[Matt] hey there
[AndyDelFondo] howdy
[Matt] or are you in the bathroom?
[Matt] oh good. you're there
[AndyDelFondo] yes i'm
[AndyDelFondo] once i asked my elementary school teacher why you couldn't use contractions that way
[Matt] seems like you should be able to
[AndyDelFondo] she didn't really know what I was talking about
[AndyDelFondo] "i'm not a moron!" "Yes you're!"
[AndyDelFondo] it just doesn't work
[Matt] I'm working while chatting, so I may be in and out
[AndyDelFondo] working? huh?
[Matt] I should be out buying books
[AndyDelFondo] the only reason i work is so I don't feel guilty that I get paid more than the guy who vacuums my office
[Matt] get this...I received $150 worth of gift certificates to bookstores for Christmas
[AndyDelFondo] nice
[Matt] I'm exhausted trying to spend it all
[Matt] already used up 50 of it
[Matt] so expect book reports over the next few months
[AndyDelFondo] I already was
[Matt] Your team's performance since week 12 gives new meaning to the term Flatline
[AndyDelFondo] No kidding
[AndyDelFondo] Thing is, trading Gannon is the least of it, I think
[AndyDelFondo] Gannon hasn't scored 30 since I traded him
[Matt] what if you hadn't traded Terrell?
[AndyDelFondo] no comment
[Matt] heh
[Matt] oh well...you've set yourself up pretty well for next year
[Matt] keep Faulk or Warner...take the 11 slot and build yourself a brand new team
[AndyDelFondo] might do that
[AndyDelFondo] OK, it's 1:00, where is everyone
[Matt] you've got options, which is nice...good position to be in
[AndyDelFondo] yes
[AndyDelFondo] i wonder if I'd keep Owens if I still had him
[AndyDelFondo] SUFFL en Español
[Matt] I might be in a pickle. Might not have a true "keeper" and will be closer to the end of pick your spot
[Matt] but oh well
[AndyDelFondo] the Read Our Press page is pretty funny
[AndyDelFondo] heh
[Matt] Hebilla De la Correa De Daniel Snyder
[AndyDelFondo] the team names are funny too
[AndyDelFondo] ya
[AndyDelFondo] Barra la pierna Johnnie
[Matt] that is funny
[AndyDelFondo] translates Kern's name on the left -- Núcleo de condensación
--> JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel ( has joined #FridayChat
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] gimme some lovin
[Matt] show John the Spanish page
[AndyDelFondo] SUFFL en Español
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] sweet
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] What's spanish for "pathetic", though?
[Matt] make sure our SVP for Global Development sees this
[Matt] he might insist on a German version
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Should we just drop a nuke on N. Korea and get it over with?
[AndyDelFondo] and claim it was Saddam
[Matt] don't think so
[AndyDelFondo] then nuke him
[Matt] those guys are mean little buggers
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] BTW - No chance in he** that Powell runs for prez in 2008. Zero. Zip. Nada.
[Matt] I wouldn't say that
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Mark it down.
[Matt] lot can happen between now and then
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Not him.
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] He must have some serious skeleton in his closet.
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] He could *easily* have been prez in 1996.
[Matt] what? why do you say that?
[Matt] oh my goodness
--> EVILCHAMP (meson.ext.extranet.xerox.com) has joined #FridayChat
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] He had the most favorable rating of any American in politics in 1996, and it wasn't even close. But he didn't run. The republicans were forced to run Bob Dole.
[Matt] heh
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] STOP SCREAMING AT US
[Matt] Honestly, I think he just didn't want to run in 96
[Matt] and for sure, his wife did not want him to run
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] And again in 2000, he could have won, but no.
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] The more time in public life, the more ammo people have against him.
[EVILCHAMP] Nope. My screen still won't display any of the actual chat postings
[EVILCHAMP] This sucks
[EVILCHAMP] Andy - call me if you have any ideas
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Just keep taking champ, we can hear ya!
[Matt] bummer
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Was that JR?
[AndyDelFondo] yep
[Matt] think so
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] (someone who doesn't know SUFFL chat name protocol, obviously)
[AndyDelFondo] got him
[Matt] so, he can see us now?
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] I can't stay long, guys...I'm actually doing a lot of work. Just wanted to check in and say hi.
[AndyDelFondo] nope
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] So....Hi
[Matt] oh. that's bad
<-- EVILCHAMP (meson.ext.extranet.xerox.com) has left #FridayChat
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] And bye. Go Eagles and Steelers.
[Matt] More stats work?
[AndyDelFondo] heh
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] No. I'm putting together an evangelism training CD.
[Matt] ah
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] I assembled a cool powerpoint presentation, and I'm about to do a voice-over for it.
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Once it's done, I'll do 5 more, and then we'll have a complete, 6-part, interactive CD for evangelism training.
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] See? I actually do something productive.
[Matt] good for you
[JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel] Anyway, catch you guys later.
[Matt] see ya
[Matt] back to just us
[AndyDelFondo] JR still otp
[Matt] tell him I liked his email
[AndyDelFondo] he's reiterating his anti-Vamp stance to me
[Matt] tell him what John said about CPowell
[Matt] John has been listening to Sean Hannity too much
<-- JohnPhilipAnthonyVampatel ( has left #FridayChat
[AndyDelFondo] who's that
[Matt] talk show host
[AndyDelFondo] that's what I figured
[Matt] Rush Limbaugh's sort of heir apparent
[Matt] right wing guy; talks out of NYC
[Matt] is JR anti-Vamp? or just anti-change D/ST?
[Matt] he doesn't dislike Vamp altogether, does he?
[AndyDelFondo] no no, just anti-change D/ST
[Matt] oh good
[AndyDelFondo] JR says hi
[Matt] JR and I are in accord on this one
[AndyDelFondo] sounds like he agrees with John about Powell
[AndyDelFondo] except for 2008, he's not so sure
[Matt] nah...guy just didn't want to run...the only thing with Powell is that I don't think he wants to be President
[AndyDelFondo] told him about Kernie's "subject this" response, he thought it was funny
[Matt] but I think in 2008, some sort of sense of duty may compel him
[Matt] but that's a long way off
[Matt] that was very funny
[AndyDelFondo] del fondo means "from the bottom" in Spanish, by the way
[AndyDelFondo] thus, Andy Del Fondo
[Matt] ah
[AndyDelFondo] since I'm at the bottom
--> kk (dsc06-nyi-ny-5-8.rasserver.net) has joined #FridayChat
[Matt] oh yea
[kk] hello
[Matt] the Johnnies are now represented
[Matt] how's the weather in NY?
[kk] yummy, yummy...
[kk] as per the Wiggles
[AndyDelFondo] yummy
[kk] snow and ice and suffl trophies, at least for another 3 weeks
[AndyDelFondo] if Garcia has a big day without Owens having a big day, Tucker will be right in it
[AndyDelFondo] they have good playoff depth, too
[Matt] yeah, if the Jets win, then I could see them catching and passing me
[Matt] I already think they'll finish ahead of PNN
[kk] go jets, bucs, steeler and eagles
[kk] go jets, bucs, steeler and eagles
[AndyDelFondo] they have Garner and Martin, Ward and McNair
[AndyDelFondo] so guaranteed points in the AFC championship
[AndyDelFondo] and SB for that matter
[AndyDelFondo] then if the Niners and Eagles both win, they'll have all those guys for anothe week
[Matt] can't catch Jim, but will probably move ahead of me
[Matt] sniff
[Matt] gotta make a call, guys
[Matt] back in a little bit
[AndyDelFondo] kk, do you have any love for the J E T S Jets Jets Jets?
[AndyDelFondo] will you go out and get drunk off you !@#$ is they win the SB?
[Matt] ok. voicemail, so I'm back
[Matt] for now, at least
[kk] always root for gang green unless they play the giants
[Matt] So, KK, how upset are you about last week's game?
[kk] not that much...it happens
--> SVPJim (1Cust193.tnt3.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[SVPJim] gar is on his way
[AndyDelFondo] cool
[Matt] nice
[Matt] KK...
--> ThomasJones (adsl-66-121-57-160.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net) has joined #FridayChat
[ThomasJones] yoyoyoyoyoy
[SVPJim] 2darecord...go Raiders, go titans, go niners, go falcons
[AndyDelFondo] for the newcomers' benefit, check out: SUFFL en Español
[Matt] at some point during the last few weeks, did you think to yourself, "Rats, I should have taken Shockey when Matt offered him"
[kk] i've had many a thought about trades that could have been in the last few week!
[Matt] heh
[SVPJim] last weeks chat...just matt and i...for about 15 min.
[AndyDelFondo] I've thought to myself at many points in the last 11 weeks, "Man, I shouldn't have traded TO"
[ThomasJones] so funny (espanol)
[AndyDelFondo] Barra la pierna Johnnie is my favorite
[AndyDelFondo] Tucker, Se Sienta! is pretty funny too
[AndyDelFondo] Demonios De la Velocidad
[AndyDelFondo] heh
[ThomasJones] kk inda house
[SVPJim] what about Ha De Ra Ja De la Ha
[kk] ci or si or C?
[kk] i mean yes, kk in the casa
[ThomasJones] yoyoyoyoyoy
[SVPJim] Teacha de la manera del da
[AndyDelFondo] heh
[SVPJim] that's from Gars...teacha of da way
[Matt] heh
[AndyDelFondo] i hadn't looked at the profiles
[SVPJim] they're hilarious
[ThomasJones] hey- suffl-please tell your wives that we don't live at 2641 Magnolia anymore
[ThomasJones] only Suffl christmas cards came there?
[Matt] is your profile updated?
[SVPJim] wow...5 in the draft room...that's a full house
[AndyDelFondo] yes his is
[SVPJim] kk---go Niners?
[ThomasJones] yes
[ThomasJones] a year ago?
[Matt] Nice to see that I root for the "Rojos"
[SVPJim] i still root for the Astros...but everything else changed
[AndyDelFondo] would you run desnudo thru the bóveda del portador ?
[AndyDelFondo] dome of the carrier
[ThomasJones] I just pulled out the draft and my selections stunk
[kk] nooooooo BUCS!
[kk] ok everyone - worst draft selection 2002?
[ThomasJones] if you lose to me this year....YOU STINK
[Matt] this will one interesting transcript
[SVPJim] kk---time for you to start liking the Cowboys...TUNA!
[Matt] our own worst selection?
[SVPJim] warner
[kk] Johnnies...Boston
[ThomasJones] starting RB - see my name
[Matt] Keyshawn
[SVPJim] best selection?
[kk] henry
[SVPJim] peerless?
[Matt] His name starts with V
[SVPJim] ooohhh, henry..that's a good one
[ThomasJones] Cincy and Sea D
[ThomasJones] Tim Brown
[SVPJim] come on....peerless was like round fifty
[kk] keep them coing gar
[ThomasJones] Kev Johnson
[ThomasJones] I am a comedy of errors
[SVPJim] what about gannon? round 2 or 3 but like the 6th qb taken
[Matt] not that it was a bad, bad selection, but in hindsight, taking Eddie George while Harrison AND Holmes were there was a huge mistake
[AndyDelFondo] Dunn and Stew turned out to be not such bad picks
[AndyDelFondo] except I could have had Henry in one of those spots, I think
[SVPJim] gar...you should count how many of your players go at least 1 round worst in 2003 than they did in 2002
[ThomasJones] check this out- the league MVP voting went 1) gannon; 2) favre
[ThomasJones] so why are andy and I finishing in last and second to last?
[SVPJim] hmmm...because you're both Warrior fans?
[ThomasJones] i agree with that
[AndyDelFondo] IM-ing with Vamp ... he says hi but resists the temptation to join
[Matt] Andy's not a Warriors fan
[AndyDelFondo] I've pretty much forsaken the Warriors
[AndyDelFondo] I think I filed the divorce papers sometime around 1995
[ThomasJones] best 17/18 round selection?
[AndyDelFondo] though if they were good, i'd pull for them I suppose
[AndyDelFondo] Chrebet!
[Matt] hmmm
[ThomasJones] 15th round
[Matt] I guess the Colts D...turned them into the Jets D...gave me a couple decent weeks
[AndyDelFondo] actually both my 17 and 18 were good -- Chrebet and Feely
[ThomasJones] playoff guys drafted in the 17/18.......
[ThomasJones] feely-andy
[AndyDelFondo] no sorry Chrebet was 15/16
[ThomasJones] john hall- sweep
[SVPJim] so you went from the Warriors to the Clippers....ugghhhh
[ThomasJones] dawson-ric
[SVPJim] kind of like going from kissing grandma to kissing great grandma
[ThomasJones] baugh baugh-ind
[SVPJim] i crack myself up!
[ThomasJones] gar-jamel white
[ThomasJones] y/db-javon walker
[ThomasJones] players drafted most often this year?
[Matt] Only 232 days until the draft
[ThomasJones] Ty Wheatley and Quincy Morgan once on draft day once at week 17 waiver
[SVPJim] it will be pure greatness having 90%+ of suffl in one room for the draft
[Matt] does that include Dan Card's drafting?
[SVPJim] heck...matt may even make a draft day trade.
[ThomasJones] funny matt
[Matt] "um...Dan...somebody already picked that guy"
[ThomasJones] Dan, Wycheck is not a RB
[Matt] Dan, Ken Stabler's retired
[ThomasJones] Dan, Freddie Jones doesn't play QB
[Matt] no, Dan, you can't take OJ
[ThomasJones] player most lost by his owner?
[ThomasJones] tie- matt trying to locate Skip Hicks
[ThomasJones] Donuts releasing Jacquez green of WAS
[SVPJim] anyone kern started after week 15
[ThomasJones] After his third week on the Lions
[Matt] can't believe Hicks didn't sign with anyone
[SVPJim] lol
[AndyDelFondo] all y'all are cracking me up
[ThomasJones] York even made a comment in his email to me
[ThomasJones] Green has done nothing for me recently
[ThomasJones] Chris......he's on the Lions
[AndyDelFondo] Will McDonough, dead at 67
[AndyDelFondo] hmm
[ThomasJones] tucker, sit had a great draft
[SVPJim] do every year it seems
[AndyDelFondo] i was saying before I think they're still dangerous
[SVPJim] they always his on their early picks
[AndyDelFondo] got the AFC covered and Garcia and Eagles
[Matt] suprised that Doughnuts didn't do better
[Matt] Manning and Moss?
[ThomasJones] bruce was an honest mistake
[AndyDelFondo] kind of like how you proposed to Gantner's daughter
[AndyDelFondo] nyuk nyuk
[ThomasJones] hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[ThomasJones] it's just hard to take a draft seriously that features Cory Schlessinger
[AndyDelFondo] we took Terrell Fletcher
[ThomasJones] Brees in the 16th
[AndyDelFondo] though he did score in Week 1, I think
[ThomasJones] akers and amos Z at 9 & 10
[ThomasJones] ward in the 5th
[ThomasJones] 11 td's 100 catches
[Matt] Just requested a financial report from SUFFL's CFO
[ThomasJones] LT
[ThomasJones] CMArt
[ThomasJones] mcnair
[ThomasJones] philly d
[Matt] Those guys might pass me
[ThomasJones] hats off to you tucker....yyeerrrr a better man than..me
[Matt] Grammatica in the 12th...shows you don't have to take a K early
[ThomasJones] (spoken in Miller High Life commercial voice)
[SVPJim] tucker...Noah....what's the difference
[ThomasJones] cincy and sea D, shows you can wait too long for a D
[AndyDelFondo] Noah ... now that's a comment I truly do not understand
[AndyDelFondo] did Shane's kid see him drunk and naked?
[AndyDelFondo] not sure I want this line in my obit: "A hard-nosed Irishman who looked like a henchman from a Jimmy Cagney movie..."
[ThomasJones] only MVP finalist to go after the 8th round?
[ThomasJones] baugh baugh- mike vick
[SVPJim] when did buc d get drafted...d brooks
[Matt] pretty early, I think
[ThomasJones] i think i'm so impressed with tucker's draft because in our mock drafts we had them taking M. Atta in the 12th
[SVPJim] that was soooo funny
[ThomasJones] tb-7th
[SVPJim] it was like 2 am and we wer on our 3rd mock in 5 hours
[SVPJim] we also had dan taking TE in 6 consecutive rounds
[Matt] you were almost right about that one
[ThomasJones] outside of Quincy Carter- look how good the 10th round was
[ThomasJones] jerry porter
[ThomasJones] qadry
[Matt] Lamar
[ThomasJones] s. mack
<-- kk (dsc06-nyi-ny-5-8.rasserver.net) has left #FridayChat
[ThomasJones] pollard
[ThomasJones] amos Z
[ThomasJones] r fergeson?
[ThomasJones] so-so
[ThomasJones] trent green
[ThomasJones] elam
[ThomasJones] fiedler
[ThomasJones] not bad
[SVPJim] about 90% done with my trade analysis...stay tuned
[AndyDelFondo] only 2 TE's from the 8 remaining teams are on SUFFL rosters this year
[SVPJim] who are they...ch lewis and ????
[AndyDelFondo] Crumpler
[SVPJim] ahh
[SVPJim] te suck
[ThomasJones] nobody has wychek
[Matt] I like TE's as your third WR
[SVPJim] there out to be a rule...you balsy enough to draft a te...you can keep in exchange for your 8th round pick for the rest of your suffl life
[Matt] cheap td's
[Matt] Wesley Walls was solid for a few years
[Matt] 15-20 points almost every week
[ThomasJones] we should proclaim a TE round
[Matt] 60 yards and a TD
[ThomasJones] a TE suppl draft
[AndyDelFondo] Sharpe was awesome on their SB teams
[Matt] Sharpe had what, 55, in one game this year?
[ThomasJones] Like Christmas eve's one present
[AndyDelFondo] me and a friend once knocked on Russ Francis' door and asked for his autograph
[AndyDelFondo] the friend lived on his street
[ThomasJones] lets do a TE draft the night before the draft
[Matt] Todd Heap
[Matt] highest scoring TE this year
[SVPJim] te suppl draft after week 2...or something like that.
[Matt] but no love from SUFFL
[AndyDelFondo] mini-SUFFL 2003 can include the TE spot
[SVPJim] how would you determine draft order if before the draft
[ThomasJones] i met Brent Jones a year ago at a breakfast restaurant
[ThomasJones] Dan determines it-he knows TE's
[Matt] heh
[AndyDelFondo] lol
[ThomasJones] our wives think it is so dumb that we all found that funny
[SVPJim] yep
[ThomasJones] it's like- where do we get our tickets for the Star Wars convention
[AndyDelFondo] as long as she keeps making my lunch, i don't care
[Matt] Here's the report from the CFO
[Matt] Market share seems to be pretty flat. Perhaps a feature like SUFFL Goes to the Movies or putting out a product like SUFFL in a Jar would reinvogorate consumer awareness.
[SVPJim] from don?
[Matt] affirmative
[SVPJim] suffl in a jar...classic
[AndyDelFondo] how bout Tucker Mojo In a Jar?
[AndyDelFondo] esp. if they win it
[Matt] a whole product line
[Matt] SUFFL in a Jar
[Matt] Mojo in a Jar
[AndyDelFondo] Daily Sputter in a Jar
[SVPJim] How to Win SUFFL Without Losing Your Family
[Matt] Value Stat in a Jar
[SVPJim] that would be a book of course
[Matt] Raj in a Jar
[ThomasJones] Last Place Sly
[Matt] we do have a publications branch
[ThomasJones] naptime's new team name
[SVPJim] or...if they repeat....Justin's chesthair in a jar
[Matt] heh
[SVPJim] let's hear it...naptime to become....
[ThomasJones] Sly Danny in a Jar
[SVPJim] Justin's Chesthair
[Matt] Please Save Warrick Dunn for Us
[SVPJim] Sammy's Dirty Diaper
[ThomasJones] Loud and Obnoxious
[SVPJim] We Love Bengals D!
[AndyDelFondo] How bout something where the acronym is funny
[Matt] Jon Kitna for President
[Matt] Students United for Course Kickers
[ThomasJones] What's up Knight
[SVPJim] Broken Down in New Mexico
[SVPJim] course kickers....hilarious
[ThomasJones] Yamagucci's High
[AndyDelFondo] I'm not impressed
[Matt] I've Got Something Better Than Vodka
[Matt] or just Better than Vodka for short
[SVPJim] my gut is starting to hurt...from laughing
[AndyDelFondo] or something me and Scott have in common
[AndyDelFondo] Loud and Obnoxious was a start
[AndyDelFondo] or
[AndyDelFondo] maybe not
[AndyDelFondo] how bout My Wife Voted for Gray Davis
[Matt] How 'Bout that Carson Palmer?
[SVPJim] i'll kind of miss Naptime
[ThomasJones] We always wanted to date Marsha Cooper
[SVPJim] it was catchy...and easy to say
[Matt] las mentes de SUFFLians
[ThomasJones] WAWTDMCooper
[AndyDelFondo] Only From the Mind of Minolta
[AndyDelFondo] i have no idea where that came from
[SVPJim] Tido Landrum's Hair Grease
[Matt] Roll Another Doobie
[AndyDelFondo] take that to blackpeopleloveus.com
[Matt] We No Toke
[SVPJim] wackytabacky
[ThomasJones] 1987
[SVPJim] the way we should do it is.....
[ThomasJones] the year the twins and cards played in the WS
[AndyDelFondo] hmm ... good one
[SVPJim] everyone at the draft gives an idea for naptimes new name...then we vote.
[AndyDelFondo] Len Pasquarelli reports that 5 of the 8 remaining teams had starting quarterbacks who began their professional careers on other teams or in other leagues
[Matt] we should have a brainstorming session first and generate finalists
[ThomasJones] strange brew & the doctor
[AndyDelFondo] heh
[AndyDelFondo] instead of doing it over email, maybe you should wait until the Draft
[AndyDelFondo] might be more funny in person
[Matt] Ariel and the Times New Roman
[SVPJim] just came to my inbox....
[ThomasJones] scott was asked one night to go get two movies for a crusade movie night
[ThomasJones] he brought back those 2
[AndyDelFondo] that was pretty funny
[ThomasJones] VERY different movies
[Matt] Lose Weight By Taking a Shower
[AndyDelFondo] kind of like my VHS collection: Star Wars, Throw Momma From the Train, and Apollo 13
[SVPJim] wasnt there some sort of other rule...like the last place team had to draft a TE in the last round or something of the sort
[AndyDelFondo] and Matrix, since Gar gave it to me
[AndyDelFondo] thanks man
[ThomasJones] no prob honky
[ThomasJones] strange brew & the doctor
[AndyDelFondo] that's probably your collective best effort right there
[ThomasJones] that double feature has never shown before or since
[Matt] heh
[Matt] Gar
[Matt] I listened again to the CD you gave me
[Matt] it raaawwwwwwwks
[ThomasJones] cool
[SVPJim] have you guy's seen Gar's Chris Issak CD?
[ThomasJones] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[ThomasJones] predictions on NFL this weekend
[SVPJim] to make that line make sense...whe gar came to bama....he lost that cd at somepoint but asked me everyday for like a week if i had seen/borrowed it
[SVPJim] lets start in the nfc
[SVPJim] eagles v. falcons
[SVPJim] scores?
[SVPJim] 23-13 eagles
[ThomasJones] falcons 27, eagles 22
[AndyDelFondo] Chris Isaak turns me on
[SVPJim] matt? drew?
[SVPJim] i'm going to write these down
[Matt] otp
[AndyDelFondo] PHI 24, ATL 13
[SVPJim] we'll move on...matt can catch up.
[SVPJim] bucs hosting niners
[AndyDelFondo] Widely circulated AP photo of Vick with hands on hips, shaking his head after a fourth quarter INT
[Matt] ok...I'm back
[Matt] hmm
[Matt] ATL 27 PHI 23
[AndyDelFondo] OAK 56, NYJ 3
[SVPJim] niners 19, bucs 17
[Matt] Bucs 27 Niners 23
[SVPJim] gar?
[SVPJim] andy?
[AndyDelFondo] TEN 16, PIT 10
[Matt] NYJ 37 OAK 31
[ThomasJones] niners 24, bucs 21 (OT)
[Matt] TEN 21 PIT 3
[AndyDelFondo] SF 35, TB 27
[AndyDelFondo] congrats to gar on winning the SUFFL yahoo pick'em, by the way
[ThomasJones] Ten 33, Pitt 32
[SVPJim] andy...you seriously stiking with 56-3
[Matt] So, that's where all his Mojo went
[ThomasJones] thank you AL
[SVPJim] i'll say...tenn 20, pitt 9
[AndyDelFondo] what if I married someone with the initials NL -- it would be like the World Series everytime we made love
[ThomasJones] Oak 40, NY Jets 35
[SVPJim] gar....do we have your bucs v. niners score?
[Matt] World Series is line of the year so far
[ThomasJones] OT
[ThomasJones] AL-hilarious
[AndyDelFondo] thank you, i made myself laugh
[ThomasJones] 24-21 9ers OT
[SVPJim] i'll say oak 30, jets 17
[Matt] they'll like that on the transcript
[SVPJim] changing that to 33-20
[AndyDelFondo] yes, I'm keeping 56-3
[AndyDelFondo] Silver and Black all the way, baby
[Matt] quick note, fellas
[SVPJim] gar...what is your raiders v. jets score?
[Matt] it looks like there is a book coming out with a contribution from yours truly
[ThomasJones] 40-35 oak
[Matt] as soon as I get details, I'll send them to you so that you can help my kid's college fund
[SVPJim] oh , yea...sorry.
[AndyDelFondo] Is that the Relevant reference you dropped earlier?
[Matt] Yeah, one of them
[ThomasJones] ok- everyone has to give me the impossible SB
[AndyDelFondo] gave you mine via phone, NYJ vs SF
[ThomasJones] the I sware these teams won't make it
[AndyDelFondo] but the NFC seems pretty wide open to me
[Matt] Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh
[ThomasJones] Steelers v. Niners
[SVPJim] are you quoted as saying..."I believe in Revelation...so all you non-Christians are burning in Hell"
[Matt] not that I can recall
[SVPJim] impossible sb....bucs beat steelers....38-30
[AndyDelFondo] just make sure there's nothing in the article that can be held against you in your presidential run in 2032
[SVPJim] but alstott goes for 160 and 4 scores
[ThomasJones] i told andy- 2 years ago i asked the high school football player from TX the same question at this point of the season....his answer........
[SVPJim] true, very true
[ThomasJones] ravens v. giants
[SVPJim] i said that?
[Matt] nice
[SVPJim] hmm....really thought titans were going to win it that year
[ThomasJones] we were on a plane, i heard him say that, i thought about it and said, "Eww, nasty, you're right,
[Matt] I was trying to stack up on Ravens, but ended up "settling" for Marshall Faulk
[Matt] anyway...gotta run
[SVPJim] me too boyz....lata
[ThomasJones] peace