[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] hello
[MattlovesSUFFL] nice log in
[MattlovesSUFFL] I hope it's more than just me and you today
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] somehow, i doubt anyone else will show
[MattlovesSUFFL] Jim might
[MattlovesSUFFL] wish Gar could
[MattlovesSUFFL] think JR would?
[MattlovesSUFFL] and if John's online, no reason he couldn't
[MattlovesSUFFL] I guess Ric won't ;-)
--> Jim (1Cust124.tnt4.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[Jim] just like the old times
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] well,
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] come
[Jim] the 3 of us
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] that's my theory on the evolution of the word welcome
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] back in Old English times, some would arrive at your doorstep
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] and you'd say Well ...
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] not sure if you'd let them in
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] if you decided to let them in, you'd say Come
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] Well ... Com
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] then it just turned into Welcome
[MattlovesSUFFL] no one can say that it's only a few making the rules for the many this year
[Jim] if _____ jumped in to this chat, i would be so shocked I'd be willing to draft e. bienimy in the 2nd!
[MattlovesSUFFL] this is the most open rules process ever
[MattlovesSUFFL] Anthony
[Jim] fill in the blank...who is your pick?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i think anyone would do
[Jim] madiera
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] ain't no one showin up
[MattlovesSUFFL] we'll see
[MattlovesSUFFL] sometimes guys stumble in a little late
[MattlovesSUFFL] Darryl surprises us sometimes
[Jim] any one of the 4-5 people that asked to be removed from suffl yahoo groups upon its inception a few years ago.
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] Darryl did report a lunch today, if you hadn't noticed
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i think it's my draft recap that makes people come
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] they see the recap, and think, man I wish I was there
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] so next time it comes up, they're here
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] hmm ... maybe not
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] my boss cc'd me on the status of the proposal to bring the 2004 Prez debate to USC
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] but I'm not supposed to tell you about
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] but who cares about that
[Jim] that would be sweet
[MattlovesSUFFL] that's the one you're going to get me into
[MattlovesSUFFL] ?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] USC must join with NPR to raise 750,000 dollars to cover production costs
[Jim] they should have the debat in the baseball lockeroom
[Jim] 8 games enough for sammy?
[MattlovesSUFFL] that sounds fine to me
[Jim] yea, me too
[MattlovesSUFFL] hope he doesn't appeal til after Saturday
[MattlovesSUFFL] want him to face Clemens
[Jim] he's already appealed
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] it doesn't look good for getting you a seat
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] Seating: Be cautioned that there will be VERY limited seating. Commission staff anticipate that Secret Service will request that no seating be provided in the balconies, leaving only the first floor for audience seating. Some audience seating will lost due to media platforms. The final inventory of available seats is divided into thirds, with a third each to the Presidential campaigns, and the last third to the Debate Commission, which allocates a portion of their seating to the host institution.
[MattlovesSUFFL] boo
[Jim] Down with seating rulz
[Jim] so why does sammy "fess" up and say he'll take his punishment like a man, then appeal?
[MattlovesSUFFL] union thing probably
[Jim] Down with Unions
[MattlovesSUFFL] will probably say he should get 4 instead of 8 or soemthing like
[MattlovesSUFFL] I bet he drops the appeal on Monday
[Jim] i'm going to be highly dissapointed if raj can't make it to the draft
[MattlovesSUFFL] I think he'll come
[MattlovesSUFFL] he'd be sick if he knew we were all together and he couldn't be there
[Jim] all together doing mock draft
[Jim] once last year...he and gar were still up playing madden, i was asleep, they woke me up at 3am to ask me who i thought madiera was going to take in like the 4th round
[Jim] mock 'til ya die
[MattlovesSUFFL] Raj told me that was the most fun he's had in his whole life
[Jim] draft time last year
[Jim] ?
[Jim] he's gotta go to the drving range just 2-3 times...he'd be fit to play with us
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] you haven't seen him swing
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] yeech
[Jim] give him some love and help him out there John Daly!
[MattlovesSUFFL] heh
[MattlovesSUFFL] Jim, did you read John's email?
[Jim] most of it
[MattlovesSUFFL] I meant to say that if were ever going to do something like that, I think that's a good way to manage it
[Jim] agree with you...i love the idea, but it does make trades and weekly "upkeep" much more difficult
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i like beer, but not like John Daly does
[MattlovesSUFFL] but I wouldn't be intersested in it at this point
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[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] oh wow
[MattlovesSUFFL] told you D would come
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] now Jim is drafting Bienemy in the 2nd
[lateboyfrombeantown] whaz up
[MattlovesSUFFL] Darryl, we all have suffl fever
[lateboyfrombeantown] juggling a conf call - this should be fun
[MattlovesSUFFL] I'm reworking our nav bar, so I'm right with you
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i'm looking at videos on our website
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] mourning how much they suck
[MattlovesSUFFL] waiting for upload
[MattlovesSUFFL] waiting
[MattlovesSUFFL] waiting
[MattlovesSUFFL] still waiting
[Jim] what videos?
[Jim] of ric's wedding night?
[lateboyfrombeantown] kid videos?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] our website meaning Annenberg's not suffl.com
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] sorry about my shifting loyalties
[MattlovesSUFFL] down with Annenberg
[Jim] benedict mchargue...at it again
[MattlovesSUFFL] Darryl, you got promoted in SUFFL, by the way
[MattlovesSUFFL] You are now Vice President for Member Relations
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] congrats
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] molly's been saying that a lot
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] Congratulations, daddy!
[lateboyfrombeantown] whooooeeeeeee
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] like when I take a bite of my dinner or something
[lateboyfrombeantown] as they Say in the south
[lateboyfrombeantown] Sweet - do I get more options? How do I order business cards?
[MattlovesSUFFL] Definitely more options
[MattlovesSUFFL] don't think we have a printing contract for biz cards yet
[MattlovesSUFFL] I'll have to talk to our COO about that
[lateboyfrombeantown] So, Jim, I heard we were like 3 weeks from draft day
[Jim] bad math
[Jim] i wish
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] did you meet that math prof named Aikman yet
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] you gotta see if that guy is related
[Jim] no not yet
[Jim] hope i never do
[Jim] i'm one and done at the community college setting
[MattlovesSUFFL] ?
[MattlovesSUFFL] what's this about?
[Jim] bought my "ti-83 plus" calculatortoday....boy do i feel like a nerd
[MattlovesSUFFL] ?
[lateboyfrombeantown] moving up the ladder for sure
[lateboyfrombeantown] I don't know anyone with one of those
[Jim] going back to school, matt
--> Mattsback ( has joined #FridayChat
[Jim] trying to replace StatGuy44
[Mattsback] sorry
[Mattsback] got knocked out for a minute
[Jim] i was telling you i was going back to school
[Mattsback] ah
[Mattsback] I need to start thinking about that
[Mattsback] D, are you planning on some grad work?
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[Jim] wouldn't you think that a 6:15 pm flight out of newark on monday is late enough
[Mattsback] think so
[Mattsback] Andy and I got to Newark from York's house in less than 2 hours
[Jim] matt--how about this idea...wr/te get a 2 pt bonus at 50 yds, 3 more at 100 (total of 5), 2 more at 150, and 3 more at 200.
[Mattsback] still like current system better
[Mattsback] where did Andy go?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] backc
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] which means 'back' in some eastern euro language
[Mattsback] excellent
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i think on Labor Day you couldn't count on a 2 hour ride
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] I like the points idea
[Mattsback] that's true
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] we hit zero traffic with you the other day, that was amazing
[Mattsback] true
[Jim] okay...going to plead my case via chat....based on last years stats
[Jim] #1 rb...506, #1 wr...326; top 5 rb avg...412, top 5 wr avg...273; #10 rb...286, #10 wr..208, #20 rb...208, #20 wr...171
[Jim] when we have a ut spot....they position should be comparable...but they clearly aren't
[Jim] why not tweak a little so we can keep ut (makes trades, bye weeks, etc easier) but cut down the disperancy between the 2 positions.
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] in my next 15 or so posts, some privileged information will be encoded, specially avaiable only to those who join SUFFL chat
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] kryptic isn't it?
[Mattsback] hmmm
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] at least I think so
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] try to figure it out
[Mattsback] interesting information, Jim
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] information is power
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] easily dicoverable to the keen eye
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i think so anyway
[Mattsback] no CAPS?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] sidd finch's author would like this
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] privacy is overrated
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] rocco baldelli is hitting for a great avg
[Jim] matt---does it sway you...even in the least? the info?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] everyone should try this
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] going to keep this for a few more posts
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] nary a word to anyone else about this
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] andy is perhaps weird
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] no doubt, i guess
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] tito landrum was pretty good, and that's the end of my coded messages
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] ok 1, 2, 3 ... look at the last 15 lines i typed
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] and see if you can find the hidden message
[lateboyfrombeantown] sorry, have to drop off..Matt's question - not seriously thinking about grad work
[Mattsback] no idea
<-- lateboyfrombeantown (surfec005.sybase.com) has left #FridayChat
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] You don't?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] It's a little funky
[Jim] let me try
[Jim] are you SERIOUS???
** snip ** privileged info edited out **
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] see the premium content available in SUFFL chat?
[Mattsback] wow
[Mattsback] Andy you've left me speechless
** snip ** privileged info edited out **
[Jim] so matt---did the before mentioned stats sway your opinion in the least....about ut/wr/rb
[Mattsback] lol
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] heh
[Mattsback] I'll put it this way
[Mattsback] It made me willing to listen
[Jim] that may be the most headway i've ever gotten with you
[Jim] progress is good!
[Mattsback] hey now
[Mattsback] we've worked together on issues before
[Mattsback] you and I got pick your spot through
[Mattsback] and keepers
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] my support for changing qb scoring has waned by the way
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] i'm now fully straddling the fence
[Mattsback] Jim, the only serious rules disagreement you and I have had was on QB scoring
[Jim] yea, not even worth me bringing up....but if the top plaque winner this year has the top qb scorer....man o man
[Jim] i believe that would be 5 straight years
[Mattsback] you didn't have Ganon for most of the year
[Jim] not changing has cause me to alter my draft strategy though
[Mattsback] I bet for the time period you had him, he wasn't the top QB
[Mattsback] He lit it up for Andy...see how much good it did him?
[Jim] i had gannon down the stretch when it mattered....last 4 weeks plus 2 playoff games prior to his suber bowl
[Mattsback] saying that I bet for that 6 week period, he wasn't the top scorer
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] hmm
[Jim] probably not....but he was good enough
[Mattsback] well sure
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] wouldn't anyone have been good enough?
[Mattsback] what's wrong with having to have a good qb to win?
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] at least any of the other 3 qb's that made it that far
[Jim] it still boils down to one issue in my mind...nfl teams win with dilfer, brady, and bj....sufll teams do not
[Mattsback] that's ok, though
[Jim] i'm just excited about being the first re-peat champ in suffl
[Mattsback] we've stressed over and over again that mirroring NFL reality is not among our priorities
[Jim] :)
[Jim] i'm going to give the Keeper thing another day or so befor throwing the UT v. 3 WR thing out there. hopefully by then we'll have some resolution to the keeper issue.
[Mattsback] I think the Keeper thing is going to pass
** snip ** privileged info edited out **
[Jim] this may be cause to drop Craptime and re-think some new names
[Jim] of course, then they wouldn't involve Oldfield
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] thanks
[Jim] so if you signed off....zzzzzzzzzzzz, with Naptime, how would you sign off with Craptime
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] hmm, ya i guess it would have to inc Oldf
[Jim] signing off boyz.
[Jim] good chat, once again.
[Mattsback] think I'm out as well
[Mattsback] going to head home
[AndySays86DaysTillDraftDay] lata skata