(Los Angeles) Lisa Holbrook, co-owned by Anthony Calhoun and Gar Ryness, received a face-lift late Thursday afternoon. Ha Ha Raja, owned by Jim Goodwin of Dallas, Texas, started the trading frenzy with a package including two of the leagues young marketable stars. Ricky Williams and Randy Moss will be heading to Holbrook in exchange for a bevy of talent including the highly sought Titan RB Eddie George. Ha Ha will receive QB Rob Johnson and George, as well as Holbrook's waiver pick at week 8.

"I have been looking for a way to get Terrell Owens into my starting lineup," said a proud Goodwin, "and if I can get rid of any Saint in order to get playoff bound guys, I'll do that."

Sal Palantonio reported as early as Monday night that with the addition of Tiki Barber, Holbrook would look to upgrade at receiver. That they did. Moments after the Holbrook-Ha Ha trade went through, Naptime decided to pull the trigger.

Desperate to get a second running back better than Curtis Enis, Naptime showed much interest in the newly acquired Williams. Naptime sends QB Steve Beurlein and WR Torry Holt to Lisa Holbrook for QB Drew Bledsoe, RB Ricky Williams, WR Keyshawn Johnson, and Holbrook's waiver pick at week 12.

"We love Ricky. He has huge potential. Keyshawn is a calculated risk. By mid-season Scott and I feel that he could be putting up huge numbers. Plus to have the #1 WR on a Super Bowl team would be great. Holt is great, but he's a number two, and last week was his first TD." McHargue boasted.

"With a child due close to the waiver drafts to come, AC and I felt that we didn't want that distraction. This makes us better. I've said it all year.....James Stewart will end the year with 13 TD's. We want him to start, and upgrading all around makes us excited," Ryness proclaimed.

When asked if trading Moss back and forth to each other the last two years is just a coincidence, Goodwin, Calhoun, and Ryness snickered and AC said, "That's stupid!"

-GR, 9/28/00