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[Matt] alright, it's 4
[Matt] where is everyone?
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[stewpot] dudes!
[Matt] hey there
[Matt] Andy's actually not here
[Matt] he's in some lunch meeting
[Matt] but he'll be along shortly
[Matt] but I'm here
[stewpot] Is Scott doing draft
[Matt] last I heard Meg was trying to find him a fare
[Matt] not sure if they've finally decided what to do
[Matt] Andy's been talking to her about it
[stewpot] Iam not too sure about the rule that would have given you Vick for a 7th
[Matt] so when he gets in here, we can ask
[stewpot] It descourages trading
[Matt] honestly, I doubt it changes that much
[stewpot] And gives people a double bonus for picking risky players late
[Matt] I happened to have a copy of last year's draft
[Matt] Vick was the only guy that would be a candidate
[stewpot] Seems like the reward of Vick being a stud and you keeoing him this year should be enough
[Matt] the players that guys will want will still be first round guys
[Matt] except for Vick, all the players that would be keepers this year would all require first round picks
[stewpot] Anyway I haven't really analized it that much
[Matt] guys like Vick are once in awhile
[Matt] seriously, don't think it will be that much of a factor
[Matt] either guys will use keeper like they do now
[stewpot] Like the year I took R Smith in the 8th?
[Matt] or use it to keep Jeremy Shockey in the 4th instead of sixth
[stewpot] So...first fight on the way to Boston?
[Matt] not real impact moves
[Matt] who? you and Andy? or just guessing overall?
[Matt] you mean first fight to break out among us?
[stewpot] No overall...Goodwin and I were making predictions on the phone the other day
[Matt] oh
[stewpot] Kern and Justin
[stewpot] Or Raj and Kern
[Matt] my guess is that things will be fine, but...
[Matt] yeah...Kern and JR together is a weird idea
[stewpot] Oh yeah
[Matt] Dave: "No doubt, Todd Pinkston will be the best WR in the league this year"
[stewpot] haha
[Matt] JR: "You CANNOT be serious"
[stewpot] It's not that he's wrong...it's how convinced he is.
[Matt] exactly
[stewpot] And then he denies it two min later
[Matt] yeah...I can see something like that happening
[stewpot] R U sleeoing?
[stewpot] I mean sleeping
[Matt] now or on the trip?
[stewpot] now
[Matt] oh sure
[Matt] I don't have to get up with Ally that much
[stewpot] Tori just turned 18 months
[stewpot] Temper tantrums
[Matt] if she wakes up to feed, that's KR's department
[Matt] if she wakes up around 6 and she's up for the day
[stewpot] About 10 per day
[Matt] I'll get up with her and let KR sleep
[Matt] temper tantrums = no fun
[Matt] our nephew is 3, almost 4
[stewpot] YEah it's good to let the ladies sleep
[Matt] totally into them
[Matt] such a drag
[Matt] sometimes he's ok
[Matt] but when he gets on a roll, he gets to be no fun
[Matt] which is sad to say
[stewpot] This is on Kristie's side?
[Matt] yeah
[Matt] our niece is almost 2
[stewpot] Is that how you spell her name?
[Matt] she's pretty funny
[Matt] Kristy
[stewpot] thanks
[Matt] the niece will maybe flip for a second
[Matt] but then right back into being her sweet self
[Matt] then flip again
[stewpot] Sombody wrote me the other day Krystal and Torie
[Matt] she's all over the place
[Matt] it's Kristal and Tori, right?
[stewpot] I hear 18 months to 3 years is the worst
[Matt] really?
[stewpot] yes
[stewpot] I only mean the worst for the tempers
[Matt] is part of that because you often have another right in that window
[Matt] ?
[stewpot] vocab still a little limited
[Matt] and the tantrum is a way to get attention?
[Matt] this is Matt, the non-child development expert asking
[stewpot] I think their world is so limited
[stewpot] when something doesn't work it is like their whole world is falling apart
[Matt] ah
[stewpot] plus the vocab thing-it is the only way to express themselves
[Matt] "I'm hot!!!!! I'm hot!!!!"
[Matt] "Now I'm cold...I'm cold!!!!"
[stewpot] Kristal read that most tantrums are in front of the parents because they feel more comfortable in front of them
[stewpot] haha
[Matt] at home, I feel like the tantrum wouldn't be a big deal
[Matt] I cringe at the thought of them melting down at the grocery store or something
[stewpot] Some parent's say "Wait till I get home and tell your Mom!"
[Matt] last night was Ally's night with Daddy
[Matt] Kristy had a meeting to go to
[Matt] didn't think she'd be hungry
[Matt] but sure enough...about 20 minutes after KR left
[Matt] and I didn't have the bottle ready
[Matt] so had to listen to some crying for a bit
[Matt] but then she chugged that sucker
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[Matt] Chris!
[Matt] come back
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[Matt] ah
[Matt] he's back
[Matt] now he's gone
[Matt] hmmm
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[AndyAtLunch] brothers and sisters!
[AndyAtLunch] oh
[AndyAtLunch] there's no one here
[Matt] I'm here
[Matt] but it's just me
[Matt] Chris was here for awhile
[AndyAtLunch] was it just him?
[Matt] but dropped out
[Matt] not sure if he had tech problems or what
[Matt] yeah, just him
[Matt] sad
[Matt] lonely suffl'ers
[Matt] smart of you to have the window open to post the transcript though
[AndyAtLunch] why thank you
[Matt] not that there's much there worth posting
[Matt] but posterity is important
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[Matt] oh myh
[Matt] now the party can start
[Matt] KK, welcome
[Matt] so far, this is pretty much the lamest chat ever
[LT] then I'll fit right in!
[Matt] hey now
[Matt] Chris was here for a bit
[Matt] but then left
[Matt] not sure if something came up or if his computer broke
[Matt] Andy's around somewhere
[LT] soooooooo - you guys are expecting right?
[Matt] who us?
[Matt] me and Kristy?
[LT] yeah? no!
[Matt] nope
[LT] oh, maybe i'm prophetic
[Matt] ours is just 3 months
[Matt] that would be a little sooon
[LT] oh yeah!
[Matt] although it happened to some friends of ours
[Matt] had a baby last July
[Matt] then another one this July
[LT] yikes
[Matt] they were shocked
[LT] it's a girl, what's her name?
[Matt] they did not plan that
[Matt] who, mine?
[LT] yours, not theirs
[Matt] Ally Elise
[Matt] Ally Elise Rumbaugh
[LT] Ally not allison
[Matt] correct
[LT] how's all that going?
[Matt] oh good
[Matt] she eats and sleeps and poops and cries
[Matt] but she laughs and smiles too
[LT] ain't that special :)
[AndyAtLunch] yo
[LT] Who's left to declare? Dan, andy and???
[AndyAtLunch] But Wait! there's more!
[Matt] Andy
[Matt] call Gar
[AndyAtLunch] this chat will not die!
[Matt] let's get this thing done
[Matt] RIc
[Matt] we'll see if he keeps Priest
[Matt] may decide not to and slot early
[Matt] keep his options open
[AndyAtLunch] ring ring
[AndyAtLunch] ring ring
[Matt] pretty sure he's not keeping anyone
[Matt] but we need to get confirmation
[AndyAtLunch] left vm for him
[Matt] would like to start PYS on Monday
[LT] yeah!
[Matt] after Gar is Dan?
[Matt] Dan will keep Ricky
[AndyAtLunch] to answer your question from several lines above, which I guess was addressed to me, yes we are expecting
[Matt] he's basically already told you that, right Andy?
[LT] that, i knew!
[AndyAtLunch] yes, Dan strongly confirmed that
[Matt] Andy's new team name should be...
[Matt] Need Condom
[LT] yes!
[AndyAtLunch] or,
[Matt] not sure what Scott would think about that
[AndyAtLunch] Condoms, A Barrier between You and Your Wife
[AndyAtLunch] but that's a little wordy
[LT] nonsense, the wordier the better!
[Matt] aka the Condoms
[AndyAtLunch] how bout the Trojans?
[AndyAtLunch] i could live with that
[Matt] heh
[AndyAtLunch] i see the t-shirt on campus every day -- Practice Safe Sex .... make love with a Trojan
[Matt] is that your best line with KT?
[AndyAtLunch] my best line?
[Matt] pickup line?
[AndyAtLunch] i don't need any, i'm so hot she just jumps me
[AndyAtLunch] wait, are we archiving this? then I was just kidding
[Matt] your call
[AndyAtLunch] well, i can do some editing to protect the innocent
[AndyAtLunch] which of course I always am
[AndyAtLunch] innocent of wronging my wife at all in the last 4 years
[AndyAtLunch] innocent of insulting teachers
[AndyAtLunch] innocent of insulting Jillian Pric3e
[Matt] that was weird, when that happened
[Matt] only time we've ever had wife interference with suffl email
[AndyAtLunch] was saving that picture for this chat
[AndyAtLunch] we use Netscape for email at work
[AndyAtLunch] and every day when I open Netscape there's a news page
[AndyAtLunch] that was on today's
[AndyAtLunch] Darryl's Illicit Lover's Lunch?
[Matt] hey now
[Matt] Kevin, maybe that's who you were thinking of
[Matt] Darryl and Cathy are expecting
[AndyAtLunch] Darryl's Sister's Lunch?
[AndyAtLunch] Darryl's Daughter's Lunch?
[AndyAtLunch] Darryl's Mom's Lunch?
[LT] so darryl and andy have babies on the way. is that all?
[Matt] think so
[AndyAtLunch] Madeira this month, if you're counting him as suffl
[Matt] true
[LT] Andy are you planning to keep faulk and draft 10th or you thinking of something wacky?
[Matt] wacky is sort of Andy's normal reality
[AndyAtLunch] planning to look at the keepers people declare
[AndyAtLunch] take a deep breath
[AndyAtLunch] call Scott just to keep up the appearance of a partnership
[AndyAtLunch] and make the call
[AndyAtLunch] probably keeping him though
[AndyAtLunch] but then Arnold probably wasn't going to run for Governor
[Matt] this could end up different than I originally envisioned
[Matt] first I saw more of a bunch up toward the back
[Matt] but now I see guys trying to get to the front more
[Matt] but what do I really know?
[AndyAtLunch] brb
[Matt] think that's it for me
[Matt] hopefully, we hear from the remainders by the time I get back on Monday
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