[AndyIsFull] no one?
[chatmattchat] no one but me
[chatmattchat] I've been chatting with myself
[chatmattchat] Goodwin made it sound like he would be here
[chatmattchat] alas
[AndyIsFull] wow
--> Jim (c-67-163-111-171.client.comcast.net) has joined #FridayChat
[AndyIsFull] I thought w/ the season in full swing we'd have some more action in here
[Jim] so for the tardiness
[AndyIsFull] speak of the Jimbo
[Jim] u guys talking bad about me
[chatmattchat] wow
[chatmattchat] I got out for a minute and now it's full
[Jim] andy...why are you full? lunch?
[AndyIsFull] yes
[chatmattchat] free lunch?
[AndyIsFull] new hire in the office, we all went to the Faculty Center
[Jim] JimIsEatingIceCream
[AndyIsFull] which is the nicest place on campus to eat
[chatmattchat] pizza?
[Jim] Except for the triple top secret place they take all the recruits to
[AndyIsFull] and if you know anything about our neighborhood, well, it's the nicest places within quite a large radius
[chatmattchat] I think i will organize my cd's this weekend
[AndyIsFull] saw Coach Carroll on my way there
[AndyIsFull] he was coming out of the gym with a basketball
[chatmattchat] Pete!
[AndyIsFull] all sweaty
[AndyIsFull] kind of turned me on
[Jim] did you scream, "the Cowboys are gonna kill the Jets this Sun!!!"
[AndyIsFull] if he made eye contact i was going to give him a nod and a "coach." but no
[AndyIsFull] i had the fish n chips by the way
[AndyIsFull] real fish, not the processed stuff you get at McD's
[Jim] matt--any deals in the works for you pior to kickoff
[chatmattchat] had some beginning conversations early in the week
[chatmattchat] haven't heard from anyone in a couple of days now
[chatmattchat] so, I suspect not
[chatmattchat] I won't be home much this weekend either, so I doubt anyone would be able to get ahold of me to do something
[chatmattchat] at least not by kickoff
[chatmattchat] is the Marshall Faulk Era over?
[Jim] can you do future trades...in other words could i finalize a trade today, but not have it take effect til next week
[chatmattchat] I think the site would let us do that
[chatmattchat] why would you?
[chatmattchat] why not just wait til Monday to finalize it?
[Jim] in case the guy i'm trading for has a monster game and they back out
[Jim] or the guy i'm trading gets hurt
[chatmattchat] oh...hmm
[chatmattchat] couldn't they back out anyway?
[Jim] but can't do it this week 'cause of bye week
[Jim] no, that's the thing, it would be finalized and on the books
[chatmattchat] seems like until the guy actually steps onto the field for you
[chatmattchat] interesting
[chatmattchat] I guess at some point we need to officially define when a trade takes place
[Jim] thinking the best way to do it, is to just finalize just after kickoff on sun...that way it goes into effect next week
[Jim] where did Andy go?
[Jim] to eat more fish and chips?
[chatmattchat] to poop his lunch would be my guess
[AndyIsFull] I'd say put it on the books whenever you want, but if you're allowing one or the other to back out you need to be very specific about under what circumstances that could take place
[chatmattchat] huh
[Jim] andy....at what point to you make the graph for this year, not last year
[AndyIsFull] I was thinking thru my opinion on this grave matter before the SUFFL court
[Jim] teh "see the race" graph
[chatmattchat] I've always thought that up until the player actually took the field for other team, teams could back out
[AndyIsFull] click on it
[AndyIsFull] click on it and you get this year
[chatmattchat] but that wasn't policy or anything
[AndyIsFull] that's just an icon
[chatmattchat] just random thinking on my part
[AndyIsFull] i always thought once both owners agreed, that was it
[Jim] ahh, nice
[AndyIsFull] there are some mechanics to work through there
[AndyIsFull] like, someone proposes a deal
[Jim] i'd say you could back out due to injury
[AndyIsFull] are they locked in if the other accepts?
[AndyIsFull] or do they have to sort of accept the acceptance
[AndyIsFull] i think that's how i always thought of it
[Jim] we need Priest to take a couple of weeks off to rest that hip of his
[chatmattchat] maybe the SUFFL institute should consider this subjec
[chatmattchat] looked up Dec 01 suffl messages
[AndyIsFull] maybe owners should agree in realtime
[AndyIsFull] by phone or chat
[chatmattchat] in week 12, I traded Priest and Key for Conway, Terry Allen and Jason Brookins
[chatmattchat] ugh
[AndyIsFull] or force people to do official deals through the site
[chatmattchat] Key, I don't care
[chatmattchat] but now I wish I had held onto Priest
[Jim] hmm, whatever happened to Brookins
[AndyIsFull] i'm sure glad i didn't trade for Faulk at the end of last year
[chatmattchat] we could do it through the site
[chatmattchat] that takes away the nebulousness
[AndyIsFull] if I did that I would have finished in last, plus I'd be down a RB this year
[chatmattchat] it's in the system
[chatmattchat] it's done
[Jim] now if moe gets you 170 and 3 tds this week....all be well in Camp Carnegie
[chatmattchat] me like Moe
[Jim] so what if Andy were to finish last again? would we rename his team, again?
[chatmattchat] Andy, you want O. Smith?
[Jim] loooooooong pause.............
[AndyIsFull] i'd take O Smith for like my Week 8 waiver
[chatmattchat] hmm
[AndyIsFull] but that's about it
[chatmattchat] ok, then
[chatmattchat] never mind
[Jim] matt--give me a political update. everything i've heard this week has been anti-bush, pro democrat. we in trouble?
[chatmattchat] you'll be sorry when Moe gets hurt and the O-man is running crazy
[AndyIsFull] i mean, he's not getting the ball, and i haven't heard that they're planning to use him any more, you?
[Jim] matt--do that! O smith may get like 20 carries the REST of the season
[chatmattchat] word is that they want to phase him in
[Jim] that waiver could fetch a player.
[chatmattchat] I'd rather have a player now
[chatmattchat] don't want to wait til week 8
[Jim] yea, but that player now is getting you NOTHING!
[AndyIsFull] not sure what I want with my week 4 waiver
[chatmattchat] by week 8, Smith could be ok
[AndyIsFull] if Henry's injury turns out to be more serious, i'd try for Pittman
[Jim] okay...so on to politics
[Jim] talk to me
[AndyIsFull] politics?
[AndyIsFull] came up at lunch today
[chatmattchat] still think Bush is ok
[AndyIsFull] i'm generally mute on the subject at work
[chatmattchat] there is, obviously, a strong anti-Bush sentiment out there
[Jim] geee, i wonder why
[AndyIsFull] because I'm a wuss
[chatmattchat] and he could help himself if he could help straighten out Iraq a bit more
[AndyIsFull] and when it comes down to it, i don't really know what i'm talking about
[chatmattchat] I think he should actually speak more about it
[chatmattchat] rather than just saying "everything's fine"
[AndyIsFull] i have a general idea, but I'd get eaten alive in an actual debate type setting
[Jim] why do you think he has been so "quiet" lately?
[Jim] what's the strategy there?
[chatmattchat] not sure...he has good individual relationships with press members
[chatmattchat] but overall, doesn't like the media stuff
[chatmattchat] I think Rove keeps him out of it
[chatmattchat] the thing is
[chatmattchat] I don't think there's a Democrat that can beat him
[Jim] is clark just a flash in the pan?
[chatmattchat] people are excited about Clark, but there's a lot of bad press about him
[chatmattchat] the biggest job he ever had, he got fired from
[Jim] btw--andy--i watched the calif debate
[chatmattchat] and you have scores of people that say he's smart, but a world-class jerk
[Jim] senor bustamante wasn't too bad
[Jim] could gore beat him?
[Jim] bush, that is?
[chatmattchat] Gore? no
[chatmattchat] no chance
[Jim] not even with the beard?
[chatmattchat] Gore's done
[Jim] when was the last time a president wore a beard while in office?
[chatmattchat] give me a minute
[Jim] pre fdr, i'm thinking
[chatmattchat] TR had a mustache, but no beard
[AndyIsFull] any facial hair since TR?
[chatmattchat] Taft had a mustache
[chatmattchat] and may have had a beard
[chatmattchat] let me look real quick
[AndyIsFull] Lincoln?
[Jim] all the more reason Dan Fouts should run for office
[AndyIsFull] between Lincoln and TR is an absolute mystery to me
[AndyIsFull] I know nothing about any of those prez's
[chatmattchat] stache, but no beard
[chatmattchat] for Taft
[AndyIsFull] Grant?
[chatmattchat] McKinley, no facial hair
[Jim] yea, probably him
[Jim] a mere 120 some years ago
[chatmattchat] Grover Cleveland is my official guess
[Jim] what if around christmas, hillary declares...any chance she wins?
[chatmattchat] ooooooooo no beard
[Jim] any chance she grows a beard?
[chatmattchat] Benjamin Harrison had a beard
[chatmattchat] from what I can tell...he was the last one
[Jim] never heard of the guy. any relation to Rodney?
[chatmattchat] grandson of William Henry Harrison
[Jim] oh come on...don't i even get a "heh" on that?
[chatmattchat] only grandson of a president to hold the office himself
[AndyIsFull] hmm
[chatmattchat] so, to Hillary
[chatmattchat] at this point, I don't think so
[chatmattchat] but there are rumors that she may still jump in
[AndyIsFull] was WHH the one who died a month after being in office?
[chatmattchat] she's raised a TON of money
[chatmattchat] yes, Andy
[chatmattchat] got a cold giving his speech
[AndyIsFull] pneumonia from the inaugural address or something
[AndyIsFull] ya
[Jim] what if Guliani jumped in as an independent..could he win?
[chatmattchat] I don't think Hillary could win at this point
[chatmattchat] because of the military angle
[chatmattchat] I think Bush's team would just hammer her on security
[AndyIsFull] the military might make a move on her if she won
[Jim] good luck with all that
[chatmattchat] War on Terror would take a big, big setback if she was president
[chatmattchat] Guliani, no
[chatmattchat] doesn't have enough time to raise money
[AndyIsFull] it's Fri afternoon, only 4 lineup submissions
[AndyIsFull] hmm
[Jim] well, our time is about up...last topic?
[Jim] my lineup is pending possible trade(s)
[chatmattchat] is the Marshall Faulk Era over?
[AndyIsFull] hopefully
[Jim] hmmm, i'd say yes and no...over in the since he dominates, but he's still dang good
[chatmattchat] not this year
[Jim] it would be real interesting to see what would happen if LT and Faulk switched NFL teams
[Jim] if the season ended today....would Faulk go in the first 2 rounds next year?
[chatmattchat] hard to say
[chatmattchat] somehow I think so
[chatmattchat] but not because of him, but moreso how few stud players there really are
[chatmattchat] I mean, after Priest, who's really a stud?
[chatmattchat] Ricky
[chatmattchat] TO, not this year
[chatmattchat] Marvin, not so far this year
[chatmattchat] other RB's have been up and down
[AndyIsFull] TO you would have said the same last year after 3
[chatmattchat] yeah, maybe
[AndyIsFull] i wonder if they'd trade Marvin cheap
[AndyIsFull] hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[chatmattchat] but TO or Priest?
[AndyIsFull] well, Priest
[chatmattchat] that's an easy call
[Jim] btw---who has the best keeper RIGHT now...Stacks (3rd for Coles), Stacks (6th for Hasselbeck), Ric (8th for D. Jax), Matt (10th for Ramsey), HAD (13th for Bulger)?
[chatmattchat] I'd say me or Andy
[Jim] told Raj i'd rate Marv like 4th in WR....if I were going to rank them for the rest of the year....he thought that was low.
[Jim] so they still think Marv is top 3
[AndyIsFull] hmm
[Jim] which one of Andy's?
[chatmattchat] HBeck
[AndyIsFull] i think Hbeck would be the better option
[Jim] you you'd rather spend a 10th on Ramsey than a 13th on Bulger?
[chatmattchat] I think so
[AndyIsFull] brb
--> ric (h00501809b681.ne.client2.attbi.com) has joined #FridayChat
[chatmattchat] maybe it's cause I'm local
[chatmattchat] but think Ramsey is a qb on a young team moving up
[Jim] actually, it may be Gar who could keep Buff D for a 14th rounder
[ric] wow, I made teh game
[chatmattchat] Bulger is on an older team maybe shifting down
[chatmattchat] Ric, you're just in time
[ric] I just got back from campus, surprised you are here
[Jim] we've been waiting for you
[chatmattchat] was a solo chat for quite some time
[Jim] Andy wants to tell you how bad Culpepper is going to stink it up the rest of the season.
[ric] Ramsey is good, partly because of the system and supporting cast
[chatmattchat] that's what I was thinking
[ric] Culpepper. I'll never forget Jim's comments when I picked him in the fourth round
[Jim] andy's first 4 rounds....faulk, henry, c mart, porter
[Jim] ouch
[ric] ///have you been on since 4?
[Jim] i got on like at 4:20
[chatmattchat] I've had the window open
[chatmattchat] but was doing work
[ric] Funny, I jsut did a program on Time Management last night and said that IM is one of the biggest wastes of time. Of course, the SUFFL chat room is the only one I do and you know how infrequently I do it
[chatmattchat] what were Jim's comment on Culpepper
[chatmattchat] my company has research showng how IM can increase productivity
[Jim] i made a joke about ex-wives
[chatmattchat] many, many, many companies setting up internal chat systems
[Jim] how you can't help but go back to them only to have your heart broken all over again
[chatmattchat] Dante is the 4th was a brilliant pick
[Jim] it'll happen...even more painful when it happens in week 9 than in week 2
[chatmattchat] liked it then, like it now
[Jim] right now...any QB taken after the 3rd was a brilliant pick
[Jim] heck...maddux in the 7th?
[ric] Jim laughed and said "That's like going back to your ex wife for the fourth time." Of course it was only teh second time I had Culpepper
[Jim] bulger in the 15th...collins and bledsoe in the 7th. br. johnson and mcnair in the 9th
[chatmattchat] don't forget about Vick in the first!
[Jim] yea...but it wouldn't have been that funny with just the "2nd" time inserted in the joke
[Jim] mcnabb, vick, warner, gannon, manning....all taken in the first 3 rounds
[Jim] manning is the best of the bunch to date...and guessing he's not in the top 10 in qb suffl scoring
[Jim] okay guys...gotta bolt.
[chatmattchat] bye Jim
[chatmattchat] where did Andy go?
[AndyIsFull] aw just when i get back from the crapper
[chatmattchat] ah
[ric] later jim
[Jim] have a good wknd.....look fwd to what topics andy comes up with when he sends out the link to this chat archive.
[Jim] and lastly...GO MCNABB!!!
[AndyIsFull] i hope pepper does ok
[AndyIsFull] otherwise Moe will suck
[Jim] oh yea...wanted to tell you that i heard a guy on the radio berate SI because they didn't include Syracuse in their "top 10" college sports towns
[Jim] OUT!!!
[chatmattchat] goodness
[ric] Andy I chatted solo last Friday at about 6. Is there any way to access that. (Not that I care, just wondering).
[AndyIsFull] no
[chatmattchat] love my school, but I wouldn't put Syracuse in the top 30 of college sports towns
[ric] Andy, sorry about the injuries
[AndyIsFull] the only archives are me copy/pasting what's here
[chatmattchat] Andy, I could send you my solo portion of chat
[AndyIsFull] sure why not
[chatmattchat] it was mostly ways of rhyming Matt and chat
[ric] Matt- how have you liked the Steelers D/PT
[chatmattchat] satisfied with them
[AndyIsFull] our readers might enjoy it
[chatmattchat] may switch to Seahawks as primary D after their bye
<-- Jim (c-67-163-111-171.client.comcast.net) has left #FridayChat
[chatmattchat] they're number one in our league so far
[ric] Saw Bob Costas, Joe Buck and George Will on ESPN late last night talking about baseball. Did you guys see it?
[chatmattchat] missed that
[ric] Nothing new, but Bob looked a little older
[AndyIsFull] hmm
[AndyIsFull] colts #2 in fewest pts allowed
[AndyIsFull] bucs #1
* AndyIsFull bow
[chatmattchat] had the Colts last year
[AndyIsFull] but only like #7 in suffl pts
[chatmattchat] they were better than I expected
[chatmattchat] especially at the end of the year
[chatmattchat] and with that
[chatmattchat] time for me to go
[ric] see you matt.
[AndyIsFull] i should run too - - later boyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzzz