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[MattAshcroft] Greetings
[Andy] Greetings, attorney
[MattAshcroft] First amendment greetings to you
[Andy] Let's ditch the constitution and crown Bush as king
[MattAshcroft] would the twins assume the throne when he dies?
[MattAshcroft] it would be party time then!!!
[Andy] heh
[Andy] i'm surrounded by libs here
[Andy] i'm not one to take on a room full of them
[MattAshcroft] don't blame you
[Andy] but i'm not sure how much longer i can take it
[MattAshcroft] discussions get so vitriolic, it's hard
[MattAshcroft] do you think Kern hates me?
[Andy] no, but probably thinks you're an idiot in some way
[MattAshcroft] oh...ok...
[MattAshcroft] I don't think he's an idiot. I just vehemently disagree with him on a couple things
[MattAshcroft] well, more than a couple
[MattAshcroft] I can never tell if he's personally upset or just using strong language to make his point
[Andy] ya, I'm not sure either
[Andy] I almost called him the other day just to get a sense of his mood
[MattAshcroft] I don't want to upset him, but I don't want to say "Ok, Dog, you're right" just to placate him
[MattAshcroft] that doesn't seem fair to him....seems like it would be patronizing
[MattAshcroft] but whatever...I thought about calling him too, but just worried that that would make things worse
[Andy] thought about starting to sign my emails, Peace (well, when appropriate), Andy
[MattAshcroft] Peace Peace you say, but there is no peace
[Andy] Let's organize a peace march
[Andy] hand out signs that say "Peace, Not Secretly Developing WMD"
[MattAshcroft] on a different topic, I saw a commercial for Target last night featuring Bon Jovi
[MattAshcroft] I mean, really...what does it take for those guys to realize it's over?
[MattAshcroft] When you're doing Target commercials, isn't that a sign that you're not the next big thing?
[Andy] hmm ... maybe
[Andy] I mean, Target is pretty big
[Andy] it's not like he's doing it for a local car stereo shop or something
[MattAshcroft] yeah, but it's not edgy
[Andy] true
[MattAshcroft] Maybe that's how we can oust Saddam
[MattAshcroft] just blast Bon Jovi at him
[MattAshcroft] that's how they nabbed Noriega
[MattAshcroft] they stood outside his compound and blared rap music at him
[Andy] really?
[MattAshcroft] yup...it was important that he surrendur rather than them kill him because they wanted to put him on trial
[MattAshcroft] so they annoyed him into coming out
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[Andy] you did not!
[MattAshcroft] I was just about to ask where our champion was
[Andy] see Emmit Last night.
[SawEmmittLastNight] while out to eat
[MattAshcroft] was he drinking Colt .45?
[SawEmmittLastNight] standing in the little area restaurants often have...whe you first come in from outside, but you aren't 100% in the joint.
[MattAshcroft] Emmit had to wait for a table? Has his star fallen that much?
[SawEmmittLastNight] anyway...was stanind there with krist waiting for valet to get our car....saw him coming....said to her here comes emmitt....
[MattAshcroft] I wonder who obtained what right such Emmit lost his right to get a good table
[Andy] heh
[SawEmmittLastNight] thankfully for us like 8 people were walking in just ahead of him, so when he got to that area...there was a bit of a log jam. dude was 18 in from my face for a good 5 secs
[Andy] you didn't give him a big kiss?
[SawEmmittLastNight] i simply wispered in his ear...dud you really let me down in SUFFL '97. But I forgive you my Christian brotha!
[Andy] "I love you, man!"
[MattAshcroft] did you tell him "Man, you haven't been a factor in SUFFL for years!!"
[Andy] except as good value for a late pick
[MattAshcroft] You should have asked him about he felt about being on a team known as the Gymrats
[SawEmmittLastNight] told kristin and soon as he got past us...watch everyone at the bar...this is what celebs live with 24/7
[SawEmmittLastNight] all the faces/eyes started turning towards him
[SawEmmittLastNight] what a life i wouldn't want....well maybe for a day, but that's it
[MattAshcroft] especially in Dallas...if he came here, it may not be as big a deal, but yeah
[MattAshcroft] I'm sure AC goes through the same thing sometimes
[SawEmmittLastNight] lol
[Andy] i really don't get protest fasts
[Andy] who cares if some group of people is starving themselves to death?
[SawEmmittLastNight] have a doc that owns an invite only club...reallll hush, hush. told me pippen was in there the other night to eat.
[SawEmmittLastNight] let em starve
[SawEmmittLastNight] i think that's what sh. bradley must do to protest lack of playing time
[Andy] i'm looking at the silliness of http://www.unitedforpeace.org/
[SawEmmittLastNight] speaking of hoops...do you guys have anything to say to me about that???
[Andy] no, not really - should I?
[SawEmmittLastNight] yep
[SawEmmittLastNight] matt?
[Andy] did you finally set a SUNBA lineup or something?
[SawEmmittLastNight] indeed!!!!
[Andy] aha!
[SawEmmittLastNight] not til tues though, so my week should suck
[SawEmmittLastNight] when do you guys set them???
[Andy] i was all into my comeback bid last month, but I've fallen into sluggardliness again
[Andy] cutoff is Sun. night so I usu. try to set by Fri, never think about on the weekend
[SawEmmittLastNight] T-Minus 3 weeks to #4 for the McHargues, eh?
[Andy] my niece-phew?
[SawEmmittLastNight] so if you set it on Fri...it give you your stats for sat, sun, mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri.....or stats beginning that following monday
[MattAshcroft] ok, now I'm lost
[SawEmmittLastNight] your anniversary
[Andy] no
[Andy] it's actually a weekly game
[SawEmmittLastNight] isn't it 3 weeks from yesterday
[Andy] it's not honor system like before
[Andy] yes, my #4, i get it
[Andy] my brother's wife is due on March 11
[Andy] thought you were talking about that
[SawEmmittLastNight] so if i want stats from monday-sunday....set my lineup on monday morning?
[Andy] but that would be #3 between us (as far as I know) not #4
[MattAshcroft] I think SUNBA kicks in midnight on Sunday
[Andy] I think stats go Mon.-Sun., but Sun. is the latest you can set
[Andy] for the following week
[MattAshcroft] so it's best to set your lineup Friday for Monday's games
[MattAshcroft] or something like that
[Andy] if you set it anytime during the week it doesn't go into effect until the next week
[Andy] right
[MattAshcroft] it's all moot cause you ain't catching me
[Andy] genius by Saddam making that decree today
[Andy] he'll get all the whiney peace children crying "see! he's trying, he really is!"
[Andy] while he's chuckling at the uranium plant
[SawEmmittLastNight] so my lineup i set on tues...won't go into effect until next monday? what a bunch of horse sh$t
[MattAshcroft] maybe Emmit can fix that for you
[SawEmmittLastNight] was bored at lunch so logged on to the hospital network and viewed the first 10 or so suffl emails ever sent
[SawEmmittLastNight] it was kind of like reading the declaration of independence or something
[MattAshcroft] heh
[Andy] that's funny
[Andy] I think the first was called "The Point of This" or something like that
[Andy] introducing everyone to the eGroups concept.
[MattAshcroft] took us a few days to catch on as I recall
[SawEmmittLastNight] last month we hit 5K in suffl email
[MattAshcroft] some of us kept sending emails to the old list
[SawEmmittLastNight] wonder if SUFFL nation is aware of that
[SawEmmittLastNight] and wonder where we stand in relation to other egroups
[MattAshcroft] what was the 5Kth message?
[SawEmmittLastNight] should we pay for his groceries
[MattAshcroft] heh
[SawEmmittLastNight] ooohhhh, the evil impire strikes again....
[SawEmmittLastNight] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/suffl/message/5000
[MattAshcroft] JR or KK?
[MattAshcroft] can't link to it right now
[SawEmmittLastNight] KK
[SawEmmittLastNight] week 20 lineup
[Andy] heh
[MattAshcroft] wow
[Andy] I read all our messages there, so I noticed the 5K mark
[SawEmmittLastNight] andy had 4999, kern had 5001
[MattAshcroft] I'm getting a little weepy
[Andy] there are other groups who have way more members - i'm sure they are in the tens of thousands of messages
[MattAshcroft] pound for pound, I bet we hold our own
[SawEmmittLastNight] true...but there are others who have probably 128 msgs
[MattAshcroft] imagine what we could crank out if guys like Raj, Scott, AC, Brian, etc. contributed
[SawEmmittLastNight] just wondering our percentile....as well as our percentile since date of inception
[MattAshcroft] it's a pretty smart bunch...too bad they have to read my stuff all the time
[SawEmmittLastNight] why doesn't raj? seems odd
[MattAshcroft] Haven't talked to Raj, but from the voice mails he leaves me, he just sounds absolutely swamped
[Andy] when I get a job with Yahoo, i'll hack into the db and let you know those numbers
[SawEmmittLastNight] just in case JR reads this.....Kobe is playing as well as anyone i can ever remember
[Andy] invited Raj to the Sharks game I went to, couldn't come
[MattAshcroft] JR's the one we're really missing
[MattAshcroft] we gotta get him back in the swing of things here
[Andy] yes
[SawEmmittLastNight] and GAr....he's not THAT busy
[MattAshcroft] Gar only contributes if it's about sports
[SawEmmittLastNight] got jury duty next month....uggghhhh
[SawEmmittLastNight] better be a good case...like party A atttempted murder on party B over a fantasy football trade gone awray
[MattAshcroft] let me know if anyone's rights get infringed...I'll want to figure what right got created in order for that to happen
[SawEmmittLastNight] just want to be able to say something like...he trade C martin for Tomlinson and Marvin...he deserves to die
[SawEmmittLastNight] lol...at the infringed comment
[SawEmmittLastNight] okay boyz...gotta break off early
[MattAshcroft] me too
[SawEmmittLastNight] maybe more time next week
[SawEmmittLastNight] out
[MattAshcroft] Peace with no Weapons of Mass Destruction