--Chat before this point lost in cyberspace--
[Mattisback] my computer is being such a baby
[AndyLovesPYS] heh
[AndyLovesPYS] we're getting a new computer at home
[Mattisback] oh that file's too big...I can't handle it...you better shut me down
[Mattisback] wah
[Mattisback] whatcha getting?
[AndyLovesPYS] replacing a 266MHz with a 1.8GHz
[AndyLovesPYS] with a hard drive that's about 10 times bigger
[AndyLovesPYS] ordered from Dell
[AndyLovesPYS] free shipping, no sales tax
[Mattisback] nice...Dell's the way to go
[Mattisback] KT going to do graphics on it?
[AndyLovesPYS] maybe, she hasn't done much with that lately
[AndyLovesPYS] keeping the same monitor
[Mattisback] get SPSS and become the master fantasy football stats tactician
[Mattisback] not that you aren't already
[Mattisback] but you could run some fun formulas and talk smack with John
[Mattisback] that would make me laugh
[AndyLovesPYS] have you noticed I'm cleaning house in SUNBA this week
[Mattisback] yes, did you put in a new lineup
[Mattisback] ?
[AndyLovesPYS] don was harassing me about not putting up a fight, so I got angry and created a spreadsheet that will lead to world domination
[Mattisback] ?
[AndyLovesPYS] it's a top secret excel file, i might release it after the season is over
[AndyLovesPYS] it's really no big deal, but it seems to be working this week
[Mattisback] lineup projections?
[AndyLovesPYS] ya
[AndyLovesPYS] Don was also harassing me about UPenn destroying USC last week
[Mattisback] the site does that for you, you know
[AndyLovesPYS] ya, mine's a little different
[Mattisback] ah
[Mattisback] well, I stand amazed
[AndyLovesPYS] Penn shot something like 87% in the 1st half vs. USC
[Mattisback] yes, he was quite proud
[Mattisback] even more than me vs. Mizzou
[AndyLovesPYS] they were 21-24 in the first half
[AndyLovesPYS] that is SICK
[AndyLovesPYS] teams don't do that in practice!
[AndyLovesPYS] with no defense on the floor!
[AndyLovesPYS] 9-11 from 3-pt-range
[AndyLovesPYS] and ended up 72% for the game, and 15-18 from 3-pt range, unbelievable
[Mattisback] where is everyone?
[AndyLovesPYS] i don't know ?
[AndyLovesPYS] waaah
[AndyLovesPYS] that's what Sammy does if you leave him alone
[AndyLovesPYS] waaah
[AndyLovesPYS] waaaah!!!!
[AndyLovesPYS] he was pretty happy last night tho
[AndyLovesPYS] played in his exer-saucer thing while I ate dinner
[Mattisback] doesn't like to be by himself?
[AndyLovesPYS] nope
[Mattisback] no good
[AndyLovesPYS] KT otp
[AndyLovesPYS] Molly and Sammy are both sleeping at the moment, so KT is happy
[AndyLovesPYS] I'm not sure I can archive a chat with only 2 participants
[AndyLovesPYS] it seems too private or something
[AndyLovesPYS] oh, Molly's not asleep, she's reading a book
[Mattisback] Maybe KT can jump and chat
[Mattisback] that way it's archivable
[AndyLovesPYS] our DSL is down for about another week as we switch providers
[Mattisback] that's very sad
[AndyLovesPYS] KT says two of her friends at church are getting boob jobs!
[AndyLovesPYS] What??!!
[AndyLovesPYS] actually the DSL switch is what motivated replacing our 4-yr-old computer
[Mattisback] wait a minute
[Mattisback] boob jobs?
[Mattisback] really?
[Mattisback] that seems unbiblical to me, but I confess to not having thought it out much
[AndyLovesPYS] at least it seems like bad stewardship of $$$
[AndyLovesPYS] tho I a former co-worker had a reduction done because hers were too big and painful
[Mattisback] and not being happy the way God made you
[AndyLovesPYS] are you saying we should all run around naked? heh ... just kidding
[AndyLovesPYS] Gar otp
[Mattisback] tell him to get in chat
[AndyLovesPYS] asking me if I want to go to Lakers-Warriors next Wed.
[AndyLovesPYS] but my sm group meets then
[Mattisback] sniff
[Mattisback] I was offered tickets to Bucs and Eagles this weekend
[Mattisback] $$$, though
[Mattisback] had to decline
[AndyLovesPYS] my brother has a friend who lives in Indy
[AndyLovesPYS] he sat in the owners' box with the Irsay family like every game this year or something
[AndyLovesPYS] he thought he would be able to get us SB tix
[AndyLovesPYS] but now it's not looking good
[AndyLovesPYS] face value, around $300-400
[Mattisback] yikes
[AndyLovesPYS] i decided i'd do it once, to see the Raiders in the SB, at a stadium I don't need to travel to
[AndyLovesPYS] but now it looks like I won't be able to anyway
[Mattisback] yeah, that would work out well for you
[AndyLovesPYS] i can use the $$$ to pay for the new computer
[Mattisback] I think the SB is well out of the range of everyday people, now , though
[AndyLovesPYS] I opted for a re-furb by the way
[Mattisback] ?
[AndyLovesPYS] on the computer
[AndyLovesPYS] I'm pro-refurbishment for some reason
[Mattisback] oh
[AndyLovesPYS] I read about it, and I think, "Ah, that will work fine"
[AndyLovesPYS] saved like $250 or something
[AndyLovesPYS] $419
[Mattisback] Pops on the phone
[AndyLovesPYS] they offer the same warranty on refurbished ones as the new ones
[AndyLovesPYS] Ask him if he thinks he's a better drummer than Joe Joyce
[Mattisback] heh
[AndyLovesPYS] that's pretty much all i know about your dad: he's practically a CIA agent, and he can play drums
[AndyLovesPYS] there's a guy who comes to our young marrieds group who's an FBI guy
[AndyLovesPYS] the song Secret Agent Man comes into my head every time I see him
[AndyLovesPYS] he's moving out your way sometime in the next year or so
[Mattisback] not really CIA...just a humble servant for the Department of Defense
[AndyLovesPYS] so when Saddam accused us of "beating the drums of war" was he talking about your dad?
[AndyLovesPYS] I think I actually spent less on this computer than I did on the one I bought 4 years ago
[AndyLovesPYS] SBC charges a $200 fee for terminating my DSL contract before a year is up
[Mattisback] can't believe we don't have other chatters
[AndyLovesPYS] so I guess I can't move to Philly and become the Eagles webmaster
[Mattisback] bad SUFFLers'
[AndyLovesPYS] doh
[AndyLovesPYS] maybe I can get Mama Meg in here
[AndyLovesPYS] every time I've ever invited her, she's showed up in like 5 minutes
[Mattisback] no Vamp
[Mattisback] no Goodwin
[Mattisback] no Gar
[Mattisback] we never, ever, ever get Raj in here
[Mattisback] He should be on SUFFL probation for that
[AndyLovesPYS] yes
[Mattisback] I hereby declare Raj Patel to be on SUFFL probation
[Mattisback] no emails in a long time
[Mattisback] no participation in chat
[AndyLovesPYS] I second the declaration, cyberspatially signing it in John Hancock style
[AndyLovesPYS] he came to Justin's birthday party, at least
[AndyLovesPYS] there was a veteran of the Marine Corps there, so they talked about that for about 3 hours
[AndyLovesPYS] this guy is a lawyer and elder in our church, not your typical gun rack kind of marine
[AndyLovesPYS] OK, now I'm looking at the sunba site, and I'm not seeing the projections
[AndyLovesPYS] wanted to compare theirs with mine, if such a comparison can be made
[Mattisback] Weekly schedule
[AndyLovesPYS] ah yes
[AndyLovesPYS] bascially what my thing does is take that weekly schedule, and multiply player averages by the no. of games his team is playing that week
[AndyLovesPYS] tough to get the roster under 100.0 though
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[AndyLovesPYS] i'll sell it to you for $50
[JohnboyWalton] Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen
[AndyLovesPYS] well, come
[AndyLovesPYS] ie, welcome
[JohnboyWalton] thank you (taking some bows)
[JohnboyWalton] What's the subject today? Besides the usual down with STLJ, I mean.
[AndyLovesPYS] we started with why SUFFL is superior to other fantasy leagues
[JohnboyWalton] That's self-evident
[Mattisback] We're no longer strictly DWJ, by the way
[Mattisback] we're just letting things take their course
[AndyLovesPYS] and put Raj on probation for lack of participation
[Mattisback] although we all know who we're rooting for
[Mattisback] but yes, Raj is on probation
[Mattisback] and we cited our proudest accomplishments as the league staff
[AndyLovesPYS] we've talked a little fantasy hoops
[JohnboyWalton] Raj is undergoing a major life situation right now.
[JohnboyWalton] What are our proudest accomplishments?
[JohnboyWalton] Who else are we down with, if not just STLJ?
[Mattisback] as a staff, we are proud of ditching the old supplemental draft, getting Tucker Sit into the league, Pick Your Spot
[Mattisback] what else, Andy?
[Mattisback] seems like there was another thign
[AndyLovesPYS] uh
[Mattisback] I guess I would add that I'm proud that everyone ever associated with SUFFL has stayed in the fold
[AndyLovesPYS] other things i like about our league that set it apart is going all the way thru the playoffs, and allowing a depth chart to dictate replacements for players injured unbeknownst to their owners
[JohnboyWalton] There's just so much to like about SUFFL. Frankly, it has just about revolutionized fantasy sports.
[Mattisback] except for Fialkoff
[JohnboyWalton] Here are my top loves about SUFFL:
[AndyLovesPYS] what does Fialkoff have to do with anything, i didn't catch that
[JohnboyWalton] (1) the comraderie...not just a group of people competing, but good, hopefully lifelong friends helping each other grow in Christ
[Mattisback] he played one year and then left our league...not a crisis, but he's the only guy who's never come back
[AndyLovesPYS] true
[JohnboyWalton] (2) the creativity of our league...always trying to improve but stay true to our values
[JohnboyWalton] (3) the extended season through the playoffs...very cool and unique among fantasy leagues...why would anyone do it any other way is beyond me
[JohnboyWalton] (4) the fact that we have an active member for whom the championship trophy is named (and who, however, has never won said title)
[JohnboyWalton] (it's like having Pete Rozelle currently as an owner)
[JohnboyWalton] (why did I say that? it is the *Lombardi* trophy, dummy!)
[AndyLovesPYS] heh
[JohnboyWalton] (5) SUFFLmetrics (tm)
[Mattisback] that is cool
[Mattisback] the trophy thing
[JohnboyWalton] yep
[Mattisback] we basically still play under Ric's rules
[AndyLovesPYS] i like in the History how it says Ric Haupt (1968-)
[Mattisback] a few adjustments, but essentially the same framework
[JohnboyWalton] yep
[Mattisback] I like that we don't have the TE position
[JohnboyWalton] Matt - totally agree with that...that was one of our better changes
[Mattisback] feel like it gives guys like Todd Heap, etc. their proper value
[Mattisback] as opposed to being as valuable as Priest Holmes
[JohnboyWalton] About the only major thing I would do different with our league, but which simply will never happen, is to have everyone gather in the same location and do the draft live, together, in the same room, with about a ponykeg of beer and some stogies.
[JohnboyWalton] (not that I smoke or drink...but it would have to be done)
[Mattisback] might happen in 03
[Mattisback] I'd have a beer on such an occasion
[JohnboyWalton] For me, it would take a near stopping of the earth's rotation, unfortunately.
[Mattisback] this might be your year
[Mattisback] there's talk of everyone coming to CT
[JohnboyWalton] wow
[Mattisback] that's what I hear from our subcommittee, anyway.
[JohnboyWalton] If you all came to UConn, that would be *unbelievable*
[Mattisback] maybe not Stoors, more likely Chris's house
[JohnboyWalton] We could rent a room on campus, and it would give us that old university feel.
[JohnboyWalton] Yeah, but at someone's house, you've got the kiddos running around and everything.
[Mattisback] not sure what they're thinking for an actual draft room
[Mattisback] I suggested a conference room in a local hotel
[JohnboyWalton] That costs money. We could do UConn for free.
[Mattisback] I know the group has been working pretty hard to figure something out
[Mattisback] I think they're pretty close
[Mattisback] split 15 ways, the cost would be minimal
[AndyLovesPYS] i like
[JohnboyWalton] Well, that would be something awesome. Almost as awesome as, say, SU's forward duo of Hakim Warrick and Carmelo Anthony...the best duo since Coleman/Owens
[Mattisback] I'm a little nervous about conference play, but this does seem like a good group
[JohnboyWalton] They'll go 10-6 in conference, and go 1-1 in the BE tourney, and head into the NCAA's with a 22-8 record and a 5 seed.
[JohnboyWalton] Anyway, I've got to go. Take care fellas!
[Mattisback] see ya
[AndyLovesPYS] see ya
[JohnboyWalton] bye
[Mattisback] can't wait for the draft...it promises to be spectacular
[Mattisback] hopefully, it all works out
[AndyLovesPYS] couldn't participate in the draft discussion
[Mattisback] ?
[Mattisback] why not
[AndyLovesPYS] co-worker in my office asking me too many questions
[Mattisback] ?
[Mattisback] oh
[Mattisback] sorry
[AndyLovesPYS] ah well
[Mattisback] "oh, that's nothing...just the framework for a possible new business venture"
[Mattisback] "SUFFL.com? You've never heard of it?"
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[Mattisback] "Well, Mr. Academic Big Shot. For just $200K, you could be involved in one of the more lucrative business opp's of our day"
[AndyLovesPYS] heh
[Mattisback] Actually, I bet we could frame a pretty good business case around the idea of empowering and connecting social networkds
[Mattisback] I'd have to give that some more thought, but I bet there's something there
[AndyLovesPYS] yep
[AndyLovesPYS] there's some research in the Comm world about such things
[Mattisback] I'm sure
[AndyLovesPYS] if i could find the right prof to give us some study that sounds good, we're on our way to capitalistic glory
[AndyLovesPYS] well, maybe that's going too far
[AndyLovesPYS] I'd settle for covering our suffl.com and sportsline.com fees
[Mattisback] We bring people together in a unique way, enable them to commit to a common cause, charge them up the wazoo for such a privilege, then pat ourselves on the back for bringing grace to the world and money to our bank account
[Mattisback] covered our sportsline fee this year, by the way
[AndyLovesPYS] i like the hotel conference room idea
[AndyLovesPYS] i think we should all show up in suits
[Mattisback] heh
[Mattisback] yeah, I think that works well
[AndyLovesPYS] don't you have some in-law or something who is in the hotel world?
[Mattisback] lot of space, plenty of bathrooms
[Mattisback] brother in law used to work for a hotel group
[Mattisback] now he's at AOL
[AndyLovesPYS] ah
[Mattisback] in fact, the hotel was the one you guys stayed at at my wedding
[Mattisback] that's where he used to work
[AndyLovesPYS] we could prepare a welcome pack for everyone, that would include one of those fart-absorbing cushions
[Mattisback] heh
[AndyLovesPYS] ya, that's what I was thinking of
[Mattisback] even Kern, Kern!, is making noise about coming to the draft
[AndyLovesPYS] that would be cool
[AndyLovesPYS] did I tell you about seeing him when I was in NJ?
[Mattisback] no
[AndyLovesPYS] he came down to the Clarke house
[AndyLovesPYS] he's only about an hour from there now
[AndyLovesPYS] Karen too
[AndyLovesPYS] was cool to see him
[Mattisback] I talked to Dave on the phone last week
[Mattisback] to find out how his dad was doing
[Mattisback] but didn't talk long
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[Mattisback] !!!
[Mattisback] Andy, come back
--> AndyLovesPYS (asccomm-pc176.usc.edu) has joined #FridayChat
[AndyLovesPYS] still here?
[Mattisback] yes
[Mattisback] you scared me
[AndyLovesPYS] my thing timed out, so i lost everything
[Mattisback] that'd odd
[Mattisback] oh well
[Mattisback] and with that, I have to go
[Mattisback] go Eagles and Raiders
[AndyLovesPYS] that's who i want too