Week of February 17, 2014
Mon. Ok, I think we can probably stop these now.. I am not a good and faithful servant when it comes to these :)

Week of January 21, 2013
Mon. Grilled chicken salad at East Coast Wings. Included bacon so perhaps the most healthy thing, but at least there were not fries involved...

Week of December 24, 2012
Tue. Really good ham / potatoes / lots of other stuff

Week of November 12, 2012
Mon. It's monday. My fantasy team is in the basement so I might as well record my lunch. worked at home today so PB&J, pretzels, bananna

Week of September 24, 2012
Fri. You pick 2 at Panera…chicken noodle soup and 1/2 turkey sandwich with an apple. Never mind that the apple looked like it had a worm in it..

Week of September 10, 2012
Fri. Chick-Fil-A. Figured the place would be wide open at 1:15 but the lunch rush was still on. c'mon folks, don't you know I'm hungry?

Week of August 27, 2012
Fri. Panera bread. You pick 2. Turkey something or other with asian seasame chicken salad. Apple as the side. But always tempted by the bread as the side item - I have CDD - carb deficiency disorder

Week of August 20, 2012
Tue. Qdoba mexican grille - some humongous burrito that I think weighed about 2 lbs. Still at the whole think. plus chips. oh and it's the south, so "sweet tea" too

Week of August 13, 2012
Mon. Poor Darryl hasn't had lunch since 2009. Nothing to see here.
Tue. This is a test

Week of November 2, 2009
Wed. Leftovers from last night's trip to Texas Roadhouse. Spent part of the day being mocked for SU's loss to Le Moyne Dolphins... yes in basketball

Week of August 10, 2009
Mon. Ok, I wonder if this still works...following my daughter's lead, I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich - bread toasted.
Tue. Sort of skipped lunch today. Had 2 bowls of all Bran for breakfast, then some mixed nuts about 10AM, then an apple a bit later, then a bananna, some coffee in there...and nows it's almost 5pm. Oh wait some Junior mints about 4pm, so that rounds out a perfect diet as far as I know
Fri. A new one today... peanut butter wheat crackers, an apple, water, some local red pepper flavored goat cheese - not bad. Except, now I'm hungry again... packing up tonight to head back to the Northeast...

Week of February 16, 2009
Tue. Grilled Racheal - which I guess is a Reuben with turkey and way too much butter on the bread and very greasy fries.

Week of February 2, 2009
Mon. Breakfast for lunch - not my favorite concoction at the Sybase Cafe but it stayed down.. Ommlette, corned beef hash (no not that kind of hash), sausage, and a slice of grapefruit.

Week of January 26, 2009
Mon. Peanut butter, honey and a lot of coffee.

Week of January 12, 2009
Thu. Panera's Chicken Chipotle... had a little spice but sorta wish it had more. But I was sick of getting bacon turkey bravo or Asian Sesame salad every time.

Week of January 5, 2009
Tue. Left over pasta, chicken and veggies from Friday night. Whatever did folks do without microwaves?

Week of December 29, 2008
Tue. I didn't eat lunch, but I did respond to a SUFFL email - and I agreed with John (well ok most of the time I agree with John)

Week of December 22, 2008
Wed. An old favorite, peanut butter and jelly. gotta save room for the Christmas eve dinner, after all

Week of September 8, 2008
Wed. More PB&J. and some grapes. and some orange cut fruit. I can never remember if it's cantelope or mellon or ... or maybe it's the wine I had for dinner?

Week of September 1, 2008
Thu. Ok, time to get back into this given football season is starting. Today was one of my favs - Asian Stir Fry. Added some hot sauce since those folks at the cafe have some wuss of spicey sauce that they add.

Week of June 23, 2008
Tue. Pasta Toss - veggies and wheat pasta - does this thing still work? Haven't responded in months... Oh and some Juice

Week of March 10, 2008
Fri. Figured it was time post one of these... left over stir fry from last night. Tasted good, but let's just say it didn't agree with me

Week of January 21, 2008
Tue. left over meatloaf and potatos from the Cheese cake factory. Ya know, one serving there (14 bucks) serves like 4 people

Week of December 24, 2007
Tue. Un-ending

Week of December 17, 2007
Mon. Meat Lasagna (about 8 lbs from what I could tell, but I ate most of it) with some weird spaghetti squash stuff. Wasn't too bad.
Tue. Tomato soup and grilled ham & cheese. Made by my lovely wife no less!

Week of October 15, 2007
Wed. Time to start eating lunch again - need to food to process trade offers. Pasta toss with veggies - even ate some that I didn't like...

Week of September 3, 2007
Tue. Some food here and there, but mostly pondered the great questions of life - for example, who to start week 1. Industry analysts have weighed in ...
Thu. On my way to get some munchies now. Not decided yet what unhealthy item I will get. But at least I know from this link that I'm not increasing my heart disease risk based on my waking time.

Week of July 16, 2007
Wed. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, green beans and some pinaple-orange Guava. If I was still in the south, I would have said "smashed" potatoes

Week of July 9, 2007
Tue. crunk (hey, it's now officially a word)

Week of June 25, 2007
Thu. A very dissapointing piece of Mandicotti from the company cafe. Usually the food ain't that bad, but today it was. Well, at least the bread was good.

Week of June 18, 2007
Mon. I didn't have lunch - it's a new diet I like to call "Too busy to eat"

Week of June 4, 2007
Tue. Hot ham and cheese on toasted bread with mustard and mayo, breadsticks
Thu. Calzone with chicken, onions and roasted red peppers. And a bunch o' cheese of course

Week of May 14, 2007
Fri. I already know what my lunch will be today - leftover pizza from last night. It's going to be tough to hold out until noon!

Week of April 16, 2007
Mon. PB& Honey and Butter. Apple and some mixed nuts. Kind of sounds like a I had a picnic with squirels, but that a vicious rumor

Week of March 19, 2007
Wed. Grill cheese and some Tomato basil soup. And some near expired OJ - think it was getting near the point where they should card for it.

Week of March 5, 2007
Tue. Plain & Simple today - just PB&J, jogurt, and some mid afternoon pop corn. H20 for da beverage

Week of February 19, 2007
Mon. Chicken Caesar sandwich from Panera. Got the chips as the side order but sorta feel like I should have gotten the fruit. I'm horribly behind on SUFFL eamils, wonder if people are making fun of my yet for not mailing the plaque to Gar. Oh wait, I need to get his name on it first.. dagnabbit, now I'm behind at yet another thing...

Week of February 12, 2007
Tue. leftover deli sandwich from yesterday's lunch with the guys

Week of January 22, 2007
Mon. New England clam chowder (that's chow-dah) with whole wheat saltines, followed by a plate of grapes, strawberries, and carrots. Oh, and a coke

Week of January 8, 2007
Tue. This is a test of the SUFFL Lunch broadcast system

Week of January 1, 2007
Wed. Made a Jersey Mike's stop after going to the gym. So my new year's resolution to get in shape is still alive and well as of Jan 3rd. Only 362 more days to go.

Week of November 27, 2006
Mon. Jersey Mikes over a conf call w/ chips and roooooooooooooot beer

Week of November 13, 2006
Mon. Ham, cheese, tomato soup, water, and a conference call. Lunch and work together, how efficient of me

Week of November 6, 2006
Mon. Two slices of fabulous pizza at Burke St Pizza. It's one of those hole-in-the-wall looking on the outside, great food inside places. 1 slice was peporoni and the other a delightful chicken pesto w/ veggies
Tue. Ham and cheese, heated and on toasted wheat bread w/mustarrd and some cheezits

Week of October 30, 2006
Mon. Turkey and Cheese on wheat with mustard. some cheeeeeeeeeeeezits and must have had something to drink but can't recall what it was...

Week of October 23, 2006
Thu. Turkey and Havarti wrap, no tomato. Fruit cup side. Iced tead (mixed sweet and unsweet for this northern boy in the south). Of course still needed some coffee.

Week of October 16, 2006
Mon. Bacon Turkey Bravo at Panera break.... hmm, now that's a stock I should have bought a while ago... (not that I am daring enough to buy individual stocks anymore)

Week of October 9, 2006
Tue. Hmm, it's 3PM, and I haven't managed to eat lunch yet... I'm either working too hard or over-contemplating what TO is worth on the open market
Wed. #7 at Jersey Mikes - lean turkey with all the fixins. Except tomatoes of course. Those are too squisshy and healthy for me. Also some corn chips and some clear carbonated liquid. Wasn't sprite, ginger ale or Slice.. but can't for the life of me remember what it was. Anybody got a good trade offer for TO?
Thu. Wendy's Chicken strips with ceasar side salad. Doc says Fries are bad for me. Then again, so is no exercise
Fri. A very tasty chick pesto and Rice with veggies. Glass of cabernet. hey, it's Friday ain't it?

Week of October 2, 2006
Wed. Chicken Salad Croissant, the special today at Master's Loft ( http://www.mastersloft.com/cafe/cafe.asp ) Had it with the fruit cup and some coffee. That is if you consider about 5 refills "some".
Fri. PB & J, bannana. Can't wait for the weekend. Actually, the weekend will be busier than the work week. What's up with that!!

Week of September 25, 2006
Tue. Leftover salmon over salad and some ranch dressing. That's the wild Alaskan stuff, not the hormone injected farm raised stuff
Wed. Ham and cheese on a croissant, coffee, water, and an oatmeal and raisin cookie. Guess I need to start thinking about waivers!!!

Week of September 18, 2006
Wed. Ham Turkey and Cheese with mustard, side of trade offers
Thu. Left over chicken pot pie and sweet potato. Oh, and just for good measure, stroked the plaque a few times. And no, that is not a sexual reference.

Week of September 11, 2006
Thu. Grilled Cheese and tomatoe flourentine soup, with saltines and an Iced Tea. Also some coffee just in case I didn't get enough caffeine from the tea

Week of September 4, 2006
Mon. Lunch with Cathy and the kids on the way back from the Yorks. My first lunch with the SUFFL plaque in my possession... Andy, I think I may have a few new pictures for SUFFL.com...
Wed. Asian Stir Fry at the company cafe... unfortunately no noodles option, just rice... what's up with that? My co-workers were no help trying to figure out boozled's starting lineup
Fri. Chicken Cashew Nut at the lemon tree on Middlesex Turnpike. Not bad, could have had a little more curry or whatever sauce they put on that stuff.

Week of August 21, 2006
Tue. Peanut butter, honey and butter sandwhich. Yeah it's bad for you but it's also bad for you in a good way. Also some grapes

Week of August 14, 2006
Mon. 1 PB & J and 1 PB & honey. Couldn't make up my mind, so just had both. Considering team name change to "Have another sandwich"
Tue. PB and butter and honey, an apple. That didn't get the job done though, I'm hungry already and it's only 4PM. I think some snacking is in my near future
Wed. Wendy's chicken strips Combo meal w/Sprite and Fries. Not to be confused with a value meal, or a biggie size, or kids meal for that matter. This is Wendy's, darnit.
Fri. Homemade corn chowdah, with grated cheese on top. Also some Saltine crackers and a glass of milk. Watched about 20 min of ESPN promo of the upcoming 5 game series between Bo Sox and Yankees. Down with NY!!!!!

Week of August 7, 2006
Mon. Peanut butter & jelly, goldfish
Thu. PB & J, Bannana, Water and Coffee. Heading out to the K & W for dinner. Don't believe anyone but Brian will know what the heck a K&W is

Week of July 31, 2006
Mon. Tasty chicken salad on a croissant, potato saled, sugar cookie, sprite, and some coffee

Week of July 24, 2006
Mon. PB & J, bannana, cheezits, water
Tue. I had several courses today... started with tomato basil soup, followed by grill cheese, then a bit later a peanut butter cookie, and then some good ol southern sweet tea, then just a bit ago hershey's with almonds. OK, that last thing was more like a snack but you know you wanted to know, right?

Week of July 10, 2006
Mon. Gee whiz, I really need to get back into the grove of eating lunch these days
Tue. few quick bites of leftover pizza and some apple slices. Should have squeezed in some SUFFL rules...

Week of July 3, 2006
Thu. Gee whiz, I really need to get back into the grove of eating lunch these days

Week of June 19, 2006
Mon. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cheezits, cookies and jogurt. Or Yo-ger-it as my daughter calls it
Tue. Took more of the grazing approach today - you can do that when you work at home - so no real lunch hour but between 10 and 2 had some mixed nuts, an apple, bannana, fruit bar, handful of cheezits and some H20.
Wed. A couple o' slices of chicken quesadilla from Quadoba. I'm not sure I spelled either of those Q words very well
Thu. Finished off the casa-diyaas from yesterday. also shared some apple and watermellon with Lindsay
Fri. Caesar salad, pasta salad, Dr Pepper, chocolate chip cooookie cooookie coooookie

Week of June 5, 2006
Fri. Chicken Pot pie - bring on the free "you had a baby" meals

Week of May 15, 2006
Tue. chicken salad on a toasted, sesame bagel. Dannon peach yogurt. Mix of skim white and organic chocolate milk. Useless side note - the chocolate milk has a label that reads shake well and drink often. Why can't I drink well and shake often?
Fri. Some leftover brocolli and cheese quiche (keesh?), jogurt and some mandarin orange seltzer. whooooooooo oooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Week of May 8, 2006
Mon. Tomato soup (w/gold fish instead of crackers), half a pb&j, and an apple We watched the movie "Super Size Me" this weekend - perhaps that will keep me away from fast food for a while.
Tue. I took some ham, turkey and grated cheese, added some mustard and two slices o' bread, then heated in da microwave for about 1min. Tastes pretty good. Also some grapes
Wed. Leftover chicken ?quesadilla (Case-A-Dee-ya) from last night's dinner that wife only ate half of. PS - That plan of mine to stay away from cheeseburgers didn't work - had one last night for dinner. But at least it wasn't from a fast-food place.
Thu. Ham, Turkey and Mozzeralla cheese. Hey, it was the only cheese in the house. An apple, some seltzer and, um....guess that's about it. Watching the BoSox trying to hang on to a 4-3 lead as I type this....
Fri. Didn't really have lunch today, saving room for my Friday afternoon diet of chips, wings and a couple o' brewskis with the fellas

Week of May 1, 2006
Mon. Never mind lunch, I'm watching Red Sox Yankees... ok, so it's a little past lunch time that I am catching up on email
Thu. Chicken "Philly", Chips and Root Beer. The peppers on that thing were not so good, maybe they were sweet peppers or some such. Not getting those next time.
Fri. leftover pasta and peppers.

Week of April 24, 2006
Tue. Hmmmm. One of these days, I really need to have some lunch
Wed. Chic-Fil-a with those cool waffle fries and a Dr pepper. But I did have a grilled chicked sandwich, so that counts for something, right?
Thu. Chic-Fil-a with those cool waffle fries and a Dr pepper. But I did have a grilled chicked sandwich, so that counts for something, right?
Fri. mishmash of carrots, bananna, some cheeze-its, and grapes. The real story was yesterday's lunch - leftover Thai food..yum!

Week of April 10, 2006
Mon. Hot Turkey and provolone, spicey mustard on wheat. Some chips and Ginger ale...

Week of April 3, 2006
Mon. Tomato soup and a grill cheese off the George Forman grill. Does this mean I can now challenge Evander to a fight?
Tue. Turkey and havarti wrap, but forgot to ask for no tomatos, so an uncharicteristically healthy lunch - even a fruit cup instead of fries/chips. I'll make up for it at dinner
Wed. #7 sub at Jersey Mike's. That's a turkey and provelone for those who care. Also chips and a caffeine free root beer. The line was long but at least they have baseball on the TV
Thu. #7 sub at Jersey Mike's. That's a turkey and provelone for those who care. Also chips and a caffeine free root beer. The line was long but at least they have baseball on the TV

Week of March 27, 2006
Wed. Ham, cheese, ranch dressingo on wheat and some grapes. Watch an uplifting story on CNBC about oil prices going up next year.

Week of March 20, 2006
Wed. Peanut Butter, butter and honey sandwich. Otherwise known as bee spit, cow fat and squirrel food. And an apple

Week of March 13, 2006
Tue. PB&J and Tomato soup. Also a bunch of chocolate. Hey, I was doing my wife a favor by eating it and getting it out of her sight, right?
Wed. PB & J on a Raisin bagel, apple, and some goldfish (the snack type, not like that guy did in A Fish called Wanda)
Fri. I took the recommendation of the cow and ate more chiken. (Chick Fil-a for those of you that don't follow the reference). Yes, I'm filling this out on Saturday.. wonder how suffl.com will react

Week of February 13, 2006
Thu. Grilled Ham & Swiss at the Master's Loft. Side of fruit and of course the free cookie. Oh, and some coffee. But forgot my VPN card so had to borrow an access code from GK

Week of February 6, 2006
Tue. Ham and Swiss wrap, fruit salid, Perrier. I'm not really that uppity, but Perrier's the only non-soda bubly they have at this place.
Wed. I pretty much skipped lunch today...had a few biscuits with peanut butter on them at about 3PM, but that was about it.

Week of January 30, 2006
Mon. Jersey Mike's club sub - that's Ham, Turkey cheese, with the optional mustard and lettuce. No mayo, so went with some bacon. Evens out, right?

Week of January 23, 2006
Fri. Turkey, ham, cheese, spicey mustard, and chopped red pepper on wheat bread. Followed up by some coffee of course

Week of January 16, 2006
Mon. some home-made concoction (not by me of course) with pasta and vegetables
Thu. Another wonderful day at the Sybase cafe. We like to call it Mongolian Firepot day, aka stir fry. I got the hot sauce
Fri. Ham and Havarti, potato salad, and busyness

Week of January 9, 2006
Wed. Had the triple decker at the West End Cafe - very tasty. Good side pasta & vegetable salad, could have done without the olives though
Thu. Leftovers from yesterday's triple decker, plus and apple and a Dora the Explorer yogurt. That's right, stole it right out of my daughter's hand.
Fri. The other half of last night's "Giant" Chicken Philly from Jersey Mike's. Jersey Mike's, in North Carolina. Is that like having a "Billy Bob's Shrimp 'n Grits" on the Garden State Parkway?

Week of January 2, 2006
Wed. Grilled Ham & Swiss, coffee, water, fruit cup.
Thu. Wendy's Chicken strips (that's the #6 for yous followin at home)

Week of December 19, 2005
Tue. well, with the holidays approaching, I decided to start eating again. Or at least start recording the eating...smoked turkey on sourdough. Asked for no tomatoes but got them anyway. what gives?
Wed. Grilled chicken club, coffee, H20, fruit cup

Week of November 14, 2005
Wed. Turkey and havarti wrap, potato salad, H20 and coffee

Week of October 24, 2005
Thu. 1 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich and 1 PB and honey...

Week of October 17, 2005
Tue. Some healthy fare... hamburger and vegetable stew, made by Cathy and in the crockpot. had it yesterday too. following up with an apple, trying to fight off the first cold of the season
Fri. Grilled chicken club with bacon, mayo and tomato on a croissant. Some Dr. Pepper. Updated my co-owner on our powerful 2nd round supplemental pick. We now have two guys on our team named Cedrick

Week of October 10, 2005
Tue. 2 Peanut Butter sandwichs, 1 with honey and the other with Jelly. side of banana chips and bad Java coding
Wed. fresh ground peanut butter organic jelly on fresh baked bread. Well, at least I've had one meal in my life without chemicals...
Thu. I "picked two" at Panera Bread.... cream of chicken and wild rice, and half a bacon turkey bravo. They even threw in a free coffee.

Week of October 3, 2005
Mon. Nothing! Unless you count the occasional munching. But, I did have two breakfasts - sausage biscuit at 6AM and then a waffle at 8:30. Sort of hobbit like I guess
Wed. Ham, Turkey, provolone, salad dressing, OJ, strawberries, bannana chips, and some mixed nuts. hmm, must be almost time for coffee and ice cream
Fri. None, too busy a day

Week of September 26, 2005
Tue. Ham and Provolone on this wicked good bread (Said with a Boston accent ). Also a half sandwhich of PB and honey and butter. Mmm mmm good.
Wed. I think I'm turning Japanese - some shrimp and vegetable tempura, fried rice. Not so crazy about the vegetables having batter on them....
Fri. Grilled chicken club. Go Red Sox!!!

Week of September 19, 2005
Fri. Leftovers - 2 pieces of herb chicken & goat cheese pizza; half of a turkey bacon sandwich. Contemplating McNair vs Brady... hmmm

Week of September 5, 2005
Fri. Turkey and Havarti on a Crossaint.. Crossaunt? Whatever - it's french

Week of August 29, 2005
Mon. Tuna Salad on wheat, bananna, some kind of snack bar in a green shiney wrapper
Wed. A Bocca burger with swiss and sauteed onions, some baked Lay's and a ginger ale. All at the fabo Sybase cafe

Week of August 22, 2005
Mon. Tuna Salad, Canada Dry - straight from the 2 Litre bottle. Off to reheat some hamburger and roasted red pepper pizza. WDA????

Week of August 15, 2005
Tue. leftover pasta with brocollli
Thu. Indian Buffet at Nawab with my wife.

Week of August 8, 2005
Wed. Wow, after a few weeks of no lunches, I was hungry. So hungry that I skipped lunch, munched throughout the afternoon on yogurt, gorp, coffee. Yes, coffee is a food to me. Actually, yesterday I at enough lunch for 2 days - Steak n Cheese sub, Chips, and like a 32 oz Root Beer. Ah, just when the pants were starting to feel a bit loose.
Fri. Grilled Chicken Club, hold the tomato, fruit salad, equal parts coffee and water & a chocolate chip cookie Contemplating PYS position, pretending it matters

Week of July 25, 2005
Mon. Ham and Turkey on wheat with Honey Djon salad dressing. out of Mayo and Mustard I guess. Ate while on clown conf call
Tue. A "light sampler" - which was pasta salad, chicken salad and canned fruit. So, with all that mayo in the two salads and the sugar in canned fruit, not sure how it's light. Course a Dr. Pepper as a drink probably doesn't help.
Fri. Wendy's #1 combo. Why do I do that to myself????

Week of July 18, 2005
Wed. Ham and Swiss wrap. Forgot to ask for no tomatoes. Those things are way too healthy. I really need to catch up on my SUFFL email one of these days.
Fri. I had a Turkey and Havarti wrap. Poorly made, I might add. Spilled all over the place as I ate it. Kind of reminds me of how life can be at times. But God offers a very big napkin.

Week of July 11, 2005
Mon. Turkey, Ham and mustard on wheat. and some Orange gatorade. Grapes. On vacation - ye-hah

Week of July 4, 2005
Tue. Tuna Salad and Baked Lay's. Also some water and a bannana. Now I think it needs to be followed up by a Latte for sure

Week of June 27, 2005
Tue. some variety today.. egg salad on seed-filled bread and a side of pasta salad. Too bad the pasta salad had those little tomatoes in there.. me no likey those
Wed. Turkey and Havarti wrap, potato salad at Master's Loft cafe. Too much mayo in the pot salad if you ask me...but it's still good

Week of June 20, 2005
Tue. leftover pizza from last night - hamburger, pepper, cheese... mmmm

Week of June 13, 2005
Tue. PB & J, some pringles, water, and watched a few scenes from the classic - Godzilla, King of All Monsters!
Wed. More peanut butter, more jelly, more pringles....hmm it's 4pm and the Budha is hungry again. Off to the kitchen I go...
Thu. Salad, honey mustard dressing, a Mounds bar, some milk and a bannana. That's the 4 food groups, right?

Week of June 6, 2005
Wed. I had Oriental Chicken pot stickers - or some lean cuisine type thing. Not bad, except now I'll probably have a bunch of snacks to cancel it out

Week of May 30, 2005
Tue. Pad Thai. Not exactly Teak Thai (no one in SUFFL will get this reference), but I'll take it. Could have had some more spice

Week of May 23, 2005
Wed. Half a turkey/havarti on wheat with lettuce. Forgot to ask for mayo/mustard though... Doh! Had lunch with my nephew, who graduated from 8th grade yesterday. hey, any excuse for a meal out, right?
Thu. Left over turkey and havarti, pasta from yesterday. H20. Conference calls and lunch, what a nice combination

Week of May 16, 2005
Mon. half sandwich of Tunafish, half sandwich of chicken salad, some red gatorade. Today my new blackberry 7100t arrived. oh yeah, a new toy!
Wed. The buffet and Nawab Indian Cuisine. With my wife. Good food and good company, does it get any better?

Week of May 9, 2005
Tue. Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Week of May 2, 2005
Mon. Crap - it's 3PM and I haven't eaten lunch yet. Of course, I did have cereal at about 7AM followed by 3 mongo pancakes at about 8:30. Well, time to go re-fill the tank...
Wed. Bannana and some yogurt. Again, tanked up in the AM with a bagel and a scone, so didn't need as much nourishment. Also grazed on some trail mix. Mute button is very useful for grazing during conference calls
Thu. very dissappointing chicken fingers and fries from a place called "Goody's" Not going back there again. Drive thru took like 10 minutes

Week of April 25, 2005
Mon. Peanut Butter and Jelly, salad
Fri. Tomoato soup, PB&J on an English Muffin, lots of Gatorade, and about 20 minutes of OJ simpson beyond the glory (or one of those ESPN tell-alls)

Week of April 18, 2005
Thu. Wendy's chicken strips, Pibb, and the side Ceasar salad - which by the way, along with the bacon and dressing, is probably just as fattening as the fries
Fri. Margherita Pizza and a salad. Too bad, no margheritas though. I'm positive I misspelled that word

Week of April 11, 2005
Tue. Tomato soup and organic peanut butter and jelly. I think I tend to prefer all the preservatives, but what the heck.
Wed. Didn't really have a lunch, but instead lots of snacks: bannana at 10AM, fruit bar at 11, apple at 12:30, mixed nuts at 3PM....ok, you get the idea!
Thu. About a pound and a half of left over spaghetti and meatballs. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but that's kind of how it feel in my stomach. Washed down with some OJ

Week of April 4, 2005
Mon. Grilled chicken club. Lots of bacon - it is the South you know. Side of potato salad and root beer.
Tue. Slimy turkey at the Sybase Cafe. How do they ruin a turkey and cheese spinach wrap? there should be some "old reliables" oh well
Thu. corporate catered lunch...sandwich, chips, soda, water, cookies
Fri. Meatball sub & chips from Jersey Mike's. Very interesting ordering a sandwich while the employees are bickering

Week of March 28, 2005
Tue. PB&J, Tomato soup, saltines and some Water. Oh, and an install of Secure CRT on Cathy's laptop. After all, you never know when you'll need a good SSH client.
Wed. Macaroni Grill. More than half of that meatball lasagna is in my fridge right now. What do you expect when they give me all that salad and bread before the meal?

Week of March 21, 2005
Tue. Tomato soup, some NY-style pita crackers, bannana, H20 Helped my wife critique a proposed new course at the seminary. Ok, I more just listed to her critique.
Thu. Hmmm, I'm getting lax again on the lunches. Does this update yesterday's or todays? Yesterday we did some takeout from Nawab, very good Salmon ticka

Week of March 14, 2005
Mon. Ham, Turkey and cheese on Seeduction bread (bread with lots of seeds in it). No mayo in the house so went with mustard and ranch - not a bad combo. My gatorade was frozen so sipping it as it melts...
Tue. Salad and half sandwich, iced tea. Salad: Caesar. Sandwich - club, no tomato. (tomatoe for certain VP's)
Wed. Grilled ham and cheese, tomatoe soup, lotz of ritz crackerz
Thu. Microwave pizza and some NCAA bonus coverage

Week of March 7, 2005
Tue. Microwave Pizza, side of baked apples. Hey, it's better than eating at the Sybase Cafe!
Thu. A "Lucky Club" from Lucky 32's. That is, turkey, ham and harvarti, hold the bacon and tomato. Oh, and I know it's only Thursday, but washed it down with an Old Peculiar
Fri. Leftover half of sandwich from yesterday's lunch. Some grapes. No Old Peculiar today. See http://www.theakstons.co.uk for the Old Peculiar home page. Man, that site is lame.
Week of February 28
Mon. Peanut butter, jelly, aqua, side of chocolate bar. Had to dodge the guy putting in the new dishwasher. The wuss had to turn off the power first...imagine that!
Tue. Trail mix with almonds, some sort of green seed, orange sticks and peanuts. Bannnnaannna and PB&J.

Week of February 21
Mon. Some grilled cheese, a bannana and a cinamon bar (not pure cinnamon, but not sure exactly the contents). No worky today...aren't those Presidents nice to do that for us
Tue. Tomato soup, saltines, quishe. I know, I know, real men don't eat that stuff. Also some applesauce, maybe not so manly either?
Wed. Turkey meatloaf and salad from whole foods. Nice change from the Peanut butter rut
Thu. UK Fare...cheese sandwiches, some kind of shrimp with some kind of stuff on it, plenty of tea, and some fruit. I'm definitely headed for a nap before dinner

Week of February 14
Mon. Left over piece of chicken from Fri. night dinner, slice o' cheese on a hamburger roll. Followed up by a Jello-Brand Pudding snack. It's always fun eating during a noon conference call.
Wed. PB&J, Bananna, H2O, some girl scout cookies. Favorite girl scout cookie? Have to go with Caramel deLites, the Thin Mints are a close second.
Thu. PB&J, Tomato soup. H20. Not feeling like Coffee today...think I'll go fetch some hot chocolate...

Week of February 7
Tue. Some more tomato soup and grill cheese. And a Wendy's salad from yesterday. A word of advice: don't ever eat a day old Wendy's Salad.
Wed. Wendy's Chicken Strips combo meal. It's like 60 degrees here, had to get out and enjoy the weather.
Fri. Pastrami, Russian dression, cole slaw on Rye. But somehow it wasn't called a Reuben. Isn't that a Rueben? Maybe it's a southern thing.

Week of January 31
Mon. A cheeseburger and fries from some burger joint I've never heard of. Hey, it was on the way home from the Dr.'s office, and I was hungry. So why not.
Tue. Old reliable...some PB&J, yogurt, cinammon bar. Watched 15 min of Don Shula's demise in Miami on ESPN classic.
Wed. tomato soup and grilled cheese. mmmmm
Thu. Home-made chicken vegtable soup. Healthy and tastes good. what a deal.
Fri. 234,345,322 (give or take a few mil) calories of intake via Wendy's chicken strips value meal. Why yes, I would like to biggie size that.

Week of January 24
Tue. Tomato soup and crackers.
Wed. Some beef and something or other soup from Whole foods, and a bannana. Thinking about how the Pats inside LB's will play McNabb.
Thu. Went to Tripp's - a chain down here in NC, not sure where else. Had a burger and sweeet tea. Maybe Tripp's is owned by that fella that used to play keyboard at Prime Time.
Fri. Grilled Ham & Cheese with potato chips, Root beer. A fabulous Friday lunch.

Week of January 17
Thu. Grilled ham and cheese. Now Dave, not hammy and cheese.

Week of January 10
Mon. Well, since the fasting ain't working, might as well start having lunch...PB&J on a toasted english muffin, Pria bar, yogurt, H2O, followed by cinamon tea.
Tue. More peanut butter. more jelly. more cowbell. Watched a couple chapters of Apollo 13 to motivate my technology-challenged brain into action.
Wed. A couple of frozen pizzas, some yogurt. Then proceeded to spill a glass of water all over my desk. hey, at least now my desk is clean.
Thu. Pizza Pizza. Bananannananana. Caffeine and H2O. Go Pats Go.


Week of November 15
Mon. Tomato soup with soup crackers, peanut butter and jelly on 7 grain seedlicious bread from Whole Foods. Hey, maybe SUFFL can get ad revenue when I mention name brands? Or then again maybe some corporate attorney would try and sue SUFFL's deep, deep pockets.

Week of October 25
Mon. PB & J on seven grain, bannana, yogurt. Followed by a wonderful 1.5 hour dental appointment. Oh, in the South it appears they clean your teeth for 45 minutes then talk to you for another 45.
Wed. Tomato soup and crackers. Some SUFFL trade talk.

Week of October 18
Wed. Some salad from whole foods and left over Pappa John's pizza. Even my wife can't wait for the Sox-Yankees game.
Thu. More left over Pappa John's pizza. In honor of Big Papi David Ortiz! Oh, and some noodles from Whole foods.

Week of October 4
Mon. I had the Sheppard's pie at the Cranston Cafeteria. Wondering if the web master could tell us how many hits have come from behind citizensbank.com (my beloved client)...I appear to have a following... (Ed. note: Well, I found one hit from citizens, from the PC id'd as host-12-154-167-149.citizensbank.com. Some "following" you've got there. You're not hitting on some secretary are you? You know how irresistable SUFFL is ... Also from the stats page: people have searched for the following phrases and landed on SUFFL -- "bar", "minnestone" (sic), "new born baby boy", "index of/ jpg babes", "babes index jpg", "nfl minimum roster requirements by position", "mommy beach", "listening to dan patrick show", "prosquito", "molly mchargue", "vampatella john", "au give me back my gold", "1 rueben altavista.com -2004 -contact -e-mail", "last president with a beard." Most of those are the work of the chat archive.)
Tue. Turkey and Provolone, mayo, and fries. Guess that rumors of my following at Citizens have been greatly exaggerated. Thought for the day - If you eat the second half of a sandwich with mayo 3 hours later, do you get sick?

Week of September 27
Mon. Wonder if this will work. (Ed. note: Send me an eggroll. On 2nd thought, don't -- chinese food in NC? Has anyone from NC ever even seen a Chinese person?)
Wed. Panera Bread Soup & Salad (chicken noodle & Ceasar). While finishing my sweat tea, perused http://www.beckerleg.com/
Thu. You wouldn't believe it if I told you. OK, I'll tell you. Lean Cuisine stir fry. that was pathetic so followed up with 4 chocolate chip cookies.
Fri. Chicken Kaaaaabobs (Said with the voice of Bubba in Forest Gump) over rice. Ok, he would say Shrimp Kaaaabobs, but you get the idea.

Week of September 20
Mon. Tomato soup, PB & J, H20. It's perfect weather here today.
Wed. Grilled ham & cheese, chips, root beer ... at the wireless cafe (working "from home").
Thu. Apple - hand carved by yours truly. Some trail mix from Harris Teeter's. PB&J on a wheat English muffin, water. Many miles away, on the shore of a dark Scotish lake, the Red Sox are catching the Yankees. (Editor's note: The Sting/Police reference was not lost on me.)

Week of September 13
Mon. PB&J - a great way to start the week. Also some deviled eggs left over from Friday's book club. No, of course I didn't read the book.
Wed. Turkey and Havarti wrap, root beer and wireless internet at http://www.mastersloft.com.
Fri. big provelone burger with sauteed onions, peppers, and lettuce. Fries and sweet tea (the only tea in the South). Jake Delhomme says hi.

Week of September 6
Tue. Tomato soup, toast....and a South Carolina peach
Thu. Tomato soup, a tasty cinnamon bar, some grapes. Lindsay took a nap...zzzzz...so we ate in peace and quiet....ahhhhh

Week of August 30
Wed. Whhooooooooooooeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I actually did a lunch update. Does anyone care what i ate? (Ed. note: What the hell kind of question is THAT?)

Week of August 23
Thu. Box Lunch of Turkey, cheese, lettuce while at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Faculty retreat. As Chris remarked to me on the phone recently - who ever thought 15 years ago that I would attend a faculty retreat anywhere?

Week of August 2
Tue. Something that tasted like Ribs from the Citizens Bank cafeteria. Mashed potatos and beans. Kind of like dinner.
Wed. Turkey and Provalone on a sub roll. Some cold fries that I had to microwave, even though they were under the heat lamp.
Thu. Tomato Soup and grill cheese sandwich. Followed by an after lunch snooze. (hey, my delayed flight didn't land until after midnight last night, I need some catch up zzzz's)
Fri. Turkey and Havarti at http://www.mastersloft.com. Free wireless internet is cool.

Week of July 26
Mon. Pulled pork sandwich and salad, ice water.
Tue. Pulled pork sandwich...again. hey, there were alot of leftovers, OK? Also some jogurt and grapes. (Ed. note: What the blazes is a pulled pork sandwich? Sounds like you have to dig your fingers into a pig's shoulders or something.)
Wed. You don't know what pulled pork is? Why, it's a southern delight. Today, just went with tunafish on toasted bread. You've heard of that one I hope.
Thu. Microwave pizza & an Apple. Six pack of beer. (Ed. note: Really? I thought my 20 oz. Sapporo at Pei Wei might have been pushing it last night.)
Fri. No, the six pack thing was a test to see if anyone was listening. Supporo is a great bear. Today, I had a Turkey Reuban. Hmmm, I wonder if I can type enough in this field to generate a buffer overflow attack. (Ed. note: Is Supporo some kind of Japanese mythical bear creature? Or maybe you meant Sapporo the beer?)

Week of July 19
Mon. 2 slices of hawaiin pizza, an apple and orange "vitamin water" I'm sure the vitamin water is a rip-off but maybe offsets the pizza?
Thu. Pulled pork sandwich, OJ, and a brownie covered with crushed orea cookie. What healthy diet?
Fri. McDonald's McNuggets, McRootBeer, & McAteryHardeningFries. Tastes so good at the time, now pledging never to eat it again - until next week.

Week of July 12
Wed. PB & J, Yogurt, Diet Sprite. Ate in the 11th floor of our Myrtle Beach hotel room. [Ed. note: hopefully not with some chick he just met.]
Fri. 6.95 special at the sports bar - steak, potato and side salad. And a couple Amber's.

Week of July 5
Mon. Leftover pastrami sandwich, re-heated mac & cheese, bananna, H20 and coffee. Can you tell I work from home?

Week of June 28
Fri. Medium club at Jersey Mikes with some "Sweet Tea" - that's the default in these heer parts.

Week of June 14
Wed. Whew, that was a long break between lunches! PB & Apricot jam, chips, milk, tomato soup and saltines. Yeee haw.

During the weeks of May 31 and June 7, our snacking hero was in a state of transition, shall we say.

Week of May 24
Mon. Primo burger - aka burger with marinara sauce. Told stories about breaking leases and weasel real estate brokers.
Fri. Chinese Buffet. Followed by a trip to Radio Shack. Now that's a manly man's lunch.

Week of May 17
Mon. Ham and Cheese on a bagel. Yes, for lunch. With fries. How about a Fresca??
Tue. Fried Chicken & Rice. preparing my stomach for Southern cooking...
Wed. Peanut Butter and Jelly on wheat, Apple Cinnamon whole foods bar, coffee.

Week of May 10
Mon. Ravioli and Chicken Parmisgania. Talk about sleep inducement. I blame by boss, he paid for it.
Tue. Pasta and meatballs, salad sans dressing, gatorade. Ate outside since it's 82 today.
Wed. Peanut Butter and Jelly on a hamburger bun, yogurt, H2O, and some other ingredient I can't recall.
Thu. Portobello and chicken salad. Hey, can't eat unhealthy everyday.

Week of May 3
Wed. Turkey Club on wheat. Too much mayo. No Vodka. Yes, Andy, this is a test. [Ed. note: Vodka? Iiiii've got something BETTER than VOD-ka *zzzip*]
Fri. Bacon Turkey bravo & root beer. The same thing I have every time I go to Panera's. Anyone know something better than Bravo?

Week of April 26
Mon. Leftover Vodka Penne from Polcari's. Very tasty even the second time. Bread, butter, but no red wine in the Sybase Cafe :(
[Ed. note: Don't we know someone who has something better than vodka?]
Tue. Baked potato with "mile high" toppings - chile, cheese, brocolli. Side salad. Thousand island dressing
Thu. Egg Salad w/ Lettuce on a tomato wrap. Postulated that this *must* be the Red Sox's year.

Week of April 19
Wed. Buffalo Chicken Wrap...lettuce...blue cheese. Determined that we have too much to do and not enough time to procrastinate

Week of April 12
Mon. Egg Salad and lettuce on a wheat wrap. Some red gatorade. Discussed the logistics of a Springstein concert in Fenway Park.
Wed. Stir Fry super fly!
Thu. Ham and Cheese on a Pannini with herb mayonaise. And some animal crackers...

Week of April 5
Mon. 4 re-heated pieces of Pizza. And a red Gatorade. Is Gatorade **really** named after some drink given to the Florida Gators?
Tue. Tomato Soup, grilled cheese, and one crying baby.
Wed. David's very own stir fry with spicey oyster sauce. You know, David, the Sybase cafeteria guy!
Thu. Towering mass of corn been and russian dressing they call a Rueben. It was above 50 degrees in MA. Will winter actually end?
Fri. Steak & Cheese Calzone, Caffeine-free root beer.

Week of March 29
Mon. Chicken Ticondera or something similar sounding - red peppers, some red and brown stuff on the chicken. Tried to smile and act happy while eating with the client.
Tue. Cosi's signature salad, minus the dried cranberries of course. Plus 4 fried chickens and a coke. And some dry white toast.
Thu. Cafeteria Cheeseburger and Fries. If that was medium, I'd hate to see well done. PS - don't try the pastrami.

Week of March 22
Mon. Stuffed green peppers and a salad, ranch dressing, some sort of bakery item and butter. Discussed the best time of year to buy a car.
Tue. Chicken Caesar roll-up. Baked Lay's, Ginger Ale. Ate it all in about 15 minutes. very good for you I hear.
Wed. Teryaki meatball stir fry over noodles, some red gatorade. Contemplated the depths of corporate incompetence.
Thu. Hoaggie cotto con le fritture, birra della radice. La gente alla tabella ha continuato a rubare le mie fritture. huh?
Fri. 3 slices of cheese pizza. I had me about 17 Dr. Peppers.

We're not sure what happened to D's Lunch during the winter months, but here's to a successful re-start.

Week of March 15
Thu. Stir Fry and noodles. Water chestnuts are the best. Waiting for spring...in 10 inches of snow.
Fri. PB&J on an english muufin w/ side of crying baby. [Editor: The brevity and typos here suggest a father on the edge of insanity.]

Week of March 8
Wed. Two healthy choice pizzas. They're healthy, why not. Trying to turn the tide of neglect.
Fri. McDonalds! Cheseburger, nuggets. Man does my cube smell great.

Week of March 1
Mon. Egg Salad on wheat with lettuce. Sour Cream & Onion Chips. Followed up with coffee. Man, does my breath smell good.
Wed. PB&J, Pear, Organic chocolate bar of some sort. Working from home (aka no shower) just rules.

Week of February 2
Mon. Leftover pizza from the superbowl party, what else?? Today starts the second week of my paternity leave.
Thu. PB&J on wheat, Newman's own Fig newtons, cheese cake, OJ. The desert was coffee (cheese cake is part of the meal you know).

Week of January 5
Mon. Toasted Raviolis, salad, Sprite. We all shared the "gifts we liked least."


Week of December 1
technical difficulties seemed to arise this week; maybe all those darned holiday internet shoppers are clogging up the collective american bandwidth
Week of November 24
Mon. Thanksgiving warm-up - Turkey, stuffing, corn, peas in the corporate cafe. Didn't get to take a nap afterwards though.
Tue. Standard PB&J, baked lay's chips, red gatorade. Had to munch while on a conference call - gotta love that mute button.
Thu. Thanksgiving Day

Week of November 17
Mon. Tunafish and cheese on wheat. Yogurt. Red Gatorade AND coffee. Weekend review at the lunch table.

Week of November 10
Mon. Peanut Butter and Jelly on wheat. Orange, Barq's root beer. There is so much halloween candy in the office the past week it's hard to believe I'm still hungry enough to eat lunch.
Tue. Friday's PB & J (since I had pizza on Friday). Chocolate something or other, bananar, bottle of '98 Cabernet. 3 truths and a lie?
Wed. 4 pieces of pizza and what else ... you guessed it: A DOUGHNUT. Then, later, I had another doughnut.
Thu. Tunna fish and cheese on wheat, chocolate tart bar, apple, Coffee. Mmmm...coffee
Fri. 2 cold pieces of pizza and a sprite. A SUFFL member called to make a trade offer while I was engulfing the pizza.

Week of November 3
Mon. Surf & turf pasta, at least that's what the cafeteria called it... Had the ever-popular healthcare debate...people w/ no insurance going to the emergency room yadda yadda yadda.
Tue. Some sort of Mexican wrap with about a pound of rice, AZ Iced Tea. Talked about family traditions around big occasions like weddings, funerals, and Christmas.
Wed. Coconut encrusted chicken with rice & broccoli. "Oh no, not on broccoli" - Police Academy reference.
Fri. Leftover Farfalla con Polo. Or something like that - chicken, broccoli and pasta. Pondering D/ST rule changes.

Week of October 27
Mon. Tuna on toasted wheat, yogurt, fries, apple, gatorade. Discussed the intracies of physics, women, and business. We're still perplexed by women.
Wed. Tuna and cheese, grapes, jogurt, red gatorade. I learned what the term trex means when used in the context of a deck.

Week of October 20
Mon. PB & J, Yogurt, Chocolate thing, Red gatorade. Somehow held off on getting a chocolate chip cookie. I watched as one of my co-workers tried to engulf about 2 lbs of spaghetti and meatballs.
Tue. Turkey and Cheese on wheat with lettuce and spicey mustard. Some orange vitamin water. At the client's site in RI. Someone threw a napkin at the guy we were having lunch with. Must have been a Yankees fan.
Wed. Tunafish on toasted wheat, yogurt, banana. Smoked a co-worker 2 games to 1 at the corporate Ping pong tables while finishing the yogurt (Ok I put the yogurt down when playing).
Fri. Superb mix of salad, roasted pepers and some sort of fish cake with tarter sauce. I ate so much that I broke the conference room chair.

Week of October 13
Mon. Tuna on toasted bread, cereal bar, apple. Not that I'm watching TV while working from home, but the Sci-Fi channel *is* showing a Battlestar Galactica marathon.

Week of October 6
Mon. Peanut butter and jelly, Yogurt, bananna, lots of coffee (since it is Monday after all). Tried my best to get bread crumbs inside the desktop computer I disassembled, kind of fun.
Tue. Roast pork, gravy, potato, rice, peas, red gatorade. Two starches, one meal. Held a considerable ranting session while dining.
Fri. Peanut butter & jelly, choc. tart, bananana. Ate my lunch on the way to ultrasound appt where I found out we are having a baby girl!

Week of September 29
Mon. Very tasty Sheppard's pie - at the cafeteria no less. Also some green beans and washed it down with some ripoff vitamin enhancing drink. Sat near the window since I can't see any windows from the cubicle given me by the client.
Wed. PB & J, Yogurt, Apple, Ceral Bar, H2O. One of my co-workers didn't know what H20 was while reading a previous lunch update. Kids today...
Thu. Mmmm. Pizza. Slices of Hawa