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[MattguyinDCtown] Let's Go Raiders
[MattguyinDCtown] stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp
[MattguyinDCtown] you must be in the bathroom
[Andy] yo
[MattguyinDCtown] welcome back
[MattguyinDCtown] feels weird to root for the Raiders
[Andy] Al Davis went to Syracuse, you know
[MattguyinDCtown] did he graduate?
[Andy] He attended Wittenberg College and Syracuse University, where he played football, basketball, and baseball. After graduating from Syracuse in 1950, Davis worked as a football coach at Adelphi College (1950-1951), The Citadel (1955-1956), and the University of Southern California (1957-1959). In 1960 he joined the staff of the Los Angeles Chargers, a member of the newly formed American Football League (AFL).
[Andy] kt's dad and sister went to Wittenberg
[Andy] baseball at the Cuse?
[MattguyinDCtown] well, how about that?
[MattguyinDCtown] good for him
[MattguyinDCtown] too bad he was never the football coach at SU
[MattguyinDCtown] that would have been a hott
[MattguyinDCtown] hoot
[MattguyinDCtown] when did the Raiders get created?
[Andy] In 1963 Davis joined the Oakland Raiders of the AFL as general manager and head coach. His football philosophy, which involved centering his teams around a dynamic offense and an aggressive defense, helped the Raiders rapidly improve from being one of the league's worst teams. AFL team owners recognized Davis's abilities, and in 1966 they hired him as commissioner of the AFL. As commissioner he helped negotiate a merger between the AFL and NFL, which was agreed upon in 1966 and implemented in 1970. Having brokered this agreement, Davis resigned as AFL commissioner in 1966 and returned to the Raiders as managing general partner, assuming control of the organization.
[MattguyinDCtown] So, he was hired and then he resigned all in the same year?
[Andy] i guess
[MattguyinDCtown] that seems odd
[Andy] maybe hired before the beginning of the year, then resigned after? not sure
[MattguyinDCtown] yeah, maybe
[Andy] Raiders started in 1960
[Andy] 1960 -- 6-8, 1961--2-12, 1962--1-13
[MattguyinDCtown] that's a bad trend
[Andy] kind of like Haha Raja's beginning
[MattguyinDCtown] heh
[MattguyinDCtown] but HaHa having the last laugh this year
[MattguyinDCtown] looks that way anyway
[MattguyinDCtown] Ganon would have to get knocked out of the game for him not to win, I think
[MattguyinDCtown] but we'll see
[MattguyinDCtown] kind of cool for the title to still be up for grabs going into SB
[Andy] had a losing season in '64, then never had a losing season till '81
[Andy] yes that is cool
[Andy] seems like that hasn't happened in quite some time
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[MattguyinDCtown] I don't know that it's ever happened
[MattguyinDCtown] Goodwin!!
[JimBChamp] si
[MattguyinDCtown] we were just talking about you
[JimBChamp] but only for about 20 min
[MattguyinDCtown] we think this is the first time in awhile that the title's up for grabs going into SB
[JimBChamp] what does..."I don't know that it's ever happened" refer to
[MattguyinDCtown] why can you only stay 20 min
[Andy] that's weak
[Andy] where is your SUFFL pride
[JimBChamp] i thought the year gar won it...he won it on superbowl sunday
[MattguyinDCtown] possibly...pretty sure, but I don't really remember
[Andy] ya that's true, at least according to Rumbaugh's history
[MattguyinDCtown] our record keeping wasn't as good back then
[JimBChamp] haven't seen the wife since wed....she is coming home in 20 min...but then has to leave again to work tonight...gotta give her some love
[MattguyinDCtown] ah
[MattguyinDCtown] has she been working all week?
[MattguyinDCtown] gotta show some love to the pregnant ladies
[JimBChamp] not really...taking a class that had a certified exam portion today
[JimBChamp] so even when she was home...she was studying
[JimBChamp] did sammy ever stop crying?
[Andy] actually no, your history doesn't say that, but it says on the year-by-year standings page, "Vamp's Aikman throws a TD to Vamp's Novacek, but Ah-aaaah!, there's a flag on the play! This time it's complete to Gar's Irvin in the endzone for a touchdown!!! And Gar wins. It's so dramatic. *sniff*"
[Andy] that came from someone.
[Andy] anyway
[Andy] Sammy is a little better
[MattguyinDCtown] the principles involved that year probably remember
[JimBChamp] a gannon throws into the endzone to rice...rice bobbles it.,..kelly picks it off returns it for a td....that would be a mere 26 pt swing...and i'd hate Rice forever
[JimBChamp] gar remembers...reminded me of it the other night
[JimBChamp] it was the sb vs. the steelers i believe
[MattguyinDCtown] yup
[MattguyinDCtown] SUFFL is beautiful
[JimBChamp] had we been playing bonus pt for nfc/afc player of the week....stlj would be leading me by 1 pt. now that would be exciting.
[MattguyinDCtown] Jim, I think almost everyone is rooting for the Raiders this weekend just for your sake
[JimBChamp] totally....already afraid though that next year everyone will root against me
[MattguyinDCtown] nah
[MattguyinDCtown] did anyone root against me last year?
[MattguyinDCtown] I didn't get that sense, but it may be that no one told me
[JimBChamp] andy did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[JimBChamp] where is andy?????????????
[MattguyinDCtown] I doubt that. I was doing IM with Andy almost every day last season
[MattguyinDCtown] we had a pretty good DWJ thing workin
[JimBChamp] oakland wins....does r. woodson, rice, brown, or gannon retire?
[Andy] i'm back
[MattguyinDCtown] don't think so
[MattguyinDCtown] I think they'll all want to do it again
[Andy] i'm looking at a play-by-play of the 1996 super bowl, trying to assess the accuracy of that statement
[JimBChamp] nice
[MattguyinDCtown] you are?
[MattguyinDCtown] wow
[JimBChamp] matt...if you were me....keep gannon, keep owens, keep chrebet, keep nobody
[Andy] There was TD pass to Irvin that was nullified by offensive PI, but it resulted in a Dallas FG, not a Novacek td
[MattguyinDCtown] depends on where you think your draft spot will be
[JimBChamp] between 3-6
[Andy] oh wait, it was the other way around
[MattguyinDCtown] probably no keeper
[Andy] i'm in my own world here
[MattguyinDCtown] you'll have an early pick, probably
[JimBChamp] what else is new
[MattguyinDCtown] wait and see who's there
[MattguyinDCtown] either Warner or Faulk will be there
[JimBChamp] maybe i draft c. palmer...just to tick andy and justin off
[JimBChamp] i think andy will keep faulk.
[MattguyinDCtown] should be a weird first round
[JimBChamp] i think i
[MattguyinDCtown] from here, it's hard to know who will get taken
[Andy] Irvin did not score in the game, as the statement on our web site says
[JimBChamp] i think i'd prefer gannon over warner...no qb contreversy
[Andy] this is gravely concerning
[MattguyinDCtown] we should update our history
[JimBChamp] is it ever
[Andy] how many souls have we led astray by such misinformation?
* Andy weeping
[JimBChamp] it could potentially disqualify gar from the ministry
[MattguyinDCtown] just like George O'Leary
[JimBChamp] totally
[MattguyinDCtown] nah...we won't change it
[Andy] Irvin's td that getting called back must have been what influenced the outcome
[JimBChamp] of equal discouragement is the lack of suffl emails over the last 2 weeks
[MattguyinDCtown] yes, very slow
[JimBChamp] no...gar claims he had irvin
[JimBChamp] the td is what put him over the edge
[MattguyinDCtown] company wide happy hour last week...wacky stories coming out of it
[MattguyinDCtown] we got warned to behave ourselves at this weekend's holiday party
[Andy] Irvin didn't score, I'm looking at the boxscore right now
[Andy] liar
[JimBChamp] holiday? what holiday?
[MattguyinDCtown] it's our belated Christmas party
[MattguyinDCtown] only, we call it a Year End Celebration
[JimBChamp] ohhh, maybe suffl should hold a year end awards banquet
[Andy] that could be fun
[MattguyinDCtown] isn't that sort of what the draft is?
[JimBChamp] best draft, best gm, champion, worst draft...you know
[MattguyinDCtown] year beginning banquet?
[JimBChamp] that way, we'd ensure the plaque gets handed off
[MattguyinDCtown] heh
[JimBChamp] roughly 7 more months 'til the 2003 draft
[MattguyinDCtown] what's the latest from the draft committee?
[MattguyinDCtown] I vote for August 30 in New Milford, CT
[Andy] let's do it in Baghdad
[JimBChamp] well the date may depend on the start of the nfl season...which hasn't been released to my knowledge...or has it?
[MattguyinDCtown] sure it has
[MattguyinDCtown] September 7 is opening day
[JimBChamp] nice work
[Andy] for one thing, next year's SB has been scheduled I'm sure
[MattguyinDCtown] August 30 is sat. of Labor DAy weekend
[Andy] nice
[JimBChamp] really?
[MattguyinDCtown] and it's after my trip to the beach
[JimBChamp] think labor day will work for eveyone
[Andy] you are filling my heart with SUFFL-lust
[JimBChamp] certainly keeps folks from having to take off a day or two
[MattguyinDCtown] and Connecticut is probably the best location
[Andy] he who looks upon a weekend lustfully has committed to SUFFL in his heart
[MattguyinDCtown] drivable for John, Ric, Dave, Kevin
[MattguyinDCtown] not to hard to fly to for West Coast folk
[MattguyinDCtown] fly into NYC, Boston or Hartford
[Andy] i'm trying to work as this chat progresses, but i'm not getting anything done
[JimBChamp] true
[MattguyinDCtown] and I'll either drive or fly
[MattguyinDCtown] plus, Chris would be an awesome host
[MattguyinDCtown] knows a few golf courses
[Andy] how bout I fly to TX, drop off Molly and Sammy and their then-2-mo-old cousin at the Goodwins, then me and Jim fly to Newark
[Andy] heh
[MattguyinDCtown] but I'll let the committee continue to work
[MattguyinDCtown] but I'll let the committee continue to work
[MattguyinDCtown] but I'll let the committee continue to work
[MattguyinDCtown] oops
[Andy] thought you were just being emphatic
[JimBChamp] ok
[JimBChamp] ok
[JimBChamp] ok
[JimBChamp] ok
[MattguyinDCtown] sorry...computer hung up a second
[Andy] i got a new computer this week
[Andy] first site i visited = suffl.com
[JimBChamp] gotta run....the bride has arrived.
[JimBChamp] c ya
[MattguyinDCtown] so now it may just be me and you
[MattguyinDCtown] which is fine
[MattguyinDCtown] but it is nice to have others chat
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[MattguyinDCtown] somethng good just happend to someone in my office
[Andy] yes
[MattguyinDCtown] people are giving him hugs
[MattguyinDCtown] either he got engaged, got promoted
[MattguyinDCtown] or just landed a big account
[MattguyinDCtown] I'm guessing engaged
[Andy] when i got engaged my boss at the time gave me a hug
[Andy] she wasn't a huggy person, really, i mean not someone who gives people hugs all the time
[Andy] so it was kind of weird
[MattguyinDCtown] I don't think I got a hug when I got engaged
[MattguyinDCtown] I got some nice emails though
[Andy] We got a nice set of Pyrex from my boss
[Andy] i'm sure we got other stuff too, but i only remember the pyrex
[MattguyinDCtown] I got an ice cream maker from my friends at work
[Andy] speaking of my old job, just found out that the whole department I was in got laid off
[MattguyinDCtown] ugh...you must be glad you left
[Andy] ya
[Andy] though I could use a couple month's severance to fund some SUFFL research
[MattguyinDCtown] I think John's got you covered on that
[Andy] my dream is to get laid off two weeks before the draft some year
[Andy] maybe i should go on staff
[MattguyinDCtown] they don't lay off staff
[MattguyinDCtown] do you watch the show Alias?
[Andy] nope
[Andy] get this -- i've never even heard of it
[MattguyinDCtown] I think you would like it
[Andy] well, maybe i have
[MattguyinDCtown] they're showing an episode after the Super Bowl
[MattguyinDCtown] you should tune in
[MattguyinDCtown] I think you might dig it
[MattguyinDCtown] it's pretty smart
[Andy] hmm
[MattguyinDCtown] Kristy and I are addicted to it
[Andy] it's been a long time since I've been addicted to anything on TV
[Andy] except the NFL
[Andy] i was just looking for my soda can, not realizing i'd already finished it
[Andy] has anything like that happened to you since you turned 30?
[MattguyinDCtown] no, but I have a lot more aches and pains now
[Andy] not as many as Derrick Lovick
[Andy] that sounded painful
[MattguyinDCtown] no, poor guy
[MattguyinDCtown] I think we're going to try and set up dinner with him sometime next month
[Andy] not sure i've met him, but i know who he is
[MattguyinDCtown] I think he spoke at Primetime once
[MattguyinDCtown] I ran into him a couple times last winter since we were both taking Perspectives
[MattguyinDCtown] he had to make up a couple sessions and would come to our church to take them
[MattguyinDCtown] he led a trip to South Africa last summer that we helped support
[Andy] cool
[Andy] heard the other day that 1 in 9 south africans has AIDS
[Andy] or is HIV-infected
[MattguyinDCtown] isn't that amazing?
[MattguyinDCtown] Have you heard about the work Bono is doing on that?
[Andy] saw something about it, but i don't recall the specifics
[MattguyinDCtown] you should dig up an article about it and read it
[MattguyinDCtown] it's really inspiring
[Andy] i remember seeing a photo of a billboard that said something like "Think Before You Have Sex" or something that blunt, in English
[Andy] maybe i will
[MattguyinDCtown] I'm pretty bored at work
[MattguyinDCtown] I'm interviewing for a new position on Tuesday
[Andy] just today, or always
[MattguyinDCtown] these days, always
[MattguyinDCtown] which is why I decided to pursue the new position
[Andy] still web related, or not really
[MattguyinDCtown] not really
[MattguyinDCtown] I'm sort of at a cross roads
[Andy] Chippendale's dancer?
[MattguyinDCtown] If I decide that the web is what I want to do, then I probably need to leave the company
[MattguyinDCtown] but first, I'd have to get some training
[MattguyinDCtown] I'd have to go a comm. college or something and learn java or something like that
[MattguyinDCtown] I just don't have enough hard skills to get out in a true web field right now
[MattguyinDCtown] If I want to stay with the company, then I probably need to move out of the web function because this is as far as the role is going to go
[Andy] ah
[MattguyinDCtown] they'll always be more projects, but it's pretty much doing the same stuff over and over
[MattguyinDCtown] and it's not an upwardly mobile place to be
[MattguyinDCtown] it's not close enough to the revenue
[MattguyinDCtown] and it's not research related, which is our core product
[MattguyinDCtown] so, the new role would be a blend of revenue and research
[MattguyinDCtown] it would be an analyst in a joint venture we're doing with a metrics firm
[MattguyinDCtown] we help them figure out HR metrics and then how to measure them over time
[MattguyinDCtown] that's the simplest version
[Andy] the word "metrics" always piques my interest
[MattguyinDCtown] it's the coolest thing my company is doing right now
[MattguyinDCtown] the person I'd be working for is my boss's old boss
[MattguyinDCtown] who I think is pretty sharp
[MattguyinDCtown] and I would enjoy working for him
[Andy] i've never had a boss i've truly enjoyed working for, i don't think
[MattguyinDCtown] I did at Starbucks
[MattguyinDCtown] absolutely the best boss I ever had
[Andy] where's my MY BOSS IS A JEWISH CARPENTER bumper sticker when I need it?
[MattguyinDCtown] I would have done anything for that guy
[Andy] that's cool
[MattguyinDCtown] Funny, the best work experience I ever had was my supposedly part-time, temporary job at Starbucks I took when I was trying to raise my support
[MattguyinDCtown] my boss at the radio station was OK, too
[MattguyinDCtown] but he couldn't do much to make that a better job
[MattguyinDCtown] the hours and pay were just so bad
[MattguyinDCtown] But Bill was Starbucks was just so good
[MattguyinDCtown] clearly defined your role for you
[MattguyinDCtown] clearly communicated what he expected
[MattguyinDCtown] put you in a position to succeed
[MattguyinDCtown] and was fair...if you were a good employee, he would walk over fire for you
[MattguyinDCtown] if you were bad, he'd try to help you as much as you would take, but he didn't suffer fools
[MattguyinDCtown] which as a staff, we all loved, because everyone always knows who the weak links are
[MattguyinDCtown] and he would fire them if he had to
[MattguyinDCtown] which told us that he appreciated our work
[MattguyinDCtown] and explained to us why it was a good thing for the store to make money
[MattguyinDCtown] meant we got bonuses, more flexibility in labor hours
[Andy] sounds a lot better than Barnie's at the Carousel :)
[MattguyinDCtown] etc.
[MattguyinDCtown] oh my goodness
[MattguyinDCtown] night and day
[MattguyinDCtown] couldn't be more different work environments
[MattguyinDCtown] but enough about me whining about my career
[Andy] heh
[MattguyinDCtown] I may be the last guy in suffl who hasn't decided what he wants to be when he grows up
[MattguyinDCtown] CEO of SUFFL
[MattguyinDCtown] that's my dream job
[Andy] i don't know, there's Raj running off to play soldier, Dan - I don't even know what that guy does, I could see JR in ministry, and then there's me awaiting a call from Dave Barry to be his ghost writer
[MattguyinDCtown] Dan's running his own business, isn't he?
[MattguyinDCtown] we haven't heard from that guy in awhile
[Andy] i guess, but i don't know what it is exactly, and isn't he still living with his parents/
[Andy] ?
[MattguyinDCtown] maybe he'll read the transcript and repond
[MattguyinDCtown] respond, that is
[MattguyinDCtown] You should just start your own column
[MattguyinDCtown] just start up a little site and start wailing away
[Andy] I've thought about doing that. Not sure what I would write about, but maybe it would come to me.
[MattguyinDCtown] start with the vodka story
[MattguyinDCtown] write about your kids
[MattguyinDCtown] write about work
[MattguyinDCtown] write about suffl from time to time
[MattguyinDCtown] write about your dad, that would be pretty funny
[Andy] i like writing about absolutely nothing
[MattguyinDCtown] just all the crazy things he does to see various games
[Andy] heh
[MattguyinDCtown] trot out the old philosophy of babes email
[Andy] my dad has offers on the table to various people along the lines of, "In case you can't find someone to buy your tickets for $5000 apiece, I'll give you face value at the last minute."
[Andy] Super Bowl tix, that is
[MattguyinDCtown] he's not taking you?
[MattguyinDCtown] oh, wait
[Andy] if he gets tix, he will
[MattguyinDCtown] he's the buyer?
[MattguyinDCtown] took me a second to get it
[Andy] ya ya, he's the (potential) buyer
[MattguyinDCtown] that would be awesome if you could go
[MattguyinDCtown] If I were to fly out there, I'm pretty sure my Tampa Bay friend would be able to help me
[MattguyinDCtown] not sure what the price tag would be
[Andy] hmm
[Andy] I would go for face
[Andy] which is like $300-$400 I think
[Andy] for 'cheap' seats
[Andy] as a one-time thing
[MattguyinDCtown] yeah, this would be a good situaton for you
[Andy] my favorite team playing in a SB nearby
[Andy] no travel/lodging costs
[MattguyinDCtown] I miss the days of the Redskins being in the SB
[MattguyinDCtown] darn it, I want them to get back there!!!
[Andy] $300-$400 is the same as if I had a free ticket to the game, but it was in Atlanta or something
[Andy] it's been almost as long as the Raiders
[Andy] or the same?
[Andy] have they been back since they met?
[MattguyinDCtown] no, twice
[MattguyinDCtown] beat the Broncos like a drum in 88
[MattguyinDCtown] and then the Bills in 92
[MattguyinDCtown] that 92 team is really underrated
[MattguyinDCtown] they should be considered one of the great teams of all-time
[Andy] ah yes
[MattguyinDCtown] Jim Kelly says that team was, by far, the best one they faced in those four SB's
[Andy] I'd forgotten about 88 though
[Andy] i can't believe the Bills never won
[Andy] i don't remember anything from Bills-Broncos
[Andy] Skins i mean
[MattguyinDCtown] 35 points in the second quarter
[Andy] that'll make some bookies angry
[Andy] or happy, depending
[Andy] wanna know a secret
[MattguyinDCtown] Doug Williams threw 2 td's to Ricky Sanders
[MattguyinDCtown] one to Clint Didier
[MattguyinDCtown] and Timmy Smith ran a long one
[MattguyinDCtown] what's your secret?
[Andy] i own the domain name 'mywifeispregnant.com'
[Andy] never got around to doing anything with it, but I own it
[Andy] you can have it, if you want ;)
[Andy] not sure what i was going to do with it
[Andy] i really don't remember
[Andy] pictures?
[Andy] stories from husbands of prego women?
[MattguyinDCtown] hang on
[MattguyinDCtown] so, that isn't to say that your wife is pregnant?
[Andy] no
[Andy] at least I don't think she is
[Andy] she hasn't begun to ovulate since the birth of Sammy
[MattguyinDCtown] ah
[Andy] which is something I never thought about before having a kid
[MattguyinDCtown] me neither
[MattguyinDCtown] you know...
[MattguyinDCtown] the mywifeispregnant.com thing
[MattguyinDCtown] I looked a little bit and there's really not much out there to help out new dads
[MattguyinDCtown] it's all about the moms
[Andy] true
[MattguyinDCtown] it's 15 degrees here
[Andy] i was listening to Simon & Garf the other night
[Andy] and I can't get For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her out of my head
[MattguyinDCtown] that
[MattguyinDCtown] is a great song
[Andy] it's 73 here, by the way
[Andy] but I haven't been outside since 9:30am
[MattguyinDCtown] yeah well, cold weather is character building
[Andy] 5 years of that was enough for me
[Andy] actually i wouldn't mind it that much if I ever moved out ther
[Andy] it is kind of nice to go 85 on the freeway and not worry about hitting any ice, though
[MattguyinDCtown] gots to go
[MattguyinDCtown] see ya
[Andy] later
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