[DrRumbaugh] Numb by U2
--> ChrisYork (pc-24-151-127-141.newm2.ct.charter.com) has joined
[ChrisYork] dudes!
[ChrisYork] Is the Dr. In?
--> raj (lsanca1-ar7-4-41-188-145.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net) has joined
[raj] who is here
[raj] where is everybody
[ChrisYork] Chris Y!
[raj] hello
[raj] Chris
[raj] wow, this is cool
[DrRumbaugh] is this really Raj?
[raj] yep
[ChrisYork] Raj...are you playing golf?
[DrRumbaugh] I can't believe it
[ChrisYork] Raj...what is your middle name?
[DrRumbaugh] been meaning to give you a call
[ChrisYork] That is too much info for Raj.
[raj] I just got back form our national staff conference and Gar told
about this
--> ToTOornottoTO (1Cust193.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[ChrisYork] Dude...we have been telling you about this for at least a
[DrRumbaugh] well, welcome
[raj] Chris, my middle name is Arjun
[ChrisYork] Wow
[ChrisYork] matt is so polite
[ChrisYork] sp?
[DrRumbaugh] who's Toto?
[raj] I know, I am not a great tracker of suffl emails
[DrRumbaugh] SUFFL email has some good stuff in it
[raj] Who the hell is Totoototototot
[DrRumbaugh] you should really read more of it
[ChrisYork] I am leaving for Maine in about 15 minutes
[DrRumbaugh] (that's definitely Raj)
[DrRumbaugh] warming up the cabin for us?
[ChrisYork] Maybe I will take some digitals this weekend.
--> AndySaysSo (asccomm-pc176.usc.edu) has joined #FridayChat
[AndySaysSo] party party
[ChrisYork] suposssed to be 92 tomorow...in Maine.
[DrRumbaugh] might be a new record
[AndySaysSo] you can't convince me that's really Raj
[raj] okay enough of the pleasantries
[DrRumbaugh] he shared
[raj] lets get down to business
[ToTOornottoTO] To TO or not to TO
[DrRumbaugh] ah
[ChrisYork] Raj...Who the hell is Totoototototot
[raj] Chris, who are you taking in the first?
[DrRumbaugh] our champion
[AndySaysSo] I tried TO-ing last year, and he did JACK for the first 8 weeks
[AndySaysSo] basically, until I traded him (duh)
[raj] stop this nonsense
[raj] there is no order in this conversation
[DrRumbaugh] ok, ok
[ChrisYork] I have thought none about the draft.
[raj] Chris, who are you taking in the first?
[AndySaysSo] it's like a conversation held by women
[raj] Chris, think about it now
[DrRumbaugh] Raj is obviously new to SUFFL chat, so we'll indulge him
[ChrisYork] I am open to ideas about women
[AndySaysSo] good answer Raj
[AndySaysSo] heh
[DrRumbaugh] lol
[raj] women?
[raj] what the hell are you talking about
[AndySaysSo] if you ever read your email you would know why that's funny
[AndySaysSo] though it doesn't help when people send messages to your netzero address
[ChrisYork] Is Elway stepping out of retirement?
[raj] Chris, when will you take Jake Plummer?
[ChrisYork] Nobody has announced keepers so I don't know what to say about the first.
[AndySaysSo] Plummer is mine! In the 16th.
[DrRumbaugh] we speculated on keepers last week
[ChrisYork] I don't even remember where I finished last year.
[DrRumbaugh] Jim takes TO
[raj] here is who will be kept, ready
[DrRumbaugh] Johnnies take LT
[DrRumbaugh] ooh, hit us Raj
[ChrisYork] The last two years I have been second to last and middle of the pack.
[raj] Holmes, Deuce, Faulk, R. Williams, LT
[ToTOornottoTO] york...take strahan #2
[ToTOornottoTO] he could have a fumble returned for TD
[raj] Portis, will be selected first
[ChrisYork] Lotta rbs.
[DrRumbaugh] no Vick or Harrison?
[raj] Vick
[DrRumbaugh] thank you
[raj] So that leaves
[raj] McNabb, Gannon, Owens, Harrison to be selected in the frist
[raj] or some one else
[ToTOornottoTO] Sh. Alexander
[ToTOornottoTO] maybe ahman
[raj] or him too
[raj] Who the hell is Totoototototot
[ToTOornottoTO] jim
[AndySaysSo] Raj, who has TO on his roster
[AndySaysSo] it's either Jim, or someone who loves Toto
[ToTOornottoTO] lol
[AndySaysSo] i guess that could be the same person
[DrRumbaugh] Africa is a pretty good tune
[DrRumbaugh] Rosanna
[raj] I can't remember, but I think Jim or Kern
[AndySaysSo] um, it's Jim
--> hinesorplax (m018f36d0.tmodns.net) has joined #FridayChat
[AndySaysSo] thus the name
[DrRumbaugh] that must be Ric
[AndySaysSo] good God, this is crazy
[hinesorplax] yoyoyo
[hinesorplax] yoyoyo
[DrRumbaugh] Raj, have you tried a mock draft on suffl.com yet?
<-- ToTOornottoTO (1Cust193.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has left #FridayChat
[raj] Not yet, but I have with Jim, Ric, John and Gar
--> LetsGoTO (1Cust193.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has joined #FridayChat
[DrRumbaugh] Jim will keep TO
[AndySaysSo] jim is having trouble getting back in
[LetsGoTO] all there i am
[DrRumbaugh] Johnnies keep LT
[DrRumbaugh] PNN keeps Deuce
[DrRumbaugh] Tucker keeps no one
[raj] Matt, I don't think Jim will keep TO
[DrRumbaugh] Buckle takes Vick (probably)
[LetsGoTO] who is hinesorplax?
[raj] Andy will keep Faulk and he will be hurt the entire year
[DrRumbaugh] I'm guessing that's Ric
[LetsGoTO] i seriously don't know if i'll keep him or not...intrigued with possibly drafting #37.
[hinesorplax] g in da hiz-ouse
[DrRumbaugh] this is why we made the rule that you had to yuse your name in chat
[DrRumbaugh] ah
[raj] No Ric, is still driving back from staff conference
[DrRumbaugh] GArrrrrrrrrrrr
[DrRumbaugh] we'll start enforcing that next week
[LetsGoTO] gar--tried to call you at da casa...ans machine.
[DrRumbaugh] Speed Demons keep Ricky
[AndySaysSo] sounds like some kind of mouthwash - HinesorPlax
[LetsGoTO] lol\
[raj] lol
[raj] this is freaking crazy
[DrRumbaugh] true
[hinesorplax] funny
[AndySaysSo] when Scope just won't do - try HinesorPlax
[DrRumbaugh] this is sort of like Paul talking about heven
[raj] Lets do a mock draft right now
[DrRumbaugh] this is but a preview of the draft
[DrRumbaugh] it's like looking in a bad mirror
[DrRumbaugh] but soon we shall see clearly
[AndySaysSo] amen brother
[hinesorplax] i saw kk's draft
[DrRumbaugh] imagine, soon we'll be doing this, not online, but face to face
[hinesorplax] henry in the 3rd?
[DrRumbaugh] this is a good lesson in living for eternity
[DrRumbaugh] living with anticipation of heaven
[AndySaysSo] i'd take Henry at the 3/4 turn
[DrRumbaugh] SUFFL-providing Godly lessons for it's faithful
[AndySaysSo] assuming that's the spot I pick - oooh oooh
[DrRumbaugh] I think Henry goes early
[AndySaysSo] maybe I'll forego Marshall for ClintonP ?
[AndySaysSo] oooooooooooooh
[DrRumbaugh] Gar, go first
[DrRumbaugh] I'll record our picks in a mock draft on suffl.com
[AndySaysSo] then take Jake the Snake in the 16th and ride the Broncos to SUFFL glory
[hinesorplax] yeah- i've found 14 td backs tend to go before the 3/4 turn...
[AndySaysSo] good idea
[DrRumbaugh] Lisa's up
[hinesorplax] Torry Holt
[DrRumbaugh] starting in round one?
[hinesorplax] oh
[DrRumbaugh] starting from scratch
[DrRumbaugh] round one, pick one
[hinesorplax] Shaun Alexander
[LetsGoTO] P-O-R-T-I-S
[DrRumbaugh] Chris, your pick
[DrRumbaugh] Christopher
[DrRumbaugh] must be packing the car
[DrRumbaugh] if Gar takes SA, then wouldn't the Doughnuts take Portis?
[hinesorplax] yes
[DrRumbaugh] am I talking to myself here?
[DrRumbaugh] ok
[AndySaysSo] he's having another breakdown about the broncos waiving TD yesterday
[DrRumbaugh] Portis
[DrRumbaugh] Tucker, Sit!
[DrRumbaugh] #5?
[AndySaysSo] think so
[DrRumbaugh] ok
[DrRumbaugh] Ha Ha
[DrRumbaugh] our champion
[DrRumbaugh] but not for long
[DrRumbaugh] Let's Go TO?
[raj] who's after Kern
[raj] Jim who do you take if Portis and McNab are gone
[DrRumbaugh] Ha Ha Raja is next
[raj] To
[DrRumbaugh] JIM!!
[raj] I mean TO
[DrRumbaugh] get back in here
[LetsGoTO] wait...who did york take
[raj] 37
[DrRumbaugh] HAD took Portis
[DrRumbaugh] HaHa takes TO
[raj] york takes McNabb or Portis
[LetsGoTO] who did gar take?
[raj] GaR, i am sure will take Portis
[DrRumbaugh] Gar took 37 with first pick
[LetsGoTO] so if gar takes portis, how did HAD take portis
[raj] I think McNabb will go second to HAD
[DrRumbaugh] now, we have Sweep the Leg Johann
[DrRumbaugh] who will take TO
[LetsGoTO] no no...he had to be joking...he would totally take portis over #37.
[DrRumbaugh] that's what he said earlier
[DrRumbaugh] Sweep takes LT, sorry
[hinesorplax] 37
[AndySaysSo] you can't trust a Serb like Gar
[DrRumbaugh] PNN
[raj] We will keep Duece
[LetsGoTO] i thought gar was lebanese?
[DrRumbaugh] Raj, this is when you take Deuce
[hinesorplax] this i'm only drafting dudes i've seen a movie with
[LetsGoTO] HarHar GarGar
[raj] No Gar is not lebanese, he is gay
[LetsGoTO] HarHar GarGar
[DrRumbaugh] next up is Daniel
[LetsGoTO] HarHar GarGar
[DrRumbaugh] who, for sake of this draft, will take Vick
[raj] DAN, if he shows up will keep Ricky
[LetsGoTO] you will
[DrRumbaugh] I salivate whenever I see a Falcons' 7 jersey
[raj] Vick is kept
[DrRumbaugh] Speed Demaons
[DrRumbaugh] oy, he needs to change that name
[DrRumbaugh] that's just terrible
[raj] Holmes
[DrRumbaugh] Shirt Keeper is more like it
[LetsGoTO] SD...that SUCKS!!!
[DrRumbaugh] gets Ricky
[raj] I agree
[DrRumbaugh] now, to Road Runners
[LetsGoTO] not that Road Runner is putting us in stitches
[DrRumbaugh] which isn't much better
[raj] Holmes, goes to road runner
[AndySaysSo] RW
[DrRumbaugh] now, it's to Craptime
[raj] then Andy keeps the damaged goods of Faulk
[LetsGoTO] so matt...give us the entire first round from this chat....all in one type.
[AndySaysSo] sounds like you want to trade for him?
[raj] Craptime, that's funny
[hinesorplax] or Play Your Geeta with Murray
[DrRumbaugh] first round is...
[AndySaysSo] Craptime has been around too long, gotta come up with something fresh in Maine
[AndySaysSo] yes put me down for #28
[AndySaysSo] and ...
[AndySaysSo] Marvin
[raj] good pick
[DrRumbaugh] SA, Portis, McNabb, TO, LT, Deuce, Vick, RW, Priest and Faulk
[DrRumbaugh] Andy gets Marvin
[DrRumbaugh] now to Ric's #2 pick
[raj] Ric will probably take Gannon, I am guessing
[DrRumbaugh] other thoughts?
[raj] maybe Green?
[DrRumbaugh] Gar?
[raj] Henry?
[hinesorplax] probably
[LetsGoTO] gannon or henry....or maddux
[DrRumbaugh] we should ask Kern since he's an expert on player rankings
[LetsGoTO] he typically takes a qb high...let's go gannon
[hinesorplax] he can wait on maddox
[DrRumbaugh] I would think he wants Maddox
[raj] true about waiting for Maddox
[DrRumbaugh] and if Priest's health is an issue
[DrRumbaugh] wouldn't he want another scorer here?
[LetsGoTO] i don't know...his era is kind of high this year
[hinesorplax] to injury prone for the 2nd round
[LetsGoTO] gannon, gannon, gannon!
[DrRumbaugh] [rim-shot]
[LetsGoTO] Let's Go RG. Let's Go RG!
[DrRumbaugh] alright, we'l give him Gannon
[raj] Fine
[raj] Who's next
[DrRumbaugh] Shirt Keeper's secondpick
[LetsGoTO] Speeeeeeeeeeed Deeeeeeeeeeemons.
[raj] Aaron Brooks
[AndySaysSo] you don't think he'd take the Pepper?
[AndySaysSo] Ric I mean
[DrRumbaugh] too late
[hinesorplax] card take gonzales or shockey
[raj] no, Ric wont take Pepper
[DrRumbaugh] he gets RGannon
[LetsGoTO] Shirt Keepers...he at least came through...better late than never.
[DrRumbaugh] true
[raj] Last year's Stats is up
[DrRumbaugh] heh
[DrRumbaugh] He's Already Picked
[raj] who
[DrRumbaugh] no, that's my name for Dan
[LetsGoTO] card takes...ahman green.
[hinesorplax] ric won't take pepper this year after passing on ricky to take him last year
[LetsGoTO] no...he takes henry
[DrRumbaugh] since he likes to select guys already taken
[DrRumbaugh] Henry?
[LetsGoTO] Let's Go TH. Let's Go TH.
[raj] Dan will take a QB
<-- ChrisYork (pc-24-151-127-141.newm2.ct.charter.com) has left #FridayChat
[DrRumbaugh] Henry, it shall be
[DrRumbaugh] bye Chris
[DrRumbaugh] Buckle
[LetsGoTO] who's pick
[DrRumbaugh] hmmm
[AndySaysSo] naptime trades it's 3, 4 and 6 to PNN for it's 2, 5, and 6
[hinesorplax] who's up?
[LetsGoTO] ahhh....another dance with ahman? maybe a litlle edge action? what about da man in Jax--FT?
[raj] tough pick
[DrRumbaugh] Buckles takes Edge
[LetsGoTO] BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DrRumbaugh] PNN back up
[AndySaysSo] raj any love on that trade offer
[raj] I am thinking between Green or Barber
[LetsGoTO] PNN takes Ahman....ahman and deuce.
[DrRumbaugh] Johanns
[raj] here is a tough one
[DrRumbaugh] oh sorry
[LetsGoTO] hmmmm....the ever unpredictable
[DrRumbaugh] Raj, I gave you Green
[raj] thats fine
[LetsGoTO] guessing they'll take an "undiscovered gem"
[DrRumbaugh] didn't realize it was Jim saying that
[DrRumbaugh] lol
[raj] lol
[AndySaysSo] rotflmfao
[AndySaysSo] jk
[AndySaysSo] rolling on the floor laughing my
[DrRumbaugh] Johnnies take Taylor?
[LetsGoTO] johannn...goes a) warner b) tiki c) taylor
[DrRumbaugh] Peyton?
[raj] No, I don't think they will take a risky pick here
[AndySaysSo] did you ever write KIT in anyone'
[raj] I think Warner
[AndySaysSo] s yearbook?
[AndySaysSo] Pepper is the #1 QB in practically every site I've looked at
[raj] JR would love to have Warner
[LetsGoTO] no...but did write Good Luck with the Ladies a time or two
[raj] Pepper sucks
[LetsGoTO] warner in the 2nd?
[DrRumbaugh] Warner here?
[raj] its JR
[raj] Or it could be Barber
[raj] KK loves Tiki
[DrRumbaugh] so does my wife
[AndySaysSo] even named his cat after him
[raj] I might take TIKI in the second to spite KK
[DrRumbaugh] after KK's been so nice to you?
[LetsGoTO] i think tiki...better chance warner gets back in the 3rd than tiki getting back in the 3rd.
[AndySaysSo] true
[raj] Its fun anyway
[DrRumbaugh] Tiki it shall be
[DrRumbaugh] Ha Ha
[LetsGoTO] ok...so i'll take warner. j/k....uhhhh, i don't really like fred taylor. anyone else out there. no pepper.
[DrRumbaugh] Peyton
[LetsGoTO] peyton...but with TO i need a rb....
[DrRumbaugh] Eddie George
[raj] Dillon, Lewis
[raj] Ward
[raj] Moss
[LetsGoTO] ohh, i'd take s. davis
[DrRumbaugh] Candidate
[DrRumbaugh] Davis it is
[DrRumbaugh] that guy's an undiscovered gem
[LetsGoTO] fred, s davis, or eddie...you guys pick for me
[DrRumbaugh] Tucker
[raj] McNair
[DrRumbaugh] already gave you Davis
[DrRumbaugh] so, it's time for the Dog to howl
<-- hinesorplax (m018f36d0.tmodns.net) has left #FridayChat
[DrRumbaugh] bye Gar
[LetsGoTO] i'm telling you now....qb's will go higher than this....no way we get to the end of 2 with manning, garcia, favre, pepper, and warner still on the board
[raj] Warner
[DrRumbaugh] that sounds good
[raj] or Peyton will go next
[raj] Lets go with Warner
[LetsGoTO] dog takes peyton
[DrRumbaugh] Warner
[LetsGoTO] warner...fine
[DrRumbaugh] Doughnuts
[AndySaysSo] dog already had mcnabb?
[LetsGoTO] another dance with peyton!
[LetsGoTO] oh yea...dog did have mcnabb
[raj] who does Dog and Doghnuts have
[LetsGoTO] dog takes eddie.
[raj] fine
[DrRumbaugh] rats
[AndySaysSo] Dog has McNabb ... dog takes Jamal?
[LetsGoTO] had take waner.
[DrRumbaugh] forgot that Tucker had Mcnabb
[DrRumbaugh] andy, can I delete the last pick?
[AndySaysSo] hold on i will delete that pick from your draft
[AndySaysSo] ok, hit that re-enter draft room link
[DrRumbaugh] cool
[DrRumbaugh] dog takes Taylor?
[LetsGoTO] coo!
[DrRumbaugh] still have this on the table
[DrRumbaugh] I would be happy to start this season with my roster from last year entact
[DrRumbaugh] and take my chances
[LetsGoTO] deal!
[AndySaysSo] how bout you keep track on your own of the points that roster would score and have it as an 11th team in the standings
--> RodGARdner (m018f36d0.tmodns.net) has joined #FridayChat
[DrRumbaugh] welcome back GAr
[AndySaysSo] how subtle
[RodGARdner] got cut off
[LetsGoTO] blame it on the mac
[DrRumbaugh] ok, now it's Doughnuts again
[DrRumbaugh] Fleetwood Mac?
[LetsGoTO] doughnut goes with manning
[AndySaysSo] sorry this chat thing isn't the best, or was it your internet connection
[LetsGoTO] no, no...warner
[DrRumbaugh] Gar's second pick
[raj] manning again
[LetsGoTO] doughnut goes with warner
[DrRumbaugh] too late; already gave them Manning
[DrRumbaugh] unless Andy wants to go change
[raj] thats fine, manning
[DrRumbaugh] G?
[DrRumbaugh] btw,
[RodGARdner] love an updateon round 2
[DrRumbaugh] Gar, we got the letter from your boss
[DrRumbaugh] never gotten anything like that before
[raj] matt, could you update Gar
[RodGARdner] marvin to play your geeta with murray
[DrRumbaugh] keep up the good work
[RodGARdner] thanks GGGGGGGG
[DrRumbaugh] don't want to go thorugh whole thing
[DrRumbaugh] tell me who you like and we'll tell you if he's gone
[RodGARdner] am i up?
[DrRumbaugh] or you could open a new browser and go see
[AndySaysSo] just invited DT in, he's on IM
[DrRumbaugh] yup
--> DT (0-1pool229-186.nas13.albuquerque1.nm.us.da.qwest.net) has joined #FridayChat
[DrRumbaugh] oh my
[AndySaysSo] the Bald Man is in the heeeeeoussssseeee!
[raj] Harrison, Henry, Green, Edge,Manning are all gone
[raj] Eddie's is gone too
[RodGARdner] DT: a room full of stories
[AndySaysSo] we are in the middle of a mock draft
[DrRumbaugh] Eddie's still out there
[LetsGoTO] gar takes pepper and jamal.
[DrRumbaugh] so's Pepper
[RodGARdner] Barber and Warner
[raj] barber is gone
[DrRumbaugh] back to Doughnut
[DrRumbaugh] Garner? George? Garcia?
[LetsGoTO] c. garner---dude had 900 yds receiving last year.
[LetsGoTO] who do they have
[raj] donut will never take a raider
[DrRumbaugh] Peyton and Portis
[RodGARdner] he hates the raaaadas
[LetsGoTO] portis and warner?
[DrRumbaugh] DT, welcome
[DT] hehe, thanks
[RodGARdner] garcia
[raj] fine
[DT] greetings from new mexico
[RodGARdner] sante fe
[DT] yup yup
[RodGARdner] proposed the the wifee there
[AndySaysSo] i forgot about that!
[DT] ohhhhh yeah
[DT] yeah, me too!
[DT] where in santa fe was that?
[RodGARdner] up a street towards a ski place
[RodGARdner] a bench on the side of the road
[DT] up near the top?
[RodGARdner] probably not?
[RodGARdner] but don't know
[RodGARdner] i had never even been on the street
[DT] hmm
[DT] i have a good guess as to where it might have been
[DrRumbaugh] wasn't it an ad in the paper or something?
[RodGARdner] i think it was north of the town square
[DT] yup
[DrRumbaugh] btw, Doughnuts already have QB, so no Garica
[RodGARdner] ok- i'm getting threatening phone calls
[RodGARdner] time to get drafting
[DT] just this morning, i watched su/bc from '93...
[DrRumbaugh] Garner, George,
[RodGARdner] Peace love and gyros to DT
[DrRumbaugh] Dillon
[DT] musburger was all about graves winning the heisman
[DT] and cuse contending for the title
[raj] wait, who is on the clock?
[DrRumbaugh] Doughnuts
[DT] oops
[LetsGoTO] i say moss
[RodGARdner] so what is donuts team now?
[DrRumbaugh] Peyton and Portis
[DrRumbaugh] might want a WR
[RodGARdner] moss
[LetsGoTO] no, i say eddie
[raj] Moss is a good one
[DrRumbaugh] Jim, quit changing your mind
[DrRumbaugh] didn't they have Moss last year?
[raj] Who has who?
[DrRumbaugh] they had Peyton and Moss last year
[DrRumbaugh] would they want that combo again?
[RodGARdner] after drafting duckett and william gree last year- clearly we can't call donuts: last years stats
[LetsGoTO] that's why i changed to eddie...guessing they would want a change...hence eddie
[DT] hehe, thanks for the invite, andy - i'm to head out to work now...
[DT] take rod tidwell
[AndySaysSo] make sure you pikup andropov well
[RodGARdner] peace tardiff
[DT] i'm always russian around...
[DT] peace, fellas -
[DrRumbaugh] I'll say George
[LetsGoTO] matt--did you give HAD eddie
[LetsGoTO] ahhh.
[DrRumbaugh] Bow wow wow
[DrRumbaugh] Dog is up
[LetsGoTO] kernie then takes...w. green.
[DrRumbaugh] hmm
[DrRumbaugh] was hoping he'd last til my pick
[DrRumbaugh] oh well
[DrRumbaugh] Green it is
[DrRumbaugh] wait
<-- DT (0-1pool229-186.nas13.albuquerque1.nm.us.da.qwest.net) has left #FridayChat
[DrRumbaugh] not Garner?
[LetsGoTO] let gar and raj and andy vote...green or garner
[DrRumbaugh] somebody help me here
[RodGARdner] green- cooky but kerny
[raj] garner
[DrRumbaugh] Andy?
[AndySaysSo] wow Lisa and Donut's WR's are going to SUCK
[AndySaysSo] is it to me already?
[AndySaysSo] oh
[AndySaysSo] uh
[AndySaysSo] green
[DrRumbaugh] no, who does Kern toake?
[DrRumbaugh] Green it is
[DrRumbaugh] Champ
[LetsGoTO] who do i have....to and s. davis?
[DrRumbaugh] si
[LetsGoTO] eddie still around?
[DrRumbaugh] Garcia, Brooks
[DrRumbaugh] Eddie, yes
[DrRumbaugh] you could hold up tradition
[DrRumbaugh] fifth year in a row you'd have him?
[RodGARdner] donuts 3rd pick?
[RodGARdner] eddie?
[DrRumbaugh] Moss is still out there
[DrRumbaugh] Donuts took George, yes
[DrRumbaugh] sorry about that
[DrRumbaugh] Moss, Moss, Moss
[RodGARdner] who was the dog's 2nd
[DrRumbaugh] Taylor
[LetsGoTO] hmmmm....then pluck me down for Garcia...i'll roll with the niners. don't dig moss this year.
[DrRumbaugh] Sweep
[raj] who is up
[LetsGoTO] don't want pepper...would go garcia, dillon, or favre there
[LetsGoTO] sweep has?
[DrRumbaugh] have LT and Tiki
[LetsGoTO] here go the qbs....they take pepper or favre
[raj] Moss, Ward, Eddie
[DrRumbaugh] Eddie's gone
[DrRumbaugh] Pepper is gone
[RodGARdner] i don't think jr will take pepper
[LetsGoTO] then favre it is
[raj] really, JR usually hates the Vikings
[raj] Farve would be my vote
[DrRumbaugh] no Randy Moss?
[LetsGoTO] Let's Go BF. Let's Go BF!
[raj] no
[DrRumbaugh] Favre?
[AndySaysSo] brb gotta pee gimme Pepper or a qb
[DrRumbaugh] Favre it is
[RodGARdner] yeah- jr tried to get him from me all last season
[DrRumbaugh] PNN
[LetsGoTO] who they got...deuce and ahman?
[raj] hold on
[DrRumbaugh] you have Duce and green
[DrRumbaugh] Moss, Brroks
[DrRumbaugh] Pollard
[LetsGoTO] Dilger
[DrRumbaugh] Oslander
[RodGARdner] eric johnson?
[LetsGoTO] Hunter Goodwin
[DrRumbaugh] Shelby Hill
[LetsGoTO] Jose Cortez
[raj] Manning is gone right
[RodGARdner] #12
[LetsGoTO] Jose Cruz
[DrRumbaugh] si
[DrRumbaugh] Gedney still available
[raj] I'll take Moss
[LetsGoTO] Cards D/ST is still out there
[raj] If Manning is available I'll take him
[RodGARdner] baugh baugh
[DrRumbaugh] Brodie Maderia
[DrRumbaugh] yes?
[raj] Garcia around?
[DrRumbaugh] gone
[LetsGoTO] dillon is still there
[LetsGoTO] c martin...though a bit of a reach
[DrRumbaugh] already has 2 rbs
[DrRumbaugh] Moss
[raj] I think I took Moss
[AndySaysSo] back
[DrRumbaugh] ah,
[raj] Unless manning was there
[DrRumbaugh] didn't see Raj's pick before
[raj] Who is left
[DrRumbaugh] so now it's my turn
[LetsGoTO] u want archie manning
[DrRumbaugh] hmmm
[raj] who has this written down, I'll call
[LetsGoTO] deshaun foster or k dyson
[RodGARdner] not be
[LetsGoTO] matt is keeping it on suffl.com
[RodGARdner] baugh did you take t henry
[DrRumbaugh] no, I have Edge
[DrRumbaugh] I will take Hines Ward
[RodGARdner] cool
[RodGARdner] speed
[RodGARdner] RW
[DrRumbaugh] Last Year's Stats
[RodGARdner] and?
[raj] matt are you looking at this on suffl.com?
[DrRumbaugh] Henry
[DrRumbaugh] yes, it's under "Ally"
[LetsGoTO] brooks
[AndySaysSo] i'm following along on SUFFL.com too
[RodGARdner] that's a nice team
[AndySaysSo] only thing is you have to click 're-enter draft room' to refresh it
[DrRumbaugh] Brooks it is
[RodGARdner] RW-TH&AB
[LetsGoTO] my team is to, s davis, and garcia...I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DrRumbaugh] Ricardo
[AndySaysSo] yes, that does suck
[LetsGoTO] dillon...he became a believer this offseason
[DrRumbaugh] Dillon it is
[RodGARdner] who's on my team?
[AndySaysSo] ? how do you know that
[DrRumbaugh] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[DrRumbaugh] it's Andy's turn
[AndySaysSo] ok let me check real quick
[DrRumbaugh] Raj, how was CO?
[raj] really fun
[raj] I went on a blind date
[AndySaysSo] uh oh, there's a bug in the draft
[AndySaysSo] oh well i'll fix later
[AndySaysSo] anyway
[LetsGoTO] predicting bledsoe and j horn here
[DrRumbaugh] oh yeah?
[DrRumbaugh] do tell
[LetsGoTO] she was blind?
[raj] not much, she was really nice, shy, attractive but not an eye catcher
[AndySaysSo] i thought Gar said no pepper? did you give him pepper?
[LetsGoTO] yep
[DrRumbaugh] does she read Stephen Ambrose?
[AndySaysSo] i'd take pepper at the end of the 3rd, no prob
[RodGARdner] that's how kristin describes jim
[raj] Gar I thought took Warner?
[raj] blah
[raj] blah
[raj] blah
[raj] blah
[raj] blah
[raj] blah
[AndySaysSo] is Warner still there?
[AndySaysSo] i'll take Warner and
[RodGARdner] lol
[LetsGoTO] kristin describes me as blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, but a beast between the sheets!
[raj] blah
[raj] blah
[LetsGoTO] warner is gone
[LetsGoTO] 8 teams have qbs
[LetsGoTO] bledsoe, green, brady are probably your next 3
[AndySaysSo] whose team is warner on?
[RodGARdner] kristin descibed jim to me once as a hip-hop rickie cunningham
[DrRumbaugh] no, Warner's still there
[LetsGoTO] unless you dib mcnair
[RodGARdner] richie
[AndySaysSo] Warner and Michael "last year's stats" Bennett
[DrRumbaugh] I thought Kristin described you as "sperm donor"
[DrRumbaugh] Bennett's out for year
[LetsGoTO] heck...i would have takien warner over garcia
[AndySaysSo] what?
[DrRumbaugh] but we'll give you Warner
[LetsGoTO] forgot that we gave dog warner and then recended
[AndySaysSo] when did you hear that?
[DrRumbaugh] sorry Jim
[RodGARdner] i may have gotten in late but i said barber and warner
[AndySaysSo] then i'll be bold -- Amos Zereoue
[AndySaysSo] ooooooh!!!!
[DrRumbaugh] who's kidding who? we're going to do this all over again next week
[RodGARdner] then someone said tiki was taken then we went to donut
* AndySaysSo surprise all around
[DrRumbaugh] Famous Amos on Naptime
[DrRumbaugh] Ric's back up
[LetsGoTO] speaking of sperm donor....drew is mad and krisitn is napping...gotta run.
[AndySaysSo] Zereoue: 1500 and 14 td's this year
[LetsGoTO] good mock, excellent mock.
[DrRumbaugh] actually, I might need to go too
[RodGARdner] better hope bettis stays injured
[DrRumbaugh] someone's going away party is happening
[DrRumbaugh] and I should make an appearance
[DrRumbaugh] and I should make an appearance
[RodGARdner] who's my team???????
[AndySaysSo] bettis will retire on Aug 22
[DrRumbaugh] then gotta hit it
[DrRumbaugh] Raj, call me tomorrow
[DrRumbaugh] want to chat
[DrRumbaugh] is that ok?
[RodGARdner] whhhhhooooo's my team
[DrRumbaugh] check it out on the site
[DrRumbaugh] or Andy can tell you
[AndySaysSo] 37, Pepper, J-Lew
[RodGARdner] oh peace-
[DrRumbaugh] this is but a taste, brothers
[DrRumbaugh] can't wait to do this at Yankee Stadium
<-- LetsGoTO (1Cust193.tnt1.dfw9.da.uu.net) has left #FridayChat
[RodGARdner] yeah boyee
[AndySaysSo] later
[raj] Matt, I'll call you tomorrow
[raj] bye
[raj] how do i log out
[AndySaysSo] just close this window