenberg's "The Last Jihad" on my list
[johnvoyage] Or, if it really comes down to it, if one of us is totally out of it by the trade deadline, and another one of us is in it against STLJ, just have a trade that gives the contender serious players.
[Mattagain] hey...I know that guy
[JimHateFran] TS---Rangers...always making bad deals
[AndyTheNonToker] i know, that's why i put it on my list - he went to the Cuse, right?
[johnvoyage] I knew him before you, Matt (baldly name-dropping here).
[Mattagain] yeah, but I see him every week and you don't
[johnvoyage] heh, Jim
[Mattagain] so there
[Mattagain] he taught at Sunday School class a couple weeks ago
[johnvoyage] (sticking my tongue out, but unfortunately, the slobber is getting my 1800 dollar laptop wet)
[johnvoyage] His wife's name is Lynn. (see, I told you I know them)
[Mattagain] and Lynn's sister is Susan, who's getting married to a guy named Dan next month
[Mattagain] Dan plays in a band called Quench and I have their CD
[Mattagain] not Dan Card, by the way
[johnvoyage] OK, I surrender.
[Mattagain] heh
[johnvoyage] The second lesson in "Don't mess with Gandalf"
[Mattagain] kidding...they're fun though
[Mattagain] we' ve been trying to have dinner with them for months
[Mattagain] they're too busy, then we're busy...
[johnvoyage] He used to work for Rush
[johnvoyage] (Limbaugh, that is, not the band)
[Mattagain] yeah...he worked for Steve Forbes for awhile
[Mattagain] this book is supposed to take off
[johnvoyage] ?? I didn't know that. Was that while Forbes was a prez candidate?
[Mattagain] Clancy helped get it published
[Mattagain] Yeah, he was comm. director for his campaign
[johnvoyage] Geez, that's some serious pull there.
[AndyTheNonToker] Dan can be the innkeeper in Bree
[AndyTheNonToker] he has restaurant mgmt experience
[johnvoyage] Barliman Butterbur
[AndyTheNonToker] right
[johnvoyage] Who is Legolas? Gimli?
[AndyTheNonToker] Matt, I told you about the movie SUFFLOSEN, right?
[johnvoyage] AC should be Legolas. Just a very, very cool customer.
[johnvoyage] (wrong color hair, though)
[Mattagain] yeah, but I never looked it up or anything
[AndyTheNonToker] I found it online and ordered it -- came from Hong Kong
[AndyTheNonToker] watched it last night with KT
[Mattagain] what???????????!!!!!!!!11
[AndyTheNonToker] we liked it
[Mattagain] you did not!
[johnvoyage] What the heck is SUFFLOSEN?
[AndyTheNonToker] couldn't find it in the U.S.
[AndyTheNonToker] let me find a link for you
[Mattagain] that's the funniest thing of the whole week
[Mattagain] by the way
[Mattagain] 115 emails went out in suffl this week
[Mattagain] got to be a one-week record
[Mattagain] so, what's the plot of SUFFLOSEN?
[JimHateFran] the popularity of pt
[JimHateFran] pot
[AndyTheNonToker] click here
[AndyTheNonToker] sufflosen is dutch (or is it danish?) for "The Prompter"
[AndyTheNonToker] as in, an opera prompter
[Mattagain] a handsome, sensitive tuba player?
[AndyTheNonToker] ya -- you know foreign films are always a bit odd
[Mattagain] classic
[Mattagain] subtitles?
[Mattagain] Andy, is the transcript of this going to be on suffl.com?
[AndyTheNonToker] subtitles are in English and Chinese on my versino
[AndyTheNonToker] version
[AndyTheNonToker] the transcript of this chat? or of Sufflosen?
[Mattagain] chat
[Mattagain] although Sufflosen would be in order to watch at Draft 2004
[johnvoyage] Why? We want STLJ to know how we plot against them?
[Mattagain] just feeds their paranoia
[Mattagain] kind of fun
[johnvoyage] LOL
[johnvoyage] In light of that, then, I submit that JR is Sauron and KK is Sauruman
[Mattagain] Besides, JR will be all toked up...he won't be paying any attention
[AndyTheNonToker] lol
[johnvoyage] lol
[johnvoyage] Two evils in league with each other that we must join together and stop
[Mattagain] him and Kern will be over in the corner looking at old Zep album covers...wishing they made records "like that" these days
[AndyTheNonToker] Norwegian, that's what Sufflosen is
[johnvoyage] ok guys...dinner time. Later
[Mattagain] yum
[Mattagain] see ya
[Mattagain] (note to JR and KK: We kid because we love.)
<-- johnvoyage ( has left #FridayChat
[AndyTheNonToker] more about Sufflosen from the Academy
[Mattagain] this must come to the draft next year
[Mattagain] As commissioner, I hereby decree it
[Mattagain] with what little power I have
--> MyHusbandisinLastPlace (ppp1098.mcsi.net) has joined #FridayChat
[Mattagain] oooh...that's cold KT
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Not KT, Meg here
[AndyTheNonToker] no meg I think
[Mattagain] oh, even worse
[AndyTheNonToker] "worse?"
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Wack Tobacky, Is Scott a nut or what?
[Mattagain] the man you promised to love and support
[Mattagain] I liked Scott's posts
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Blah blah blah
[Mattagain] If we have to talk about pot to get Scotty O to write in, so be it
[AndyTheNonToker] KT suggestion was to keep Sufflosen with the plaque
[AndyTheNonToker] but JR's not into it
[JimHateFran] is there a chance that JR and KK break up after this year...ala Jerry and Jimmy of mid 90's
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] I know, I think it's great that he wrote. He came home and was all, "I wrote to the guys in SUFFL today..."
[Mattagain] tell him to keep it coming
[Mattagain] we love it
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] I will.
[Mattagain] I guess there's buzz that KK would like to try it w/o JR, but I don't know
[AndyTheNonToker] yes - he got a Zero in my recent breakdown of the last 500 posts
[Mattagain] I have a feeling they'll stay together
[Mattagain] but JR better be a lot quieter this off-season
[JimHateFran] i forsee a break up
[Mattagain] it's obvious that Kevin is the reason for this year's success
[JimHateFran] KK has handled 60% of the team this year and they are right there in it
[JimHateFran] i think he'll want to see if he can compete on his own
[Mattagain] maybe he links up with Maderia, who then gradually fades out
[Mattagain] KK starts next year with Portis?
[Mattagain] hmm
[Mattagain] could happen
[JimHateFran] of course, he'd probably rather start with Priest
[JimHateFran] maybe a buy out will have to go down
[AndyTheNonToker] Madeira sounds pretty gung ho every August
[Mattagain] ah...that would be fun
[JimHateFran] i'll give you priest and go with no keeper, but you have to give me your 3rd rounder for my 4th type of thing
[Mattagain] of course, our official rule on that is "owners work that out amongt themselves" so that could be sadistically fun to watch
[JimHateFran] then, if we are out of it...we all make trades with KK to ensure he finishes higher than JR.
[Mattagain] absolutely
[Mattagain] no doubt
[Mattagain] that's great
[AndyTheNonToker] heh
[Mattagain] that's it for me.
[Mattagain] see you
[AndyTheNonToker] bye bye don't freeze to death
<-- Mattagain ( has left #FridayChat
[JimHateFran] and then there were 3
[AndyTheNonToker] yes
[JimHateFran] make that 2...out with the gout
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] I have a story, Andy.
[AndyTheNonToker] hit me
[AndyTheNonToker] maybe not the best term, given the recent marijuana rampage this group has been on
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Scott wore his SUFFL shirt for Thanksgiving, and his brother said, "What's S-U-F-F-L?"
[AndyTheNonToker] this I must hear
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] And Scott said, "I have no idea."
[AndyTheNonToker] W H A T ? ? ? ! ! !
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] And I said, "Scott, what's on your shirt?"
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] And he was like, "Oh."
[AndyTheNonToker] oh
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Yeah. I just invited him to chat
<-- JimHateFran (1Cust109.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has left #FridayChat
[AndyTheNonToker] did he launch into a full on explanation of the rules?
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Not so much.
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] I think he's pretty busy at work, so I don't think he'll be here.
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] How are the kids?
[AndyTheNonToker] Did he at least complain that his imcompetent co-owner traded away all of their best players and is steering the plane into the ground?
[AndyTheNonToker] They're pretty good
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Um, no.
[AndyTheNonToker] Sammy almost slept through the night the other night
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] What did you guys do for T-giving?
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Hooray for Sammy!
[AndyTheNonToker] we just have to ditch him in the crib and go upstairs, and wait for him to cry himself to sleep
[AndyTheNonToker] any other plan leads to insanity
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] That sucks, but it works. Rainey's living proof.
[AndyTheNonToker] TGiving - we stayed here
[AndyTheNonToker] it was "Asian Night" at the McHargues' !!!
[AndyTheNonToker] our guests:
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Sounds dericious! (sorry, was that mean?)
[AndyTheNonToker] Tony and So-Young Chen (Tony born in Taiwan, So-young in S.Korea)
[AndyTheNonToker] [not at all]
[AndyTheNonToker] Masa and Moto (born in Japan)
[AndyTheNonToker] Kaori (also Japan)
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Geesh, anyone else?
[AndyTheNonToker] all except K are friends from church
[AndyTheNonToker] Kaori is a student we got hooked up with through ISI i think it's called
[AndyTheNonToker] Christian org that hooks up host families with international students
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] That's cool, you guys rock.
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] We just ate and ate and ate...
[AndyTheNonToker] where were you?
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Here. Todd came to visit.
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Will you be hosting a different nationality for Christmas?
[AndyTheNonToker] heh - no
[AndyTheNonToker] we'll be in NJ
[AndyTheNonToker] so I guess we'll see KT's Vietnamese brother
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] That's a nationality all it's own (NJ)
[AndyTheNonToker] true
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] How does Molls handle Sammy screaming himself to sleep?
[AndyTheNonToker] If she's already asleep, she sleeps through it or at least sort of blocks it out
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Wow, that must be her spiritual gift.
[AndyTheNonToker] But if he's screaming when we bring her down to bed, she can't take it
[AndyTheNonToker] she starts yelling or screaming sometimes
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Speaking in tongues?
[AndyTheNonToker] could be
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] My dogs are fighting outside Rainey's window
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Gotta go
[AndyTheNonToker] OK see ya
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Please tell KT and kids hello.
[AndyTheNonToker] i will
[MyHusbandisinLastPlace] Bye bye!
[AndyTheNonToker] c u later alligator