[MattlovesVick] ??
[AndyOfTheIroquois] you didn't know I was part native american?
[MattlovesVick] wouldn't that make you a toker?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i can choose to reject family traditions
[MattlovesVick] but only for one night with no repeat
[MattlovesVick] a taste of honey's worse than none at all
[MattlovesVick] ooooooooooooh
[MattlovesVick] I second that emotion
[MattlovesVick] yeah
[MattlovesVick] if you feel like giving me a lifetime of devotion
[MattlovesVick] I second that emotion
[MattlovesVick] quoting Smokey for you
[AndyOfTheIroquois] um
[AndyOfTheIroquois] thanks
[AndyOfTheIroquois] was watching Winnie the Pooh with Molly, and there's a line that says "Oh rabbit, I wasn't going to eat the honey, I was just going to taste it."
[AndyOfTheIroquois] sounds like Clinton, don't you think?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] maybe he's a Pooh fan
[MattlovesVick] a little, yes
[MattlovesVick] eating Skittles
[MattlovesVick] need to go get some water before chat actually starts
[MattlovesVick] ooh...Wilco just came on my Launch
[AndyOfTheIroquois] just told Goodwin, Get Thee To A Chattery
[AndyOfTheIroquois] he's on IM
[AndyOfTheIroquois] there's another party this week that I might get dragged off to
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i'm trying to avoid it
[AndyOfTheIroquois] but I'll take some cake ...
[MattlovesVick] no DVD's at this one?
--> Jim (1Cust181.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[MattlovesVick] Goodwin
[Jim] yo
[MattlovesVick] Can I have Andy's pick?
[Jim] uh...no
[Jim] it's a top pick
[Jim] i'm going to whip the johnnies
[MattlovesVick] what if I give you the two picks I have for it?
[Jim] hmmm
[AndyOfTheIroquois] hmmm
[Jim] i like zack
[AndyOfTheIroquois] isn't there a team you'd like to cover on which you have no players
[MattlovesVick] Zack who?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] the Crock man
[Jim] crockett
[Jim] and i like reed
[AndyOfTheIroquois] what a crock!
[MattlovesVick] ah
[MattlovesVick] you'd take him with the first pick?
[Jim] ???
[Jim] kirk can't get in---firewall think
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i think every year, when the SUFFL race comes down to two, maybe we should just disband the rest of the teams and let the top 2 have a mini-draft
[Jim] freakin merrill lynch
[AndyOfTheIroquois] that bites
[AndyOfTheIroquois] JR has firewall and he can get in
[MattlovesVick] who's Kirk?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] Kirk's must be stricter
[Jim] friend
[MattlovesVick] of who?
[Jim] me
[AndyOfTheIroquois] is Don coming?
[MattlovesVick] think so...hang on
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i told Matt/Don today is Greek day in honor of Maria's birthday -- people in SUFFL are the Jews, non-SUFFL people are the Greeks
[AndyOfTheIroquois] let the Greeks join in
[MattlovesVick] I hope KK gets in here...
[MattlovesVick] he can relay birthday greetings to Maria for us
[AndyOfTheIroquois] have you ever seen KK's SUFFL profile
[MattlovesVick] yes
[AndyOfTheIroquois] he lists his wife as 'Maria the Greek'
[MattlovesVick] and her occupation as "lover of my soul"
[AndyOfTheIroquois] yes
--> IvantheRotten ( has joined #FridayChat
[AndyOfTheIroquois] the rotten one has arrived
[IvantheRotten] Iroquois??? Why not Apache?
[MattlovesVick] the Rotten?
[IvantheRotten] Yeah, Ivan the Terrible was a Russian leader back in the day...but my mom always called me affectionately, "Ivan the Rotten". Go figure.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i don't know, Iroquois somehow stuck with me, a Syracuse area thing
[MattlovesVick] that's actually a cute story
[IvantheRotten] (aw shucks)
[Jim] kirk is trying alternative ways...and breakin company policy in the meantime
[Jim] gar noticed that the johnnies now have...
[MattlovesVick] weird that he can't in
[Jim] a hearst, a bus.....and a driver
[MattlovesVick] heh
[MattlovesVick] is Gar chatting?
[IvantheRotten] Does he have a Mack (truck), too?
[MattlovesVick] good one
[Jim] nah
[MattlovesVick] I think Gar has Mack
[MattlovesVick] but that was good
[Jim] kirk is out...no dice....but he'll read the archive....he can get that for whatever reason
[IvantheRotten] thanks
[Jim] brb
[MattlovesVick] I guess we have to behave ourselves and not dis the Johnnies this week
[IvantheRotten] Why?
[IvantheRotten] JR sure was upset, wasn't he?
[MattlovesVick] yeah
[IvantheRotten] Why?
[MattlovesVick] Why was he upset?
[Jim] maybe he was upset because the lakers are stinkin
[IvantheRotten] Yes. Why was he upset?
[MattlovesVick] last Friday night would have cheered him up then
[Jim] we did, all be it unintentional, kind of gang up against the johnnies
[MattlovesVick] He never really said why in his message
[MattlovesVick] well, it was intentional, but we meant it light-hearted
[Jim] maybe i'll trade him Gannon and TO and that will cheer him up
[IvantheRotten] No - it was intentional.
[MattlovesVick] maybe in the transcript, it didn't come across that way
[IvantheRotten] But it was in good fun.
[Jim] just like Kermit Washington's actions were in good fun
[MattlovesVick] heh
[MattlovesVick] well, enough about that
[MattlovesVick] trade deadline
[AndyOfTheIroquois] b r b
[Jim] i think, with the trading of tiki...i've turned over my entire roster
[AndyOfTheIroquois] gotta go feign interest in a party for students who won't be around next semester
[IvantheRotten] Question: did the STLJ-RR trade help or hurt Sweep?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] geez maybe i shouldn't say that if we're archiving this
[Jim] trung, titans, and cowboys are all that remain from draft day
[MattlovesVick] not sure...I think Priest was their best player
[MattlovesVick] (duh)
[MattlovesVick] I thought they should have riden him and try to outdistance Jim in the reg. season
[MattlovesVick] and then just hang on in the playoffs
[AndyOfTheIroquois] they planning to keep LT, I think
[Jim] i think both parties helped them self
[Jim] good trade
[MattlovesVick] but I've been wrong about stuff like that before
[Jim] remember...2004 is keeper minus 3
[IvantheRotten] Jim: I don't think we ever decided that
[Jim] it will be passed this off season
[IvantheRotten] Maybe
[Jim] will be suprised if it doesn't pass....and fully suspect the support of everyone living in CT
[IvantheRotten] Holmes averages, what, 30 SUFFL points a week?
[MattlovesVick] might be more than that
[Jim] closer to 40
[MattlovesVick] Bledsoe averages 30
[IvantheRotten] 40!?
[IvantheRotten] What was the total trade? I forget.
[IvantheRotten] Bettis, Hearst, Driver, and TB for Holmes and who?
[Jim] holmes, patten, atl D, and northcutt
[Jim] homes avg 37.15 pts per game
[MattlovesVick] I guess TB is the most important player there
[IvantheRotten] Holmes is better than Bettis and Hearst combined, by about 10 points.
[MattlovesVick] Bettis and Hearst seem like they're hurt every week
[Jim] avg 50 pts per game over his last 3 games
[IvantheRotten] Driver is a little better than Patten.
[MattlovesVick] and honestly, I don't see their teams going far in playoffs
[Jim] 150 in 3 games...that may be a record
[IvantheRotten] TB is obviously better than Atl, but Atl is pretty darn good.
[MattlovesVick] but I've been wrong a lot about deals those guys make
[Jim] where did Andy go?
[MattlovesVick] party
[IvantheRotten] So let's see. Bettis and Hearst are 10 points shy of Holmes, but about 20 points shy of Holmes and the other player filling that roster spot.
[MattlovesVick] Let's give Jim some props
[IvantheRotten] So, 20 times 3 weeks = 60 points. Is TB's D/ST going to generate enough to overcome that?
[MattlovesVick] at the beginning of the year, we said if Faulk and Warner got hurt he was toast
[MattlovesVick] they got hurt, but he's managed it extremely well
[MattlovesVick] kudos to Ha Ha
[IvantheRotten] Yeah, Jim. You've been amazing.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] I B back
[MattlovesVick] how was the cake?
[Jim] tiki, peerless, and the owens trade saved me
[AndyOfTheIroquois] excellent
[IvantheRotten] Did you get another LOR DvD?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] not as good as the piece I had last week, but very good
[AndyOfTheIroquois] no more gifts this week
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i already watched it once
[IvantheRotten] Were the extra scenes good?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] in preparation for seeing a midnight showing next week
[IvantheRotten] awesome
[AndyOfTheIroquois] ya, there were little extra bits and pieces that were cool to see
[Jim] atl v. tb defense...over the last 4 games...tb has outscored them by a total of....-17 pta
[Jim] pts.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] nothing that blows you away, just nice little addtions. also altered some of the existing scenes slightly
[IvantheRotten] So TB is only gaining Sweep about 4-5 points a week?
[Jim] of course, atl had that 50 pt week...take that out and tb has outscored them by 17 over 3 games
[Jim] yep
[Jim] but could get to the superbowl
[MattlovesVick] they do get a little more playoff action
[IvantheRotten] Their only shot at the SB is if they have home field. If they have to go to either GB or Phi they're history.
[Jim] i need to cut trung, and trade galloway, cowboy d, and tenn d by saturday
[MattlovesVick] my friend who works for Tampa gets something like $100 K bonus if they win the SB
[Jim] i could win it without a single player on my opening day roster
[Jim] that would be SWEET
[IvantheRotten] You don't want Tenn D/ST? I'll take them.
[Jim] if i win....what are my props if i rename for next year...
[Jim] Swept Johnnies Leg
[MattlovesVick] heh
[MattlovesVick] lol
[IvantheRotten] haha
[Jim] kind of tired of haha raja
[Jim] what are renaming andy...or gar...or york...or even ric
[MattlovesVick] you could rename it Lt. Raja
[MattlovesVick] "It Was Scott's Fault"
[AndyOfTheIroquois] haha
[IvantheRotten] heh
[Jim] york----Teachers Are Overpaid
[Jim] brb
[MattlovesVick] "JoPa Must Go"
[IvantheRotten] Don't you get to rename the worst team, not just *any* team?
[MattlovesVick] just the worst team
[MattlovesVick] but there are quite a few candidates
[AndyOfTheIroquois] hmm
[Jim] that worked well
[AndyOfTheIroquois] can't paste that in here like that, i'll have to give you a link
[AndyOfTheIroquois] here ya go
[AndyOfTheIroquois] see, i added the length/width control there
[MattlovesVick] for a company with so many smart people, I get some stupid sounding phone calls
[MattlovesVick] but I digress
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i get to hear students answer phone calls, inquiries for grad school
[AndyOfTheIroquois] they often hang up and say, "that was the stupidest person i've ever talked to"
[Jim] york has done well the last few weeks...seperated himself from the last place pack
[AndyOfTheIroquois] kt wants me to eat lunch
[AndyOfTheIroquois] "man cannot live on cake alone," she says
[IvantheRotten] Trent Lott for president in 2004.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i can only imagine what kind of cartoons would appear in the NYT if Lott were to run
[IvantheRotten] heh
[MattlovesVick] oh my
[IvantheRotten] Q: Is Lott really a racist?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] from the evil empire -- "Negative - I'm in a conference call right now with Arkansas and am quite busy."
[MattlovesVick] A: probably
[AndyOfTheIroquois] (that was in response to my inviting him to chat)
[MattlovesVick] I think he's still bitter
[MattlovesVick] oh well
[MattlovesVick] JR, that is
[IvantheRotten] Tell him if he doesn't join us, we'll have to make even more fun of him. ;-)
[AndyOfTheIroquois] winnie the pooh, winnie the pooh, something something something, stuffed with fluff, he's winnie the pooh, winnie the pooh, willy nilly silly old bear
[Jim] tell him gannon says hello
[AndyOfTheIroquois] that pooh song is in my head
[IvantheRotten] "chubby (or tubby) little cubby all stuffed with fluff"
[AndyOfTheIroquois] is that it? sounds right.
[MattlovesVick] from Trent Lott to Winnie the Pooh...that's probably appropriate
[AndyOfTheIroquois] friends loaned us the DVD, and it's all Molly wants to watch
[IvantheRotten] To Sauron and Saruman
[AndyOfTheIroquois] read this week that Christopher Lee (Saruman) has read LOTR every year since it was published
[MattlovesVick] wow...that's impressive
[MattlovesVick] I just finished it a few weeks ago
[MattlovesVick] but I'll probably wait a couple years before I read it again
[AndyOfTheIroquois] I just read the summary at the beginning of The Two Towers the other night
[AndyOfTheIroquois] that summarizes Fellowship of the Ring
[AndyOfTheIroquois] anyone read the Silmarillion?
[MattlovesVick] I think my dad did
[MattlovesVick] but I have not
--> tehpriest (h00501809b681.ne.client2.attbi.com) has joined #FridayChat
[tehpriest] hey guys
[MattlovesVick] who is this?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] allergy man?
[tehpriest] rev ric
[MattlovesVick] ah...fyi...we made a rule since the last time you chatted that you have to sign in with some version of your own name
[MattlovesVick] but we'll allow a grace period
[IvantheRotten] Ric, you get my phone call on your cell?
[tehpriest] oh, I didn't know...but what's up with Ivan teh rotten?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] Elrond and Aragorn think they're above the law
[tehpriest] I got it and sent an email- you have teh trade correct, just send the cash and it will be a done deal.
[IvantheRotten] Ivan the Rotten is me, Vamp
[MattlovesVick] Vamp relayed the story earlier about his name
[IvantheRotten] Ivan is John in Russian, Drew. I'm right in line with the rules.
[tehpriest] Oh, no I didn't get teh call. I need to check voice mail on the cell
[IvantheRotten] Yeah. A smaller deal offer. (the suspense builds)
[tehpriest] Jim,
[tehpriest] Jim,
[IvantheRotten] Sorry about the other deal...Raj just couldn't make up his mind.
[tehpriest] do you still have trent green?
[IvantheRotten] (partners)...
[AndyOfTheIroquois] this chat is in English, not Russian
[AndyOfTheIroquois] I have Trent now
[tehpriest] huh, I was thinking of loading up with KC players if I could help the right team. Andy, you are my number one adversary right now, sorry bud. Otherwise I woudl root for you bigtime.
[MattlovesVick] RR vs. Naptime
[AndyOfTheIroquois] trade you Green for Maddox and Patten
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i'll throw in Stokes
[IvantheRotten] I am Isildur's heir...don't mess.
[IvantheRotten] Ric, why load up on KC? They are not making the playoffs, bro.
[IvantheRotten] Way too many teams to overcome.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] if they win out, they're 10-6
[AndyOfTheIroquois] all 3 are div games, 2 on the road
[IvantheRotten] They won't win all three.
[tehpriest] KC is hot and its a roll but...
[IvantheRotten] And they're toast on tiebreakers.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] they'd be 8-4 in the AFC
[MattlovesVick] but they'll score a lot of points trying
[tehpriest] I'm desparate or desperate
[AndyOfTheIroquois] isn't conf record first tiebreaker for wildcard , or no?
[MattlovesVick] makes sense to me Ric
[MattlovesVick] I'd do the same thing
[MattlovesVick] take the widest outsider and see what happens
[MattlovesVick] worst case scenario, you stay where you are and you have Priest
[tehpriest] Honestly, I won't be surprised if Pitts doesn't make teh playoff. Carolina- who has a solid D, Bucs in Tampa and hten Balt at home- and they are playing well.
[IvantheRotten] What's Cleveland's schedule.
[tehpriest] KC and Cleveland in teh AFC Championship. Waht do I have to lose?
[AndyOfTheIroquois] Cleveland = home vs Indy, @Bal, home vs Atl
[tehpriest] What dark horse in the NFC can I root for?
[Jim] then you trade picks 2-6 for Trent Green
[Jim] uhhh, mayb not
[Jim] root for the niners or falcons
[tehpriest] OK Falcons. Who wants to deal.
[tehpriest] att are keeping Vick?
[tehpriest] Matt are you keeping Vick?
[MattlovesVick] for next year?
[tehpriest] Yea, do you want Maddox and my pick for Vick?
[MattlovesVick] no thanks
[tehpriest] Ok
[MattlovesVick] I'd give you Bledsoe
[tehpriest] I need some NFC action
[tehpriest] John, I would have madea good home for Deuce
[MattlovesVick] Andy, I'd give you Bledsoe for Duce Staley
[AndyOfTheIroquois] somehow get me Travis Henry and I'll do it
[AndyOfTheIroquois] go Bills
[AndyOfTheIroquois] 9-7, sneak into the playoff after a miraculous final 3 weeks
[MattlovesVick] call Gar
[AndyOfTheIroquois] uhh maybe not
[MattlovesVick] a 3 way might be possible
[AndyOfTheIroquois] might have done before last week
[MattlovesVick] I'll have the cell on this weekend
[AndyOfTheIroquois] no
[AndyOfTheIroquois] no
[AndyOfTheIroquois] no
[IvantheRotten] Ric - I would have done it, but Raj couldn't make up his mind.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] I might give up Staley for a pt-producing non-playoff back
[AndyOfTheIroquois] like Holmes :)
[tehpriest] forget it.
[Jim] tiki---way underated
[IvantheRotten] Ric - Jamal Lewis for Patten and Vinatieri. If you're not sure Pitt will make the playoffs, at least you can take a chance on Lewis. Plus, he's been incredibly productive.
[Jim] let's see....he is 10th among rb
[Jim] just behind taylor and garner, just ahead of faulk and eddie
[IvantheRotten] Yeah, he's been very good lately.
[tehpriest] John, just listened to your message.
[IvantheRotten] What do you think Ric?
[tehpriest] still listening
[tehpriest] meaning it was a long message
[IvantheRotten] to what?
[IvantheRotten] oh, ok
[tehpriest] let me check something online- hold for a sec
[IvantheRotten] ok
[AndyOfTheIroquois] Duce and Porter for Jamal Lewis and Dillon
[AndyOfTheIroquois] hmm
[IvantheRotten] Duce Staley and Porter for Lewis and Dillon?
[IvantheRotten] Interesting
[Jim] duce and porter for lewis and dillon...why would you do that andy
[IvantheRotten] Duce, Porter, and Price for Lewis and Dillon and Rod Smith
[Jim] brb
[tehpriest] I'm gone a sec and there is a 6 player trade on the board!
[AndyOfTheIroquois] ya, i guess I'd want one playoff guy in return
[AndyOfTheIroquois] wouldn't want to deal Price
[AndyOfTheIroquois] at least not for that
[tehpriest] I can give Patten and Vinitaire but would want a 'potential playoff guy (cleveland, atlanta, KC...)
[IvantheRotten] OK.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] Staley, Porter, Stallworth for Lewis and Plax
[IvantheRotten] Jamal Lewis *is* a potential playoff guy
[AndyOfTheIroquois] no
[AndyOfTheIroquois] 6-7 to playoff team? i think not
[IvantheRotten] The only Atlanta guy we have is Crumpler
[AndyOfTheIroquois] 9-7 ain't gonna cut it
[tehpriest] Jim, waht about Dunn?
[IvantheRotten] If Balt runs the table, they'll win the division, probably.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i guess that's true
[tehpriest] John, Balt running the table is a conflict of interest
[tehpriest] Dunn for and Maddox and randle El
[AndyOfTheIroquois] could be a huge game, Bal @ Pit in Week 17
[IvantheRotten] Ric - Griese, Buerlein, Rod Smith, Jamal Lewis...for...
[tehpriest] MAddox nad Randle El will keep you with STLJ
[IvantheRotten] Culpepper (need a backup QB), Patten, Vinatieri, Jimmy Smith. (Denver is 7-6 and worth a risk)
[Jim] don't need maddox...have gannon
[Jim] so i'd probably only start maddox one game
[tehpriest] Gannon might get a bye
[tehpriest] Ok
[tehpriest] John you are on
[MattlovesVick] headed out
[Jim] gotta jet guys....kiddo duty (doody) calls.
[tehpriest] See you matt
[MattlovesVick] last night in my 20's..gotta go howl
[tehpriest] Happy B day Matt
[tehpriest] Don't get too wasted
[IvantheRotten] Ric, what has Jimmy Smith done lately? Just curious.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] don't toke up too much either
[IvantheRotten] Happy birthday matt!!!
[tehpriest] A few tds , not big yards
[IvantheRotten] Ric, can we exchange Culpepper for Maddox?
[IvantheRotten] Make it Denver plus Lewis for Maddox, your Pats, and Jimmy Smith?
<-- Jim (1Cust181.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has left #FridayChat
<-- MattlovesVick ( has left #FridayChat
[tehpriest] 17,9,12,2 for Jimmy Smith teh last 4 weks
[IvantheRotten] That's not great. Maddox would be worth it.
[IvantheRotten] Good chance Kordell ends up starting anyway...
[IvantheRotten] So: Griese, Buerlein, Rod Smith, Jamal Lewis for Maddox, Patten, Vinatieri, and Jimmy Smith.
[tehpriest] John are you asking for Maddox, Patten, Vinitaire (each time I spell his name differently) and jimmy Smith for 3 denver players and Jamal Lewis?
[tehpriest] Give me corey rather than jamal and I 'll call it a deal
[IvantheRotten] Deal.
[IvantheRotten] You can have Dillon instead of Lewis.
[IvantheRotten] So, let me get this straight:
[tehpriest] Great. Good luck, but I'm pulling for Jim to win
[IvantheRotten] Griese, Buerlein, Rod Smith, and Dillon for Maddox, Patten, Vinatieri, and Jimmy Smith.
[IvantheRotten] Is that it?
[tehpriest] Correct
[tehpriest] You getting this Andy?
[IvantheRotten] Deal. I will just go with it and hope like crazy that Denver doesn't burn us!
[AndyOfTheIroquois] i'm here
[IvantheRotten] Can you post that on the group email? I need to run.
[IvantheRotten] Andy, it's official.
[IvantheRotten] Update the rosters and stuff too, Andy, please. And start Jamal Lewis instead of Dillon for us. Thanks.
[AndyOfTheIroquois] ok i'll do it
[tehpriest] Andy, isn't it ironic that we are the last two in the chat since we are the last two in suffl. A battle for name preservation
[tehpriest] Hey, we'll be looking good for next year though. I think priest is teh best player as of now
<-- IvantheRotten ( has left #FridayChat
[AndyOfTheIroquois] yep
[AndyOfTheIroquois] I'm looking forward to the draft already ...
[AndyOfTheIroquois] just have to block out advice from Scott :)
[tehpriest] Andy, I have to go- Christmas party here tongiht. I have to check be up on my bye weeks and forget about the steelers
[tehpriest] later
[AndyOfTheIroquois] cool
[AndyOfTheIroquois] later